6 Most Colorful Sea Creatures with their Incredible Characteristics

This world is full of amazing animals with their unique characteristics, such as these strongest animals on earth. Some animals are really colorful and vibrant, including the creatures we can find underwater. These colorful sea creatures are amazing, but their bright color may be a sign of warning that they are dangerous. Some animals have […]

Avoid these 7 Sea Creatures that can Sting You!

Underwater life is not as beautiful as the scene portrayed in Finding Nemo or The Little Mermaid. Animals under the sea or called as marine animals can also be dangerous. Make sure to read these dangerous marine animals in Australia too. Some of them deliver venoms through their teeth while some others sting or bite. […]

9 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures You Never Know Before

You might always think that shark is the most dangerous sea creatures ever alive. However, shark is not the only one. Shark is well known for being the deadliest killing sea creature. However, there are more dangerous sea creatures you will be amazed of. Sea is not the only place where you can see lots […]

5 Layers of Ocean Zone and Creatures Live in Each Layer

70% of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans, and certainly not surprising if there are still many sea creatures that we have not identified. Sea creatures, especially those that live on the seabed, are indeed super tricky for us to see them directly because of being ‘out of reach’ of vision. They also do […]