How to Train a Cat to Obey Your Command

Cat is a very active animal. Sometimes, it is also be hyperactive, and it is hard to make it to obey our command. It cat just love to do everything on its own, without paying attention to what its owner want. This is actually a normal thing from a cat. But, you can learn how to train a cat to obey your command from this article. 3 Ways to Train Your Cat to Sleep in Her Own Bed is one of the way to train your cat.

1. Eat regularly

Give a meal on time and don’t let a cat starve. You may feed it 3 times a day. Regular feeding is intended to familiarize cats to be more dependent on itir owners. Cats are usually fed regularly, are relatively more obedient and will not steal food. Even if it’s late to be fed, your cat won’t steal food and will wait for it owner to give food. 2 Reasons of Cat Eating Much but Acting Normal will help you to know about the cat’s eating habit.

2. Drink regularly

Generally, cats will drink immediately after eating. So, prepare it drink in a separate container, so after eating, your Cat will go to it container to drink

3. Poop

Cats are animals that like cleanliness and do not like to poop in any place. However, if it situation is not possible, cats can also defecate anywhere. Therefore,  prepare a special place so that cats are accustomed to throwing dirt in it space provided. It way to train a Cat to poop in this particular place is to deliver it cat to it place provided. If you still don’t want to, take some of it dirt and place it in its container so that your cat will know about the toilet for it.

4. Practice playing and joking

4Sometimes animals also need carefree conditions and not only eat and sleep. Invite your Cat to play, for example by throwing a small ball so you can make a game for cats. This method in addition to bringing it cat closer to it owner, will also prevent it cat from stress. 5 Popular Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy Playing Indoors can help you to know about how to make your cat happy.

5. Recommend to its surrounding environment

Train cats to recognize its surroundings so it doesn’t get scared and become stressed. For example, introduce sound of vacuum cleaners, washing machines, sound of doors being opened, and guest. By introducing it to surrounding environment, cats will be able to adapt to it environment.
Many of you often find wild cats on market because many people that is not responsible will throw the cat into market. This will make us find a lot of wild cat almost everywhere. But to tame wild cats you have to diligently feed. For example, when the wild cat pass through your house throw some fish while call it gently. You also should never look into its eyes because wild cat will assume that you want to challenge it and create problems. The more you feed wild cats, the more they will get used to coming to your house and to think that you will always give them food and care for them. In order to make a good relationship with the wild cat, you are going to need to know about how to get rid of their wildness.

Here are some ways to train the wild cat into a tame cat.

  • Training Cats so they don’t get used to stealing kitchen food

Usually cats are often accused of being thieves if there is food missing in it kitchen. Even cats also like to jump to it dining table to get food in it kitchen. This is because the cat feel very hungry. In order to get rid of that, you are going to need to know about how to train cats not to steal it kitchen and jump to it dining table. So we must diligently feed it even when it is not hungry, also usually prefer to sleep or play.

But if your cat keeps stealing or going up to it dinner table, you can try to clap your hands while saying prohibitions like don’t, or prohibition words so that they are shocked and discourage them from stealing. Besides that, don’t make it a habit for you to eat cat food in kitchen or dining table. Do it elsewhere so that the cat do not consider it kitchen / dining table to be pruned. 6 Ways To Fatten Up A Skinny Kitten Safe and Fast will help you to know about the ways to make your cat fat.

  • Make a cat to be comfortable at home and not run away

Actually there are several factors that cause cats to leave home. One of it is lack of love from their owner and it place is not safe and there are many disturbances from various animals. Train your cat not to leave your house, you have to be more diligent in feeding it and keep watching. Take your time to invite the cat to play and treat it often by stroking its fur. Never also raise other pets that make cats afraid like you care for dogs and other large animals.

  • Train Cats Not To Damage Home Prostration

Cats are animals that loves to scratch tree trunks, sofa cushions, mattress pillows and other things that are done to sharpen its nails so that it can easily climb or grab something with its long and sharp nails. But to train cats to not scratch furniture of our house, you must provide a toy or special place of wood wrapped around a rope and made like a tree trunk. This will drawn the cats attention and make them not scratch anything else again.

  • How to Train Cats using Artificial Toilets

For cat lovers who do not have a large yard or a yard without land but there is already a lot of concrete around it, they often experience the cat’s behavior when the cats don’t know the place to defecate. To overcome this we can provide a tub of sand and place it around house. In order to train cats to defecate with on a right place, you can try it by placing the cat in a sandbox before or after meals.

You can also do this habit especially when your cat is exhausted or after it eat the food. How to Make a Homemade Cat Litter Easily is a good reference for you to help your cat with its litter box.

That is all for the how to train a cat to obey your command article. You can train your cat to be better if you are patient and consistent to train it. Hopefully, this article will make you understand about how to train your cat.