5 Kinds of Baby Rabbits which May be Traded

Watching baby rabbit roam the house was a very pleasant moment to witness. When people decided to pet rabbit, majority of them would pick baby rabbit – unless in different cases such adopting rabbit from the shelter or perhaps you catch a wild rabbit and keep him as pet. But, however before you execute your plan about raising wild rabbit, please make sure you check the local regulation applied in your area, because at some places (some states) disallowed its citizen to keep wild rabbit.

The action of keeping wild rabbit classified as illegal action. Be very careful, my friends. Furthermore, certain basic requirements must be provide for rabbits, for the examples are specific nutrition that should be included in rabbit food, and rabbit house. There are two types rabbit’s houses you could pick, one is cage for indoor and hutch for outdoor. Interesting thing about rabbit housing is you could make DIY rabbit hutch or cage with some materials you have.

The advantage of DIY hutch or cage is you can design it in the way you want it and you don’t need to worry about the quality of the house. Many people debating about which one is the most comfortable house for rabbit, so I suggest you to read this article: rabbit hutch VS rabbit cage: which is more comfortable. Furthermore, rabbit also could be a profitable business, for the example is rabbit farming. Rabbit farming was aimed for rabbit’s fur and meat which is actually was very popular among other meat.

But, some people would open business for traded rabbit only! Perhaps, I also prefer to traded rabbit rather than raising rabbit for their fur and meat. So, if you really want to open rabbit traded business, you should know what kind of breeds that popular among rabbit’s lovers? Do not be worry, caused today we would share about 5 kinds of baby rabbits which may be traded.

1. Holland Lop Rabbit

Holland lop is one of the most popular pet rabbit among other. Who on earth who don’t like this cute little furry Holland lop? Holland lop was an originated rabbit from Netherlands. This rabbit start to spread their wings in America around 1979 when ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) recognized Holland lop. Holland lop is classified as dwarf rabbit, the normal adult of Holland lop would reach around 2 to 4 lbs.

Holland Lop has a lifespan about 7 to 14 years, they were active, energetic, and very friendly – but, you need to note this, Holland lop doesn’t really like to be held or pick up. This rabbit enjoy to play in nature and it is very delightful to spend a time with them. But, because they don’t like being held or pick up, it might be a little boring for children. Therefore, if you have children in your house, it’s the best to supervise both of them to minimum something unpleasant to happen.

2. Mini Rex

Mini Rex was originated rabbit from around 1800s in France. They have unique hair that different than most rabbits, instead being lying flat it was stick out of their bodies. Moreover, they have shorter hair’s layer than other rabbit breeds; therefore, when you touch it, you would feel velvety soft undercoat textures. Furthermore, Mini Rex normally would grow up around 3.5 to 4.5 lbs with the lifespan approximately around 5 to 7 years.

This rabbit have calm and quiet personality – but still, if you held them too tight, they would show you firm gesture and a warning. Mini Rex was also classified as small rabbit breed and a very friendly creature. This breed is one of the best option for you – especially if you have children inside your house!

3. Mini Lop

Mini Lop has gained worldwide popularity as show rabbit. Mini lop was also small-sized rabbit type with a pair of floppy ears. A normal adult of Mini lop would reach around 4.5 to 6 lbs, they have solid broken pattern, round body. The lifespan of mini lop approximately around 5 to 10 years, and this rabbit was a perfect choice for families.

Mini lop was a very delightful and cheerful one; they love to play around, love human interaction included being held and caress, and easy to train. In short, this rabbit is an ideal rabbit breed for children. Not only around human, mini lop was also enjoyed other animal present – in case you have another pet besides this adorable rabbit.

4. Lionhead

Another baby rabbit potentially for traded is Lionhead rabbit. This breed was created with the breeding mixing between Netherlands dwarf and Swiss fox. The genetic mutation influenced the hair growth circling the head of rabbit and make them looks like a male lion. That is why they have the name of Lionhead. The breed was existed around 90s, but ARBA just decided to accept this breed few years ago in 2014.

Classified as small breed, an adult Lionhead grow around 2.5 to 3.5 lbs with the lifespan approximately about 7 to 10 years long. Lionhead rabbit was affectionate, energetic, and playful creature; they also suitable around children because the love to have interaction with people which is included being held, pick up, and carried.

5. Dwarf Hotot

Next, we have dwarf hotot; what makes this rabbit stand out is their unique color. Their whole body was covered with white coat, except small circles around their eyes. As a small breed, an adult dwarf hotot approximately reach about 2.5 to 3.5 lbs, and their lifespan is around 7 to 10 years long. Apparently, dwarf hotot has a very long history before their existent. Their ancestor named Blanc de Hotot bred around 1900s with several characteristics of white-haired and black-eyed.

Blanc de Hotot was mainly raised for their meat and fur. Over the time, their popularity of livestock animal wane and people start to keep them as pet. At the same time the popularity of dwarf breed was uphill, then some people begun to mixing these two breeds which now you could see as Dwarf Hotot breed. This rabbit is perfect for you who have children, because they love cuddling, carried, and other interaction with human.

So, these are 5 kinds of baby rabbits which may be traded. I hope you enjoyed it, and good luck with the traded, my dear friends!