How Important to be Veterinarian for Millennial Generation

As long as the animals exist, so do with the veterinarians. That is perhaps the one and only statement that I could use to describe the importance of veterinarian in our lives. Paramedics are needed for all living things, no exception. Human, animal, plant – we need the help of professional to solve our problem – our health problem. Could you imagine live without any paramedic that would help us in time of needed? One sentence, we would die. So do with the animal. The one that would take care and help us to maintain the health of our beloved animals are them, the veterinarian.

The one that would help your dog to get rid of seasonal allergies, the one that help you to prevent deadly dog diseases that could strike your dog anytime – anywhere, is veterinarian. They are the animal’s doctors. People that had chosen veterinary as profession, would bear not only physical damage (visible illness), they also need to mastering the psychology of animals. That is why a lot of time, you would be propose to make appointment with vet if there are any symptoms of unusual behavior on your pet.

Understanding basic behavior of cat, dog behavior problems, teach your dog not afraid of other dog – they need to know how to solve all those problems. Consequently, this complexity should be rewarded with respect. Furthermore, how important to be veterinarian for millennial generation? We can’t deny, every aspect and profession (not only veterinary) has grown and adapt with the progress of improvement in technology. Plus, friction in young ages interest, would effect on the numbers of interested young people to choose veterinary as profession.

If you one of those young people who have interest to be veterinarian, in this article we would learn how important to be veterinarian for millennial generation. The things you should proud of when decide to jump and be part of it, also how times has changed the ways of veterinary these days.

Veterinarians Employment

One fascinating fact about veterinarian is, they are the only doctors who have been educated to protect the health of human and animal, and also become part of the big role of environmental progress, such research, public health, food safety, and protection. Veterinarians have diversity of opportunities fields for employment to choose, such: public health, clinical practice, regulatory medicine, research, teaching, and the last but not least (this is quite surprising), they also needed in military service.

Public Health

In public services, veterinarian could be serve as epidemiologists which is largely needed in the country, city, even the federal agencies which has the big role of human disease outbreaks research and treatment and investigating animal. Federal agencies also handle other important role in the safety of food processing plants, water supplies, and restaurants. Another type of employment in public services for veterinarian was working for EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), in the U.S FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Clinical Practice

This employment was the most popular field that veterinarian would choose as a job. Approximate about 2 to 3 percent of veterinarian percentages work in corporate clinical and private practices. Clinical practice open the opportunities to treat various range of species, from pet to exotic animal – which very interesting and challenging at the same time, and less-boring (this is just my individual opinion).

Regulatory Medicine

In United States, veterinarian was employed by the government to prevent introduction of foreign diseases and placed in federal regulatory agencies which the duty to quarantine and inspect every animal that brought into the United States. Part of the duty that would you bear as the regulatory medicine are test for diseases in human and animal, also the food supplies. Supervise the shipment of animals internationally, organize campaigns to eradicate diseases which could endangered humankind and animal.

Research and Teaching

If you have passion to be a teacher but in the same time you want to be a vet, why not take them both as your profession? You could be veterinarian who also teach in school of veterinary. Teaching the passionate young people you want to reach their dream as veterinarian would be enticing thing to do. Still, in the same place, collage and university not only recruit people as a teacher, they also employed veterinarian as researcher for government interests, industry, or other private agency which running in the filed of research.

Military Service

Whose says that veterinarian couldn’t join the military services? Surprising fact is the government itself establish department of biomedical which created due the protection for the nation from bio-terrorism. In United States of America, biomedical laboratory was based in U.S Air Force called the Biomedical Science Corps. The great news is they open the door not only for scientist, and doctor (human doctor), they also employed veterinarian to be part of the team.

Changes of Ways in Veterinarian These Days

Throughout the time, veterinarian keep changing due to improvement of their body facing the arises of new disease and health challenges which become more complicated and complex. These changes hopefully would help veterinarian to facing the future expectation for public and those young generation who entering the world of veterinary.

Care Standards of Services would Continue Arise

The care standard would continue arise for sure due the competitive pressure which these days, a lot of people prefer to look out the ‘key’ for solving their animal problems via online than go and search the help of expert. Plus, the outspread – mouth-to-mouth – about the ‘bad or good’ services of some veterinarians. There’s no other option, if you want a good review from customer, then it’s time for you to go to the next level!

The Growth of Veterinary Business

Over decade, there are many significant transformation in veterinary practices by private, government, and corporation. There are some research that corporation hand about thirty percent of veterinarian practices around UK. This number predicted growth in the end of 2018 till fifty percent, and even more in five years ahead, which is predicted would arise around seventy percent. This result shows that there are possibility that pet’s owner would take their pet to corporation business rather than private, independent traditional vet.

So, have you learn something, my friends? There’s a lot of opportunities around veterinary field if you are one of the wannabe vets, plus, you have to ready and do the hard work to compete with – I believe – many other competitors. Are you ready?