5 Best NutrititionThat Should Be Contained in Squirrel Food

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Today, we are going to talk about squirrel, especially those you can pet and tame not wild squirrel. You might have a hard time to get squirrel for adoption and buying it from pet shop is not an option, as there are quite hard to come by and not every pet shop has their stock of squirrel. Your only option is to buy pet squirrel from breeder. Before buying squirrel, make sure you choose certified breeder, know the rule and regulation in keeping a squirrel as a pet and know very well how to take care of them. To take care of squirrel, one important factor for squirrel is their foods. Foods will determine if that squirrel could be healthy or not. Squirrel that get good and balanced foods with balanced nutrition will be healthy and strong squirrel and they could live for a very long time while squirrel that have unbalanced diets will mostly sick and could very well die in a short time. Well, nutrition in just one factor that affect squirrel live, but of course it really affecting the health of your pet squirrel.

If you don’t want to provide fresh vegetables and balanced diets for your squirrel, you could just buy squirrel foods from local pet shop. However, there is much nutrition that every squirrel needs and it should be contained in their foods. What is nutrition that is so important for squirrel that they need it in their squirrel foods? Here are 5 Best NutrititionThat Should Be Contained in Squirrel Food.

Want to be good squirrel owner? Then fulfill your squirrel nutritional needs

As good squirrel owner, you should consider your squirrel nutritional needs. Your squirrel will need to have well balanced meals and you also should watch out if they are over eating or not eating at all. Make sure to pay close attention with your squirrel habits and diets as it could be sign of many things from pregnancies to dangerous disease.

Well balanced nutrition for squirrel should contain at least a portion of calorie, multi-vitamins, fats, animal protein, and most importantly for squirrel is high amount of calcium. We are going to talk about each of these nutrition bellow here, so here we are.

  • Calorie

Every living being will need calorie to sustain their live. Calorie is main source of energy for every living being as calorie is biological substances that could be transformed into heat energy that will sustain and give energy for every living being to move and to become active. Squirrel of course will need calorie in order for them to sustain their live. Squirrel only need a little amount of calorie for every day. Make sure to never make your squirrel over eat in calorie or else they could be fat and it will attract many other disease and complication for fat squirrel. Squirrel could get their daily calorie intake from nuts, seeds, grains like corn, and from regular squirrel foods you could found in local pet shop. Calorie is definitely needed for every recommended squirrel foods.

  • Multi-vitamins

Multi-vitamins are catalysts in every living being that needed to make sure their body works properly. To make sure our squirrel is always healthy, jumpy and happy, you will need to provide them with fresh amount of multi-vitamins. The best sources for multi-vitamins are of course fresh veggies like corn and fresh fruits like grape and apples.

  • Fats

Squirrel of course needs fats for their daily nutritional intake. Fats are substance that acts as food reserve and heater for our body. Squirrel will need to chew down more fats if they are near winter and they need a lot of food reserve for them.  Fats could be obtained in many ways from nuts, seeds and fruits. Fats shouldn’t be top priority for squirrel foods however your squirrel still needs some amount of it. If you are worried about your squirrel not getting enough fats or getting too many fats, you could always check out nutritional values in your squirrel foods.

  • Animal Protein

It might sounds weird to hear that squirrel need animal protein as some people assume that squirrel is herbivore and couldn’t eat animal for their protein. Well, it is actually false and squirrel could eat some small animal, especially insect. Insect like cricket is actually a main source of animal protein for any squirrel. Many people disagree about squirrel need animal protein or not, as they assume squirrel is herbivore though. Well, according to many research, squirrel in natural habitat could eat insect as their main protein source, that is why modern squirrel foods actually should contain enough protein for beloved squirrel.

  • Calcium

Calcium is actually the most important nutrition that every squirrel should get in their diets. Calcium is needed for the growth of bone and to repair any fractured bone. Squirrels need lot of daily intake of calcium as they have dangerous disease that can be caused by calcium deficiency. Since squirrel is hoping around all day, and they are constantly jumpy, their bone needs to be exceptionally strong in order to withstand an impact every jump. That is why calcium is very important for squirrel foods. You should always check on calcium level of your squirrel foods. If it is not enough, then you will need to add more calcium intake for your squirrel by giving them high calcium diets from high calcium veggies and fruits. Calcium is definitely one of the most important in these 5 Best NutrititionThat Should Be Contained in Squirrel Food.