4 Causes of Lameness in Broiler Chicken

Being a good farmer of broiler chicken we must take an eye to them. The broiler chicken usually showed some symptom which indicating disease. As we know that the disease had many symptoms which can observe directly without any tool used. Broiler chicken is type of chicken that hashigh opportunity to be lame . Well, all kind of chicken and chicks had same opportunity to infected by this disease but most case is found in broiler chicken. That’s because this kind of chicken is farmed in high number. It breeds and developed in thousands.

Moreover some farmers are using some medicine to stimulate the force-growth of the chickens. It makes the growth inside the body isn’t balance because the main goal is stimulate the meal with unnatural process. One of the effected of this force-growth is lameness. Lameness here means that the foot of broiler chicken isn’t stands up straight and makes it felt easily. It also means for imperfect foot growth of the broiler chicken. But the only main caused isn’t that thing. It must be another reason which triggered this case like symptom of some disease or accident. Here are 4 causes of Lameness in broiler chicken you need to know.

Here are some causes of lameness in broiler chicken:

  • Unbalancing Growth

As mention before that the broiler chicken is forced growth unnaturally by some medicine used. It makes unbalancing growth between the meat and the bone. The main goal for some farmer is how they can produce the whole broiler chicken as soon as possible without care about the growth itself. It makes they forgot that growth process is takes the times and the healthy broiler chicken is broiler chicken which balance both of the meat and bone. The process which forced to be quick effected to unbalancing growth. When the bone and the meat isn’t balance, the meat is quickly bigger than bone. This big meat is supported by foot bones that are not ready yet. This unbalancing makes the foot is lameness and ended with paralyzing.

  • Unbalancing Nutrition

As mentioned before, unbalancing growth effected to the lameness, well the thing that forgot by the farmer is the nutrition to broiler chicken. The big meat pressing the blood vessels that function to supply bone nutritional needs. It causes bones to lack nutrition and eventually easily crack or shift joints. This crack or shift joint makes the broiler chickens is lameness or ended by paralyzing. We know that the farmer is forced by meat production as soon as possible. Their main goal is meat, not the healthy. So they will look for accelerator of the meat growth. The mineral needs should be attention of the farmer. Big meat supposed to be supported by big bone either. So we can’t say that the main goal of broiler chickens farm to provide meat, but to provide healthy broiler chickens. It is useless when the farmer does a lot thing to catch a ton of meat but in the end the broiler chicken is lameness and not sold for sale. It is important to farmer to take an eye about fulfill mineral needs basically for 2-3 weeks old. To solve this problem, no one thing that farmer can do besides restructuring the nutrition and change the main treatment without change the main goal or harm him.

  • Bone Character

Broiler chicken is relatively weakness. This weakness is placed in the end of the bone. This situation is become worst when the nutrition isn’t balance and the growth is forced. The weakness is pressured by forced situation to provide some benefits.

  • Genetic

Gen is also contributed for this case. This gen isn’t mean for direct descendants but the kind of this chicken had weakness foot genetic. Same as bone character, this situation is become worst when the nutrition isn’t balance and the growth is forced.

The cure and preventive action

This cure and preventive action can you do it yourself. But keep it your mind when the lameness of your broiler chicken is worst, you must to take it to vet.

  • Don’t maximize the nutrition but make it effective

Give a lot of nutrition to broiler chicken is not a mistake, but it’s better when the nutrition also effectively absorb by the broiler chicken. It is useless when the nutrition is just ate by them then outing in dirt.

  • Choose the right and balance supplement nutrition

The main problem of the lameness is unbalancing problem both of nutrition and growth. This problem can be cured by balancing supplement nutrition to your broiler chicken. Unbalance nutrition causes the metabolism isn’t work. The nutrition just get in but can’t reaction because not activated. Sometimes the good nutrition takes expensive price. That’s because the quality of the product. There are many supplement nutrition in trade but the good one is Improlin-G.  Improlin-G is natural supplement which provides natural vitamins, chelated minerals. Amino acids, prebiotics, enzymes, and other important elements needed by poultry and birds to support the growth, production, reproduction, and maintenance of health status.

  • Treat you broiler chicken carefully when you move it

Some cases of lameness are caused by accident. This accident happened both in farm or the cage seller. You better treat them carefully when you move it. Don’t throw the chicken hard because it will hurt them.

  • Give the medicine or called the vet

The lameness in broiler chicken also caused by swollen joint which caused by bacterial infection. This case caused by skin that is torn or injured. Injured skin usually occurs on the soles of the feed caused by sharp wire or bamboo cage, so that joint inflammation occurs on the soles of the feet. This is initially seen on one leg but if it continues, it can be seen in the joints of both feet. This case isn’t happen in broiler chicken but also hens. In this case, the farm should take the medicine to solve the problem. The farm can do anti-inflammation injection to the broiler chicken.

You also need to keep the cleaning of the cage, food, and water drink. This protection should be decrease when the rain season is coming. This bacteria growth easily when there is wet area around it. You also need to pay attention to the quality of the food. Review and repair over the bottom of cage should be done because the chicken legs safety is also needed after this case. If the self-cure isn’t work you can call the vet to help you solve this problem. The vet will give some medicine or injection to cure the swollen joint. If the vet found the trouble that the lameness also caused by bone problem, he might take serious strategy to the chicken. The cure period takes some times and you better keep away the legs problem chicken with other chicken even the lameness isn’t transmission. It used to make you identify it easily and give medical intensive.