7 Suitable Games That Will Make Your Kittens Go Crazy

Same as child, kitten loves to playing game. They still kid and still active moving which is they are so cheerful with game. But which one kitten that able to play the game?

Kitten mostly still weak until 1-2 weeks old. New born isn’t suggested to play a game because it still breast fasting on her mom. Actually, for reach playful game the kitten is have to already one month old to being strong enough. By that age, kitten capable to run, jump, and climb strongly which is so active.

Kitten also still exploring and cat has curious instinct since kids. Just let them do everything they want. All you need just to monitor them to keep safe even there is no their mom.

But just monitoring is boring, right? There is want in your heart to joining them to get play, of course. Here are suitable games that make your kitten go crazy that you can do at home. Let’s watch out!

  • Playing with water

To make your cat is getting used with water, you need to introduce it since they were young. Kitten may hate the water but it is the right time to introduce water for him. Take the kitten playing with water must be do carefully. Make sure that the water isn’t deep so the kitten didn’t drown. Make sure that the temperature isn’t cool or hot which is still medium. Just let kitten playing and moving around inside bath up and giving some toys like elastic duck. Don’t let them playing too long because they can get flue. Take your kitten playing with water as common as you can to make them getting used with water so when they older, it is easy for you to bathing them. Also, they can feel well when bathing time.

  • String

Both kitten or adult cat loves string or something long and thick. But for kitten, make sure that the sting isn’t a cable so when the cable is cracked, the electric didn’t put the kitten in danger. String that so recommended for kitten is ribbon or yarn. So, when it is cracked it still safe for them. Beside it, make sure that kitten didn’t eat the string after is cracked.

  • Pointed laser

Pointed laser also loved by kitten. Different when playing with adult cat which can you moving around in every object, make sure when you play with kitten just stair it into the floor. Just moving it slowly and wait for kitten follows the laser. Don’t do it randomly because the kitten didn’t fast enough.

  • Train travel

Cat momma can birth 3-5 kittens for one period which is mean they can take to train travel! Train travel is like train imitation which made of cardboard that connect each other. After that, place the kitten on every box and pull it moving the home. It is like home tour special for kitten to helps them explore their own environment.

  • Low swinging game

When you want to playing swinging game, make sure that your swing is soft enough. It is totally different when you swing adult cat, actually. Just swing them into left and right softly and lying them in to the top.

  • Ball game

Kitten is really love ball game. This game used their actively moves. Make sure that the ball is small surely smaller than him. Let them move and kick the ball like playing football. Using the sounded ball is more challenging than silent one.

  • Hide and seek

As mentioned before that cat has curious instinct even when they were young. Hide and seek is like stair game which is they will trigger if there is something move regularly. You will see their curious face which is their pupil bigger and that’s totally cute.

The main thing when you ask your kitten to playing together is safety. Kitten is still sensitive. They can’t strong enough like adult cat which you can play everything with them. You also don’t need to bring your kitten outside like in park or jogging track because another adult cat or adult dog can attack them which is not safe.

We can’t say that home is the safest place in world but it is not true to put kitten outside without any urgent thing to do. It is good to introduce their environment but also it is too risky. Introduce the environment can done when they older than now. Just focus on their treatment and the time will passed so their brave will follow.