4 Things that Should be Considered when You make DIY Rabbit Hutch

Rabbits are fun people companion. They were adorable, friendly, and easily to keep. If you one of the people who like furry pet, then rabbits would be perfect option for you besides cats and of course dogs. As herbivore animal, rabbits eat grasses and hays as the prime foods, then, you could let them eat carrot, leafy greens, and fruit as treat and addition. Avoid to feed rabbits with food that contained high amount of sugar; rabbit’s gut isn’t developed-well to process sugar.

Furthermore, you might know there are several popular rabbits you can pick as pet, such as the biggest species of rabbit – Flemish Giant rabbit, Angora rabbit, Lionhead rabbit, Lop rabbit which is divided into few breeds such as English Lop, Holland Lop, and German Lop. Similar to other pets, the first preparation of raising rabbit is the housing. There are two option of housing: first is indoor cage and the second is outdoor cage or usually called as hutch. What most excited about housing preparation is the option to make your own hutch!

Yes, for you creative people who prefer to make something rather than buying something, you would be delight to know there are many options of hutch blueprint to make for your beloved adorable pet rabbit. But, don’t be rush, my dear friends, because there are 4 things that should be considered when you make DIY rabbit hutch. All the requirements was made to ensure the safety and life quality of rabbits. Without further do, here we go!

DIY Rabbit Hutch

There so many hutches are sell on stores, but the disadvantage of this instant hutches are many times it was not as prefect as we want it to be. So, for you people who want the best hutch that is designed exactly like you ever wanted, I suggest you to make your DIY rabbit hutch. You could design it as you want and the by making it by yourself, you would never be worry about the hutch materials quality. But, making a hutch – although it looks easy – need details and accuracy.

Not to mention, there are 4 things that should be considered when you make DIY rabbit hutch. You can’t make it without knowing the basic requirements which help to support rabbit’s lives. A perfect hutch would consider the comfort and other specifics details which are important to provide room for rabbits express their habitual and feeling. So, here are some of the considerable subjects to learn before you execute it.

1. The Perfect Hutch Size

The hutch size must be your number one list before other matters. To make a hutch by yourself, you must create the model blueprint of the hutch you want to build. Remember, a healthy house should have given rabbit space to move and jump, no matter what type of house you choose (indoor or outdoor). Perfect hutch measurement also ensure your rabbit to live comfortably inside it.

Therefore, there are measurement requirement need to obey. This measurement was created by animal expert: the hutch size at least must be around 24 x 36 inches (for normal size rabbit). In case the rabbit was over 8 pounds or larger than normal body size, the hutch would be approximately around 30 x 36 inches. The healthy hutch gives space for rabbits to stand up over their two hind legs; so at least the hutch must be around 60 centimeters or about 2 inches.

One thing need to remember is the hutch set up: your rabbit safety must be the prime priority. Ensure there’s no hole or gap for any other animal enter and of course for your rabbit to escape.

2. Flooring

The second thought must be focusing on the floor option. Ordinarily, there are two options of floor used by every people.

Solid Flooring

Solid flooring is the most preferable option for the majority of rabbit’s owner, the reason is simple, because it’s safe and comfortable for rabbit’s feet. Commonly, people used wood as the floor rather than other material. The only disadvantage of this flooring is the cleanliness difficulty.

Yes, solid floor was hard to clean, it needs extra work to ensure every single corner was clear. Furthermore, this type of floor usually need to be wipe every single day, not only the floor, the bedding also need to be change regularly.

Wire Flooring

The second one is wire flooring. Like its name, the floor was made up from wire, and the advantage of using this type of floor is the easiness to clean. Ordinarily, if you choose the wire flooring you should also make the pull-out pans which is used to help you remove and wipe the waste of your rabbits.

Okay, so why people prefer to choose solid flooring than the wire flooring? The reason is that these days, there’s a research reviled that wire flooring for rabbit, hamsters, and other small or pocket animals effected on animal’s health. Wire flooring would destroy rabbit’s feet bone structure and if you let it for a while. The worst case it causes paralyzing on rabbits.

3. Hutch Door

Yes, do not forget to make doors for the hutch, my friends. Some people make one door only, but there are people who prefer to put more than one door. The door is the entrance for rabbit to in and out, plus, the way for your hand to enter the hutch in case you want to clean and put some equipment inside the hutch.

Therefore, to make it comfortable for you and your rabbit, make a door that able to take your full arm size. In short, the bigger door is better. Don’t forget to make a lock outside the door to prevent it from opening by itself (accidentally) or because of your rabbit.

4. Cage Bars

These days, if you observe all the cages and hutch that are sell on stores, most of them was used cage bars made from variety of materials. Some of them was used galvanized and some of them was used plastic as the main materials. However, it’s up to you what kind of material you would pick for the cage bars. But, however, considering that rabbit like to chew things, than perhaps plastic would be the best option for you and your new hutch.