All Benefits You Must Know About Consuming Duck Eggs

Duck eggs had their own fans in society. As we know duck eggs are pretty popular with society and one of all food that should be available at home. Even some of them more like chicken egg than duck egg, but still duck egg can proves us their existence.

So if we ask you why people love duck eggs? Well you may answer as because it’s tasty, cheap, and healthy. Honestly, it is not wrong at all but did you know another benefit if you consume duck eggs. Beside to full you tummy, duck eggs has benefits that ready to support your immune system.

Everything we eat basically has effect for our body. Both positive and negative effect works on our body, so it is important for you to process the egg as well to kill the bacteria. Killing bacteria that contained on egg basically more give you the main of their benefit.consuning-duck-egg

So let’s jump to the benefits that you can earn when consuming duck egg.

  • Keep the eyes health

Duck eggs had a lot of Vitamin A inside it. As we know that Vitamin A helps to keep the health of our eyes. The eyes which lack of Vitamin A would be fades and not focus. Also, the color would transform into yellow. A duck egg contained 472 IU, Vitamin A as that number is much recommended to our eyes every day.

  • Built the immune system

Beside to keep the health of our eyes, Vitamin A also infected to radical protector. By this Vitamin, your immune system is also build well so you can avoid you by any diseases. The duck egg also contained antioxidant which is good for immune system growth.

  • Bone and teeth

Not only for your eyes, consuming Vitamin A which contained in duck egg also protect your bone and teeth. The much of Vitamin A that you consume, the more it would construct the system of your bone and teeth. Even main Vitamin to this business is Vitamin D, but it doesn’t mean that Vitamin A can’t contribute well. Vitamin A does make the contributed but it may as well as Vitamin D because the function is different.

  • Digestion system

Besides containing Vitamin A, the duck egg also containing Vitamin E. Vitamin E that contained on duck egg affect to keep the digestion system of human. There is 0.9 milligrams Vitamin E inside the duck egg and with those number it means 3% of Vitamin E that needed by our body is full enough and recommended by every nutrition consulate. The Vitamin E can also use as antioxidant. As mentioned before that antioxidant is really helpful to against radical thing and also build our immune. Vitamin E is also useable to help digestion system and decreasing metabolism inside the body. If the metabolism on our body going to good, it would be able to blockage any disease or virus. Basically the great immune system builds by good metabolism so if you want to repair the immune system you would repair the metabolism. It would make them balance as well.

  • Hormone producing

The duck eggs contained some minerals and iron that very needed by human body. Beside those two things, duck eggs also contained Selenium. Selenium used to increase the immune system to produce some hormones called tyroid. The iron that contained on duck egg used to produce red blood cells. The red blood cells are distributing the oxygen into all the part of our body. The iron also used to produce the energy beside of that thing above.

  • Men vitality

Duck eggs rich of protein. The protein is really needed by men especially the men who has high mobility and had hard work. The duck egg can help them to keep their stamina and produce more energy so it is so suggested for them.

That’s all the benefit when consuming duck egg that you must know. You need to be more careful because of the cholesterol and fat that contained in duck egg is high. For you who in diet, you need to limiting duck egg consumed because of their fat and cholesterol contained. You can still eat the egg but need to make a schedule on it, when you can eat it and when you need to don’t eat it. Basically something health would be make loss if their quantity isn’t balance. So if we talk about food or nutrition, so the key is surely about balancing.