First Aid Items You should Prepare for Kittens


As a fellow cat lover, we know having a kitten is a such adorable and cute to accompany us everyday. As kitten is small but adorable and you want to hug them everyday and personally writer had ever to hold a kitten in writer’s arm for almost 3 hours!. Writer simply can’t release this cuteness overload. Not only that, kitten meow is so adoring as you want to hear it especially when they are asking for food.

Writer’s cat Memeng she come from his mother and writer still remember the time when she was a kitten. Back then she’s just waiting for her mother to come home and bring some cob fish from nearby market. After that her mother will breastfeed Memeng and she just sleep in her mother’s belly. What an adorable memory.

After a few months, Memeng is grown up. She become active and run from there from here, jump to there to here. She is simply unstoppable, especially when chasing lizards, cockcroaches, frogs, even mice. However, knowing this, writer decided to prepare a first aid item at writer’s home. Why?.

There are memories that haunted writer, a memories of dead kitten in front of the house . One day writer saw a poor kitten who was run over by a car. She’s still breathing but she is dying back then. Writer knew this kitten just simply love to run from there to there and accidentaly got run over by a car. Back then, writer does not have any first aid kit item nor writer does not have the funds to bring the poor kitten to a vet. Writer just simply, stare to her and wait for her to death. Writer regret doing that, writer should have prepare some first-aid kit or put her out of her misery, but what happens couldn’t be changed. Writer regret it for the rest of writer’s life.

Which is why, now writer prepare many first aid item that would provide a prevention towards infections or even death. Writer prepared the items to overcome many inevitable disastrous events such as bleeding cat, kitten being run over, cat got scrapes, cat got scratches, or even cat got in a fight and suffered a bite wound. All of this writer prepared just simply because writer does not want such tragedy to happen ever again.

On this article, animallova would give you the First-Aid Items You should Prepare for Kittens. In order to prevent you to suffer from a similiar event like writer. Not only that, this is a great effort to show that you love your cat with your life. Don’t underestimate this as you might regret it in the end, and regret will not bring your lovely kitten back to life.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

First thing you need to do that writer learned from the day of joining the youth red cross, is that you need to clean the wound first from any dirt that might cause further infections. Cleaning the wound could be easy if the wound is not too dangerous as you just simply pour water on it. However, when the wound is so hazardous that could harm your kitten’s life it is recommended for you to prepare Hydrogen Peroxide that is effective to clean up the wound.

Hydrogen Peroxide could be used to clean scratches, scrapes, and even a light burn injury. When using this don’t over drops the liquid to the wounds as we already know we don’t need to be excessive in this kind of event and if you do then you will harm your kitten even more. Just simply put 1 to 3 drops of Hydrogen Peroxide on the wound.

Do not use Hydrogen Peroxide on deep wound and high level burn damage.

  • Aloe Vera

You never know that your cat might being attacked by a swarm of fleas. Fleas suffering your cat with great itchiness and from the itchiness it could make your cat become lethargic and even to much of scratching herself would lead to further skin injury. Fleas love to attack your cat’s skin especially if your cat has a thick fur.

In order to give your cat a first-aid towards itchiness it is recommended for you to have Aloe Vera plant in your house. Just simply break it into pieces and drop it’s liquid on ithcy area. If you don’t have any then you must take your cat to a bath and giver her shampoo that could kill fleas. Also don’t forget to bathe your cat regularly.

  • Calendula Tincture

Calendula is a herb that could be used to treat cuts, scrapes, and skin abrations in cat. It would be quite expensive but the result and the effectiveness of it, it’s proven worthy to buy. Don’t worry, you don’t need to use this herb everyday right?.

  • Echinecea and Goldenseal Tincture

Both of them are herbs that could be used to treat bites and scratches in your cat especially after a cat fight. Don’t worry you just need to buy one of them. However the price of them is also quite expensive as Calendula but the result would be worth the price.

  • Antiseptic

If you are low on budget then don’t worry you still able to provide an antiseptic to prevent further infections in your cat. The antiseptic that you can buy from nearby pharmacy is Bethadine or just try to visit a Chinese Medicine and it would be worth it. However, we don’t recommend the Chinese Medicine as it would be to painful for a cat especially a kitten. The pain would cause her to stress and stress in cat is no good as it could lead to further trouble such as lost appetite and lethargy.

Well having a first-aid kit in your house is surely a handy option for you especially if you are a cat lover. It would increase your chance to save your poor cat if such tragedy occurs. Thus preventing you to suffer a tragedy that writer experienced. So don’t forget to buy the first-aid item and good luck!.

*Meow away