Let’s Sing Together with these 7 Best Singing Birds in the World

Birds are great singers and considered as the most beautiful sounds in nature. Most species of birds only have the male bird singers. Each bird has its own specific tone and style of singing and most of them are beautiful to enjoy.

Lovebird is one of the birds that can be trained to sing. Get to know more about how to train your lovebirds to sing. So, what are the best species of singing birds? Let’s get ready to hear these best 7 singing birds in the world!

  • Common Nightingale

Common nightingale is known to have the most pleasant melodic song. Many books, operas and songs describe the beauty of its song. The common nightingales inhabit Asia, Europe, Africa and Mediterranean.

They are also known as small passerine birds. Their size ranges from 15 to 16.5 cm in length. Common nightingale is also listed as one of the nocturnal birds.

The common nightingales sing most of the time during breeding season. Their melodious and beautiful songs feature rich notes, different sequences, whistles and trills. You can possibly hear their song at dawn or during the night.

The male nightingales sing for a long time in order to attract the female birds. They can sing more than 250 variations of songs!

  • Canary

The second best singing bird goes to canary. Canary are named after the place of their origin, the Canary island of Spain. Canary are able to learn the song notes they are taught. Their way of singing is also unique.

They sing throughout the year, except for the summers when they stop singing. Compared to the female, male canary are able to sing better. They even show their ability to learn musical and instrumental notes.

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Canary as popular pet birds too. They are usually yellow in color with black and white markings on their wings. They appear to “talk” as they can imitate sounds right after they hear them.

That’s why they are places as one of the best singing birds. The males have better sound than the females and it is used to attract a mate.

  • Asian Koel

Asian koel is a member of the cuckoo family. Asian koel is a brood parasite laying its eggs in the nest of crows and other birds who raise them up. Asian koels are mostly found in India, Australia, Bangladesh, Solomon Islands and Southeast Asia.

That’s why it is listed as one of the birds from India. They are known to be very vocal with a wide range of calls. During the breeding season, which is from March to August, they normally sing. The male Asian koel has a call “ko-ooo”, while the female bird has rhythmic “kik-kik-kik” call.

Males sing to attract mates as well as protecting their territory from the other males. They also compete with other males by making louder calls until one of them tires out. The males are dark bluish-black color, while the females have brown feathers along with a spotted pattern.

  • Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

Rose-breasted grosbeak is a large attractive, seed-eating songbird. This bird is native to the North-eastern United States and Canada. Rose-breasted grosbeaks have black and white color body along with a dark red color triangle on their neck.

During winter, they migrate to Tropical America and breed in cool-temperate North America. The male birds sit on the branches of the tree while they sing. The female birds sing during nest building and incubation period.

The male and female birds have beautiful song to sing and many different notes and tones are used. Sadly saying, the number of this bird species keeps declining due to deforestation and habitat destruction.

  • American Robin

American robin is native to North American. It is known as the bird which has striking plumage and beautiful song. Different whistles are featured in their song.

They repeat some phrases for three or four times in sequence by using different pitches. At dawn, their song becomes more clear and pleasing to hear. They also make alarm calls once they are threatened by potential predators.

American robins are commonly found in pine forests, mountainous regions, woodlands and shrub lands. Regarding to their diet, they commonly feed on earthworms, insects and fruits.

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  • Song Thrush

Song thrush is a singing bird which is commonly found in Asia, Europe and Africa. It is easily noticed by its brown plumage and black-spotted cream-colored underparts. Song thrush is named this way due to its capability of singing sweet song. It will gather in groups on top branches of the tree and they will sing together.

Song thrush is 8-9.5 inches long and weighs up to 110 grams. It mainly inhabits in woodlands, suburban garden and parks.