2 Reasons why Robins became a symbol of christmas

Happy holiday and merry Christmas for you, our dear readers and loyal viewers, If you have been our loyal readers and viewers from a long time, then we wish you our merriest Christmas. In this winter holiday occasion, we as an animal care website, we will of course give you our usual animal care guidance, animal fun facts and any other information about animal that will of course interesting for you to read. Also, in this holiday occasion, our theme is all about winter holiday event. From the Christmas animal theme, recommended animals decoration that very good for your cats and dogs, and many more how to and guidance video all about Christmas and animals too. Let’s keep up our holiday spirit bright and make sure our pet also have the best holiday time of their live shall we?

As for today, we are going to discuss about holiday animals. When we are talking about various Christmas holiday animal, or any animal that symbolize and related closely with Christmas and winter holiday, then many people will definitely think about animal such as reindeer or goat. Not many people know about red robins as a Christmas animal. However, Red robin is actually a symbol of Christmas and also related with many winter holiday activities from many cultures. How is this even started? Why robins are referred as symbol of Christmas? Here are 2 Reasons why Robins became a symbol of christmas and how this culture is started shall we?

Robins as a symbol of Christmas and winter festivities, how it is started?

First of all, what we are discussing here is robin as a birds, not as a fictional character robin, a sidekick of batman. Robin is a species of songbird also known as insectivorous passerine bird. They are migratory bird that mostly migrate for more than thousands of kilometers. There are many species of robins from American robins, European robins, Indian robins and many more. They can be found all across the Europe, U.S.A and some part of Asia and North Africa. However, today we are discussing about how robin becoming a symbol of Christmas and how it all begin.

  • How it started?

If you ever traveled to UK, especially during Christmas times, the locals in UK sometime refers to their postmen in Britain as “Robins”. This is because when Victorian era, postman in UK will have Bright colored uniform, and very bright red on their breast,  just like the bird red robin. Postmen’s job is to deliver a letter and card, and during Christmas, postmen’s job is also to deliver a Christmas greeting card. Robin supposed to symbolize a postmen that bring a Christmas post card to families and bringing joy and happiness. Then postal service started to use robins as the Christmas greeting cards in UK and since then it become a symbol of Christmas in UK. The bright red robin printed on the Christmas card sometime represent a postmen and their job to bring a joy and happiness for people. The tradition of robins as symbol of Christmas started in Victorian era and now still retain it symbols as prominent Christmas symbol in great Britain.

  • Why it is considered as a symbol of Christmas?

In the bible, you might already heard or read about this. But according to the Christmas legend, a bird rested on the shoulder of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. To relieve his suffering from the cross, the robin started to sang and sang. The blood gushed from Jesus’ nails or thorns then stained that bird breast. Because the blood of Jesus, since then a robin have the bright red color on their breast. This made Robin a bright red and called as red robin, although some species is actually orange colored.

It is very unique that a tradition and symbol of Christmas is started from the slangs of calling a postmen as Robin. Although there is already legend of red robin that made them special among the Christian, but UK take it more traditionally and make sure a Robin symbolize a Christmas. Now, that’s it 2 Reasons why Robins became a symbol of christmas in UK.