4 Type of Turtoises Pet Which Have Short Life Periods

Turtoise is excellent choice of pet, they are pretty easy to take care of, tame, have a gentle nature, and won’t cause you too much problems and hassle. Tortoise is really a good choice for people who loves reptile. Tortoise also really popular for its longevity, but sometimes longevity means you need a lot of time and money to take care of it. There are some type of tortoise who have short life periods to safe you the hassle of taking care of it. If you are interested in taking care of tortoise but don’t want it to have long lifespan, even longer than human, then here are some example and choices for 4 Type of Turtoises Pet Which Have Short Life Periods.

First of all, to make sure there are no misconception and misguidance there are differences between tortoise and turtle. Some people might not recognized it but they are really different. Tortoise life in dry land, only need a little amount of water to drink, and they can’t swim. So, whenever you see tortoise don’t mistake them for turtle and throw them into water, it might kill them.

To make sure you don’t mistake tortoise with turtle, you can compare their physical appearances. Turtle are generally smaller. One feature that really stands out with turtle is their short neck. Tortoise have longer neck, and they are generally larger. Tortoise also had longer lifespan, while turtle have shorter than tortoise. However, there are some type of tortoise that generally have shorter lifespan than turtle.

So what are types of pet tortoise that have short life periods?

Pet tortoise have many advantages and they can be really cute pet to have at home. It is also considered as exotic reptile, which not many people have it, or can take care of it in their home. There are many kind of tortoise from red footed tortoise, leopard tortoise, Indian star tortoise and many more. One of the best thing about tortoise pet is that they have very long lifespan, and they can live for up to hundred years. Strangely many people consider this as hassle, so they tend to choose for tortoise who have shorter lifespan. So, which are tortoise who have shorter lifespan? Here we are on 5 type of tortoise that have short lifespan.

  1. Greek Tortoise

Greek tortoise is herbivore land tortoise which can grow for up to 12 inches in adult size. Greek tortoise is actually pretty popular among reptile lovers in Europe. They have sandy colored shell with brown scale. Like regular tortoise they have claws in their feet, but it is dull enough to help them walk in land. They are land tortoise which means they don’t need much water. Don’t ever try to throw them into water or else they could drown and die.

Greek tortoise have shorter lifespan due to their cross breeding and adaptation as a pet in human environment. They tend to have shorter lifespan. However, sometime Greek tortoise could also reach to long lifespan for more than 50 years if taken care of correctly.

  1. Indian star tortoise

An unusual choice of tortoise, but some people consider this type of tortoise is pretty exotic. Indian star tortoise is popular choice of tortoise pet among many reptile lovers. They have pretty brownish green shell with short legs, and dull claw to walk on. They are as many other tortoise are herbivore and land animals. Don’t give them too much water as it might annoy them and even drown them.

Indian star have average lifespan of tortoise. However, tortoise that life in a house tend to life shorter. Lifespan of regular house pet of tortoise can reach for up to 50 years, but most of small tortoise have shorter lifespan. Indian star tortoise have slightly average lifespan but shorter than other gigantic tortoise like Galapagos tortoise.

  1. Red footed tortoise

The most classic and most common tortoise that really popular as home pet, this red footed tortoise is one of the best choice of pet tortoise. Red footed tortoise have distinct features of red spot on their head and legs. This tortoise is pretty good choice for beginner and expert in reptile lovers.

Adult size of red footed tortoise could reach up to 12 inches. They are generally smaller to other land tortoise, but their baby one can be really cute. They are land animals and they don’t need cage to sleep. You can just let your tortoise roam in your house freely. If you are worried about they make the floor dirty, you can put a tiny socks on their legs so they won’t make dirt in your floor. Plus it will make tortoise extra cute.

  1. Russian tortoise

They are relatively small tortoise compared to other kind of pet tortoise. Russian tortoise is really popular kind of house tortoise as they are relatively small, and they don’t live up to long lifespan. They will remain small and cute for a long time as they are small. The adult of Russian tortoise could reach up for only 8 inches to 9 inches. Russian tortoise are just like other land tortoise are herbivore creature which mainly feeds on leafy diets such as lettuce and cabbage.

Russian tortoise can be quite hard to come by, so you might want to look out for quality breeder in your town. It is also good choice to have mixed-up breed of tortoise of this kind. This is good choice for beginner tortoise owner.

And generally that is 4 Type of Turtoises Pet Which Have Short Life Periods. Some people might think of getting longer lifespan tortoise is better. However some people are also thinking that shorter lifespan is better since you don’t need to take care of it for a long time.

If you found our tips, guide and article missing point and don’t have good points, feel free to give us your opinion and share your thinking with us. Hope you enjoy our article and see you again in our next articles.