Baby Rabbit Myths: Which has Thrived in Our Society?

Rabbits are adorable, sweet, and friendly companion people could ever ask. There are some popular rabbit breeds available for the options for everyone who interested to keep them as pet, such as Angora rabbit, Flemish Giant rabbit, and variant breeds of Lop rabbit such as English Lop, Holland Lop, and German Lop. If you want something more challenging, you could follow some people who has keep the wild rabbit as pet.

But, however, you need to be thoughtful, some states are disallowed its citizen to keep wild rabbit as pet. The authorities have a right to impose sanction to whom ignored the regulation; so, be careful, my dear friends. Furthermore, there are certain aspects you need to learn about rabbit, such as specific nutrition that should be included in rabbit food. Like people, rabbit’s body needs supply from beneficial substances such mineral, vitamin, chopper, calcium, and others to maintain and increase body’s metabolism.

Another fun thing of rabbit equipment is housing preparation. There are two types of houses adjusted with the house location: for most of the people who put the cage inside the house, they prefer to use indoor cage for their rabbits. But, for people who prefer to keep rabbits outside the house, those people wisely choose the hutch as rabbit house. The fun thing about housing is you could design and make DIY rabbit hutch or cage for your own!

For you people who comparing between cage and hutch due to get the answer of which one is the better house, I suggest you to read this article of rabbit hutch VS rabbit cage: which is more comfortable.

The conclusion is that there’s no doubt that rabbit is one of the most perfect pet animal for you and your family. But, do you know that there are few myths surrounding these creatures, and today we would try to know about baby rabbit myths: which has thrived in our society. One thing you should understand, not every myth is true. Be careful of what you’ve heard and seek the true explanation of it that is the wisest move you should chose.

Rabbit and Baby Rabbit Myths

In general, there are many myths about rabbits and baby rabbits circulate on society. I hope, after learn deeper about these several myths, we could wisely divide which one is true and which one is only – well, a myth. Here’s baby rabbit myths: which has thrived in our society.

Baby Rabbit Myths

  • Litter Train on Young Rabbit

The myth that circulate among society is a younger rabbit is easier to to litter train; is that true? Folks, you might be surprise, but the truth is spayed or neutered adult rabbits are easier to litter train compare to the baby rabbit. A baby rabbit need to be clean up after perform the training, just indeed like a small baby puppy caused by accidents.

Furthermore, the rabbit reach maturity (sexually) is about 3 to 6 months and then start to spraying which exhibit the loss of litterbox. If this case ever happened, you can bring your rabbit to veterinarian and get neutered or spayed.

  • Docile Baby Rabbit

The next myth that believed by many people is baby rabbit was born naturally docile. Well, it depends what’s the context of “docile” in here. If what people mean with docile is that they were not attack you on sudden then, yes it is true. But, you must remember, that this adorable baby creature could bring destruction upon you. They would chew everything, jump and play with everything they see. It’s cute – but, well, you should prepare to clean their mess up!

  • Baby Rabbit and Children

My children need baby rabbit so both of them could grow up together: this is parent excuse or perhaps what they were believed based what they have heard. Is that true? It’s totally depended on which age your child is, under eight years? I don’t think your child would know what they were doing, or worse, they could harm the baby rabbit.

One thing you should considered, baby rabbits are very delicate, they have to put under experienced people – in this case in adults. So, it is the best for adult who take care of them, not children. If the excuse for this myth is to make children to get more understanding to other being, then you could let your children playing with baby rabbit under your supervision.

  • Holding Baby Rabbit

One other popular myth believed by many people is baby rabbit love to be hold and mothered. Yes, I understand why people believed it. Just look at those cute little faces, the gently and calm faces would hypnotize people to think that this little creature love snuggling under your arms. I’m sorry my friend, I have to destroy this dream of you, but the truth is baby rabbit enjoy their own world not our world and expectation.

These little creature would be busy mind their own business roaming around your house, hiding under furniture, squeezing and chewing dresser or anything they see. Do not expect this baby would sit calmly close to you hoping you fondle him. It might sound very cruel, this little baby didn’t really care about you.

But, do not be afraid, folk; as time goes by and the baby rabbit reach the adulthood, he would be more settle down. In this moment, your dream might be come true; they would sit and love to be hang out with you.

These four myths of baby rabbit was the most thrived topic circulate at people at large. But, let me give an extra information about other myth. Is not about the baby, but the adult rabbit myth which unfortunately believed by people in majority. The myth is that rabbit is a low maintenance pet. The truth is people, this is absolutely wrong.

If you look closer, rabbits need certain life style (which is not cheap) to keep them stable. For instance, they need fresh food every single day which is included hays, grasses, greens leafy, fruit, and well-washed salad made of variant vegetables. Certain health issues also lead to chronic health problem that needed veterinarian care. So, to be fear, rabbits are anything but cheap nursery.