Animal Psychology, Does it Important to Attend?

Term of animal psychology often being used to observe animal’s behavior and understanding the true meaning of their physical actions (any changes), and know how to deal with those changes. This psychologist in animal ordinarily would be call as behaviorist – psychiatrist for human. The main duty of psychologist – of course – learning about the true nature of emotions, which could manifest into differences behavior depend on what the individual feel. Both parties – people and animal – did the same concept of understanding method.

Furthermore, animal psychology, does it important to attend? Commonly, people override importance of animal psychology, because – obviously – they are not human who have different level of mind and emotion complexity – which needed more help than animal. That is totally false. Animal do feel what we’re human feel. They could trap and burdened with the pressure – which is, if we want to make sense, need more help than we could ever picture. Human, with higher amount of intellectualism, make us capable to overcome and control our own emotion because the amount of our understanding was in the other level compared to this creature.

Make the priority of the situation exigent than us, because this creature cannot control their own feeling as excellent as us. This is why, it’s important to you – especially if you have pets – to monitor your pets behavior and identify their daily routine to make you easily recognize when they act differently than usual. Your pets would manifest their emotions throughout daily actions, for examples: oftentimes, dog would manifest depression by sleep all day long, loss of appetite, and limp – that was the warning signs that your dog is depressed; when your dog is under-pressured or threaten, he would keep barking and worst, become aggressive.

The other examples are rabbit and cow. Oftentimes, rabbit diarrhea is triggered by depression and fears. If you think, you’re the only one who would lose weight during hard time, well – you’re wrong. Cow loses weight precisely like us when they were under effect of unstable emotions. There is the same bottom line, that unstable emotion did effected both human and animal. Animal psychology, does it important to attend? We would discover it now.

Animal Psychologist

Choosing to be part of animal world – all the more, take it as your career would be thriving thing to do. We do no familiar with types of professions within animal’s world, such groomer, veterinarian, and trainer. Moreover, there is one other career that a lot of commoner didn’t know, and it’s the animal psychologist. An animal psychology is a study of animal’s behavior based on scientific. The animal psychology also has specialization studies you could choose: household pets, and other types of animals, such birds, fish, equine, livestock, and animal at large.

Animal psychologist could be one of the most interesting career someone would pick, especially for individual who deeply passionate with animal. Seeing something that you passionate about every single day would always move your heart, no matter what career you’ve picked. So down below, we would learn the description job of an animal psychologist.

The Job Description of Animal Psychologist

Animal psychologist do apply the theories and principles of research setting which is included how the animal would interact with other animal – within a same species and other species; individual or group interacting. How they adapt with the environmental surround them, and also to human. The applied method animal used to learn, communicate, responses to stimulus. In the university or collage, you would have given the lectures, laboratory researches, and other formal education about animal in large.

A lot of time, an animal psychologist have to travel on purpose for the research of particular animal, and conduct naturalistic animal’s observation in the real wildlife – definitely not a boring job, and full of adventurous things. The expertise of animal psychologist is in behavior and mental life of animals due to diagnoses some disorders in those animals. They would monitor the animals, investigate their behavioral, and diagnose for any problematic issues on the animals.

Then, they would decide the medical moves to solve the health problems, disorders, and other threat of situations with highly potential caused by stressed. Commonly, an animal psychologist was employed in certain places, such zoos, museums, animal shelters, organization which run in the animal field like WWF (World Wild Fund for Nature), private or corporation laboratories, and etc.

The Importance of Animal Psychologist

As I mention above, animals psychologist have a big role on animals welfare, and maintain the psychology health on animal. Their research help us to recognize the abnormalities in our animal’s behavior and help us throughout the problem. The unstable emotion inside animals would manifest in their behavior – which is primarily issues to help the animal survive with environment. Animal would survive by their behavioral, if the behavior changes – not positively – they could harm themselves. Threaten their survival, especially in the wildlife.

The similarity between human and animal psychologies proved that animal also could be effect by situations which put them under controlled of pressure. Animals – included your pet – are an easy target of psychology issues. They could act based on what the feel and manifest it in certain ways. Stressful conditions, depression, anxiety, and health disorder would change animal’s behavior. The situation would escalate if you are not straight to deal with it. A stress dog, would manifest in aggression that could harm himself and threaten your own safety – even your family.

A depressed dog would loss his appetite and lead them to dangerous psychical illness. Your pet is as conscious as you with their feeling. Do you ever hear a dog deliberately killed himself after the death of their former owner? This amount of sadness driven the dog to do what they ‘think’ is best. Consequently, prevention for emotional situation is urgent, and that was the duty of animals psychologist to reduce and fix the problem. They would do some therapy for the animal, and make them become themselves again. The happy and the bright ones.