How to Stop Your Cat from Waking You Up at Night


Back again there hello fellow cat lover!. Well writer has been busy for couple of days but yet writer is back!. So how is your cat?. She is always healthy right?. Writer hope there will be no disease nor anything that might harm our beloved adorable cat. Yeah we know and so been told from many times and sources that cat has give us so much support and positive energy. By having her in our house is enough to give us the energy we need to start the day and even after hard day at work, we could simply pet our cat and relieve our stress. Amazing is it not?.

Well, cat is not only adorable but cat also can feel bonded to the owner if you treat her right. Well writer’s cat for example. You know, writer’s mom does not let the cat to be inside the house, so writer just simply let her live in the yard. Yeah because she live in an open nature, she got all of her natural instinct especially the lust to hunt a prey. When writer’s away, she love to play and wandering outside the neighbourhood looking for a mice or cockroach or lizard she could smash to; but, the wonder is when writer finally get home and see writer’s cat, Memeng, she aware about writer’s presence and she know writer is finally home. Thus, she quickly try to get home as soon as possible and wait for me to pet her and feed her. Wow, even though writer was hearing a helmet she still know that man behind the helmet is her owner. What an adorable animal right?.

You know, sometimes writer does not like it to let Memeng sleep outside there. Sometimes, writer wants her to sleep inside the house, alas writer’s mom forbid it and yet even it is allowed Memeng will feel confused inside the house as she will feel locked as she could not freely wandering here. Still, writer wants the moment just like one of writer’s friend, when his cat usually wake him up in the morning by licking his feet or biting his toes. It was surely adorable. Well, sometimes he also complained that his cat oftenly wake him up in the middle of the night asking for food or simply asking him to play with her. Hahahah, what an adorable animal!. Yet, this is our today’s topic, if you are having a problem such as your cat love to wake you up at night, animallova would like to give you a few simple tricks on how to stop your cat to wake you up at night. Check it out!.

The Reasons

Every cat behavior there was usually a silly reasons behind it. Well it is true, you know cat not treating you like an owner or a king, but she is treating you like her servant, yeah admit it you are a humble cat servant. So, when cat wake you up, she wants you to do something, especially as a servant. Here it is why cat wake you up in the middle of night :

  • Cat Mostly Active at Night

Cat love hunting her prey at night. It will increase her senses to hunt and mostly her prey also active at night. No wonder, cat takes a long nap at day as she spent the night hunting her prey. If you are having domestic cat who love to hunt at night or house cat who love to play with her mice toys at night. Then it is a natural cause why she is so active at night and might want to wake you up just simply to make you play with her.

  • Medical Problems

Well surely, if you discover that your cat has been crying, meowing, and whimpering all night, then it could be concluded she is having a discomfort. Thus, she is waking you up as a code; you must quickly get rid of her discomfort.

The Tricks

Well this trick is quite tricky and it will requires your deepest will and passion to do it. So be prepared or leave this article, as you need to swear that you will do your best to follow this tricks for the sake of your cat and for the sake of your sleep time. So check it out :

  • Play with Her Before Bedtime

You know cat has natural insting to bite something and to hunt something. Which is why cat could kill dozens animals in a night. It is simply just her behavior and natural insticnt, which is inevitable. Thus, it is recommended for you to buy a toy animal-like. You could go to nearby pet store and buy some mice toys or birds or even lasser pointer. Let her to play with the toys, play catch with her, and see her trying to scratch or even bite the toys; or, you could simply use laser pointers and swing the dot around her as she will purse the dot and try to catch it. Well the purpose of this activity is to tire her out so she will sleep at night and she will have a proper exercise with her beloved servant, eh writer mean her beloved owner.

  • Give Her a Dinner Before Bedtime

You know giving cat a dinner before bedtime will make her sleepy?. Yes, just like us, if we have a very big meal thus after it we’ll usually feel sleepy, and yes cat does it too!. So you want to make sure your cat would sleep like a baby at night, you could simply give her a big dinner before bedtime. However, you must aware feeding your cat before bedtime will cause her to suffers from obessity so be wise.

Well it is easy huh to handle your cat who love to disturbs your sleep time right?. You just need commitment and will to solve it. Just remember, love cat always. Good luck!.

*Meow away