5 Easy Ways to Teach a Cockatiel to Whistle

Cockatiel is part of parrot family, no wonder if the congenital gene that flow inside of cockatiel make this bird become an excellent mimic just like their sibling parrot. Not only whistle, you could train your cockatiel to talk, train some incredible tricks to your cockatiel, and have fun with your pet cockatiel on many ways! But first, you have to make your bird to trust you, there are effective ways to get your cockatiels trust you. Do concern to do some gladden activities to make your cockatiel happy.

Let me remind you, in case you decided to pet a cockatiel on purpose to hear them talk or whistle; then perhaps you should choose the male cockatiel than female. The males are known as the more active talker and a bold vocalize. It’s been in his blood as natural performer, the mother nature made them to attract their opposite gender with some performance such sing and whistle. This is why, you better choose the male if you just aim to keep a cockatiel as an entertainment purpose.

There are 6 easy ways to teach a cockatiel to whistle you could practice and apply at home. Do remember, teaching cockatiel to whistle and talk will take times – it requires lot of energy and persistent training. Be patience, and do not give up. It is suggested that you do decided from the beginning what things you want your cockatiel to sing or whistle, so that the cockatiel would focus on one particular thing. Usually, people would teach them to talk as the outset step then improve to the whistle and singing abilities.

So, let’s take a look; 6 easy ways to teach a cockatiel to whistle!

1. Teach The Cockatiel to Talk at First

It’s good to set some goal to your cockatiel, but don’t let your own expectation drive you to set the goal that your beloved cockatiel buddy cannot achieve. Some bird is sometimes a better talker than whistle, and vice versa. Always remember – Do not ever push your buddy to be something they don’t, it will only upset you although your cockatiel didn’t do something wrong.

Better if you confirm do your cockatiel had a passion and ability to talk, if they do have it and already spoken some words, then is a green light for you to make them step on the new level as singing or whistle. If they don’t even talk anything, then it would be better to encourage your cockatiel to talk first before go on something more complicated such musical aspect which is needed extra zeal and will.

2. Teach Them in a Comfortable Area

The first thing you should note when choosing a place to be a training base camp is the place should be free from clutters and distractions – quite and peaceful, yet familiar and comfortable for your feathered pet. Also, the places should be a place with secure windows and doors to prevent your cockatiel to fly away – the most important thing it has no mirror. This bird could never resist his own reflection.

Why this is such important thing? The location you choose could be the point of consideration of the success or failure of your cockatiel training lesson. Your bird buddy would never pay you any attention if he already busy with the uncomfortable place and environment around them. Especially if he already hated the place.

3. Pick a Simple Song Which Your Cockatiel Love

Some cockatiels bird more likely prone to some notes or noises than others, especially for birds that love to mimicking sounds. If you really wanted your cockatiel pet to sing and whistle notes, then it’s a must for you to start observing your pet habit to understand what kind of beat and rhythm he likes the most. You could turn on the radio or TV (only on music channel), and pay a good attention on him. Your cockatiel would make differences reaction on each music he heard.

What makes him more interested, a high note or a low note songs, the fast or slow beats, and male or female voices. All of these component needed to determine which song would you choose, most people would choose some fun and enjoying genres to teach. In fact, cockatiel would learn faster to a high pitched voices and a fun beat song.

4. Take It Slowly

Teaching cockatiel to whistle requires times and patience, you can’t rush them and put burden on their shoulder with your own expectation. You should teach them slowly and let them learn in step with their ability in their own time. You can start by repeat the first line of notes over and over until they remember the notes, then you can move forward to another part of notes.

Make sure you do this method everyday. You can edit the song that contain the notes you wanted to teach and play it to your cockatiel frequently. By doing this, you’ll make your cockatiel to remember the song and able to hum it in tune with the song.

5. Sing The Song in Front of Your Cockatiel

Not only play the song frequently from devices, you could sing the song in front of them too! Make sure that your beloved cockatiel pet could see you and hear you clearly. The best thing about this method is, you can do it without placing them on particular training place or room. You could simply sing in front of his cage and sing it out loud like doing a concert.

Do it every time and every day, it will wheedle your cockatiel bird to mimicking the song you sing in a correct way (the same way you sing it). Please, do not forget to give him a treat if he succeeded to imitating you. Always remember, practice makes perfect. So, do it persistently with patience and love for your cockatiel. Nothing will be in vain, in the end, you’ll hear this bird that you loved will sing a song for you every single day!