5 Signs That You Have A Happy And Healthy Cat

Who are people that don’t like when we see that our cat is happy and healthy? Well, everyone will infect by happy virus when see their cat active moving, isn’t it? But, how did we know that our cat is happy and healthy?

Animal has their own language to communicate each other. Not only by their own language, their feeling also expressed by their face and act. As we already know, we know well about body language and non-verbal language. Animals does have it.

Both sick and health condition will sign well by cat’s body language. Cat usually turning to low moving when they are sick and verse versa when they are healthy. And the question is, are there another way to know more that our cat is happy and healthy? Yap! There is another way to know more about it and the good news is it is not always by their expression.

Here are some signs which tells you that your cat is happy and healthy.

  • High appetite

Like human, healthy and cheerful cat also has good moreover high appetite. It doesn’t mean that everything could ate by him but you know it just like want eat every time and it runs out. As we know that when your cat sick they would lost appetite. They can’t eat for one or two day, right? So, high appetite is truly sign that your cat is health. But, are sure that health is automatically means that they are also happy? Well, we don’t think so. Let’s see it.

  • Active move

Healthy cat will move around you actively. There is so much thing that will they do like jump, run, walk, or even hunt. You could stay on one point but the cat may already move around for six times. Incredible, right? This point can’t do by sick cat. Sick cat tends to be passive and don’t want to moving around because of pain that they feel or maybe weakness because they didn’t eat.

  • Healthy and fresh appearance

Sick cat usually has pale appearance. Both of their hair, their face, their ears, or their mouth all of them shows pale. But there is no thing with healthy cat. Their appearance tends to be fresh with cheerful and brightening colour.

  • Healthy and fresh eyes and ears

Usually sick cat has pale or even problem in their eyes and ears. Also, some diseases cause maggot both in their eyes and ears. Healthy cat mostly brightening eyes which is pretty clear and really beautiful. Not only eyes, their ears also really clean. There is no dirty or something inside their ears. Sick cat usually scratches their ear because they feel so itch. It may cause of dirty or even flea which getting inside it. It doesn’t mean that healthy cat can’t feel itchy. They still do feel it but for low intensity.

  • Social sleep

Basically, cat can nap everywhere in every point in your home. Even the point isn’t well for us, as long as they feel that the place is good, they can sleep there. Social sleep here means that your cat able to sleep with another cat or your cat wants to sleeping in your arm. That’s actually called as social sleep. Social sleep doesn’t mean that they are afraid or yelling, but it is really show you that they love you and spend their time with you is a precious thing. If they able to get interact and does social activity, it means that they are comfortable and brave to communication. It is really cute, isn’t it?

Happy cat is a blessing. Cat loves play but not every play means happy but only instinct. You can ‘make’ your cat become happy and healthy, of course. Cat treatment can’t do instantly. You do need time to make him happy, healthy, and living ideal.

Does it need much paid to cost? Let me explain you to answer this question. To make them living well, don’t forget two aspects in every life creature. There is body and mind, two things that have you balance. How fancy the treatment, as long as you didn’t interact with them fancy just only means spend.