How to Make Natural Vitamins For Your Rabbit

Give our pet with vitamin is a main thing. As we know that our pet is also need nutrition to keep their healthy and support their growth. Beside that nutrition also used to build good immune system to avoid your rabbit from disease that caused by bacteria and virus. But sadly, the nutrition that they got from food isn’t enough to fulfill their nutrition necessary.

By that fact, we need vitamin additional that should be gives to our rabbit. Sometimes their vitamin price is so expensive. Even the price will talk about the quality, but when you can make it by yourself and got the lower price, then why not?

The main thing if you want to try makes natural vitamin for your rabbit is find the right way that couldn’t decrease the good nutrition inside it. Many ways that caused lack of nutrition after is done because of the method. Make sure that it wouldn’t happen, okay?

The step

Here are some steps that you need to make natural vitamins for your rabbit. As the tittle that used natural, so the ingredients below are totally from nature.

1. First
  • Prepare the ingredients. By this step, you can use ordinary ingredients that loved by rabbit like carrot, spinach, mango, melon, and cabbage. Those vegetables had high nutrition and vitamin which good for rabbit, here the information:
  • Vitamin A which contained in carrot is good for eyes healthy of rabbit, moreover to increase their sight from far away. Besides vitamin A, carrot also contained vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, and C, calcium, magnesium, phosphor, and sodium.
  • Vitamin A, C, B complex, K, and E also many founded in spinach. And the main minerals in the spinach are magnesium, iron, folic acid, calcium, potassium and sodium. Spinach also contained many fiber and antioxidant, and the nice thing is spinach is low fat which really you will get almost perfect good nutrition in spinach. By that antioxidant that available in spinach will increase immune system of your rabbit.
  • If you smooth the mango you will got vitamin C which helps your rabbit to against the disease. It will push the white blood cell to works more effectively to fight the bacteria. Calium also contained in mango used for keep healthy of their heart, muscle, and nerves.
  • Melon is high of calium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. As we know that lack of calium will make the heartbeat isn’t stabile and make the blood spread unwell so you don’t want your rabbit got by this situation, right? Vitamin B6 used for co-enzyme which good for protein absorb.
  • Cabbage contained some vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C, and E. It also contained mineral and good food fiber which is good for your rabbit’s digestion system.
2. Second
  • Prepare the tools that you need to make natural vitamin like stir space, mixed, and pelletizer. If you don’t have the tool, you still make it manually. The benefit when you make it manually is of course you can shape the vitamin as you want. You can also compare the size of vitamin as your rabbit age like adult or baby. The babies surely can’t ate something bigger that their mouth. Their mouth, throat, and stomach also limited so they only can eat the small one.
  • After that, mixed all the vegetable above to pelletizer or in the case if you want to make it manually. Don’t forget to add dregs of tofu to make it smaller and easier to shape. You can use the vegetable that you didn’t use anymore but make sure that those vegetable is still well and free from maggot. But the better one is the new and fresh, of course. Beside it is still good condition, the quality of nutrition that contained inside it also guaranteed.
  • Next step is mixed process. Mix all the vegetable and the dregs of tofu inside the case. You can also use blender to make it simple and smooth perfectly.
  • And the final step is printed. Print it into small. After that let it dry until it perfectly dry until the texture is strong.

That’s all the steps that you need to make natural vitamin for your rabbit. Now let’s move on the tips

The Tips

  • The key of keep your rabbit to stay healthy is ‘management’. As we know that rabbit is herbivore, they eat all the vegetable. And, their natural vitamin also from vegetable. If you give it both food and vitamin as much as you feed them, well their nutrition became unbalance. You better give the natural vitamin once per day. The right thing to measure how many the nutrition needed by rabbit is compare with their food. If the food is already much and they are in high apetite you better give the vitamin once per two days. It doesn’t mean if your rabbit is in high apetite they don’t need additional nutrition, but we are trying to manage the balancing while remind their natural vitamin also came from their general food.
  • Stop the vitamin consume if your rabbit give contradictive responses. The purpose when you make natural vitamin is to keep their healthy. But it is not cover the chance for rabbit to give opposite responses, isn’t it? Well they are always mistake when we made something moreover if it’s the first time experience, so does make this vitamin. You may forget something like the cleanliness or wrong method when you dry it. It also may cause by wrong safe method that give access for some bacteria to exist. So you better evaluate all steps and methods that you used since prepare the ingredients, make, and safe it.

So that’s all the main information if you want to make natural vitamin for your rabbit. Once again please remember to manage it. Basically the rabbit is so sensitive about lack and unbalance nutrition so keep it on your mind to stay control it.