8 Common Disease of Broiler Chicken

Broiler chicken is kind of chicken which regularly used as animal farm. With high marketing value, nice benefit, and breed-easy method, broiler chicken farmed to fulfill the necessity of marketing. The economy number of broiler chickens is still high until now, not only for the meat or culinary but also other sector necessary like fashion, sport, and many more. This high opportunity used by some people to being as broiler chicken farmed.

Besides to find income, they realize that the sector form this business is not on culinary, but also other sectors which coming of a lot benefits. To breed broiler chicken, we must be knew and also pay attention to its healthy to build the quality. Being as animal farm, the procedure to treat it from egg till being as chicken which ready consume obviously different when treat other kind of chicken. Did you know some diseases to broiler chicken? Did you know what should you do to prevent the broiler chicken from disease? If you don’t owe it, here the information about 8 common disease of broiler chicken.

In this case, it will explain for you about the symptoms which appear in the infected broiler chicken. One disease will has two or more symptoms and it is similar from one and other. So if you had two infected chicken with same symptom appeared it may have different diseases infection. To makes it clearly, here’s the point

  • Avian Influenza (AI)

This disease was viral in the universe because the transmission. This is caused by influenza virus A type, subtype H5 and H7. All poultry can infect by influenza virus type A, but this virus commonly attack chicken and turkey basically broiler chicken. This disease is zoonosis because the death is absolute 100%. It means that one cage contained 100 broiler chickens, all of them will die. Not only infect the broiler chickens, this disease also can infected human. The symptom which showed is the spot which is none of fur like eyelid, stomach, and soles of the feed are turning to blue. There are red dotted spot in the foot, and liquid that out of the eye and nose, and paralyzing. There aren’t actions to heal this case, but the preventive action that must to be taken is adding some minerals and vitamin to increase the condition of the chicken. And also don’t forget to prevent the sub-infection with giving the antibiotic.

  • Tetelo (ND)

Tetelo or Newcastle Disease caused by Paramyxovirus. This is emergency case because the transmission is so fast. It takes 3-4 days to kill all the broiler chickens in the cage. This virus is usually infected by wild bird. The symptom which appeared is sluggish, decreasing of eating mood, breathing problem, chough, slimy mouth, runny greenish dirt, combs and bluish heads, cloudy corneas, paralysis and convulsions until the head twits back. There aren’t methods to prevent this case, but one infected chicken must by burned to stop the transmission.

  • Infectious Bursal Disease (IDB)

This disease caused by virus genus Avibirnavirus and brooks the immune system of broiled chickens. The transmission is by contact directly, drinking water, air and tools that infected virus. This virus isn’t killed the chicken directly. This virus can survive for 3 months inside of the broiler chickens body. Because it attacks immune system, it surely effected the infections and ended with death. Some people called this disease as its chickens AIDS. The symptom which appeared is sluggish and sleepy, dull feathers, trembling, slimy diarrhea, balance that starts to interfere and irritation of the rectum because chicken often pecks it. The cure isn’t available so you better vaccine it regularly using gumboro vaccin nobilis, delvax gumboro, bursavac, and etc.

  • Bleed dirt

This caused by parasite protozoa from the genus Eimiria sp that eaten by broiler chickens. The symptom which appeared is decreased appetite which causes stunted growth, flabby dirt tends to be liquid and the color is blackish brown because it contains blood. It can cure by noxal, sulfaquinoxaline, diklazurile or others. But the most important thing is keep cleaning the broiler chickens food and the used tool farm.

  • Pullorum or chalk lime

This disease caused by Salmonella pullorum bacteria which can survive during one year inside of underground. This disease usually attacked to 1-10 days old of broiler chickens. It also attacked adult broiler chicken, but the number of death in chicks is also high, around 85%. The symptom to the adult broiler chickens isn’t too showed. The symptom which regularly appeared is decreased appetite, body fatigue and dullness, eyes closed, cold and likes to look for warm places, grayish combs, attached anal hair and watery dirt mixed with white granules like chalk. You can inject with sulfonamide preparations or antibiotics of furozolidone, coccilin, neo terramycin, tetra or mycomas in chicken breast to prevent chicken death, not to eliminate the infection.

  • Chronic Respiratory Disease

This disease is caused by Mycoplasma Gallisepticum bacteria. The symptom which regularly appeared is sneezes intensive, snot goes through the nose, and snores while breathing. The prevent action that can be taken is clean up the cage regularly to kill the bacteria.

  • Snot

This disease caused by Haemophilus Gallinarum bacteria which usually attacked in transition of season. This case is regularly found in tropical area and also attacked either of chick and adult broiler chickens. The number of death is 30% and the illness is 80%. The transmission is by infected chicken, drinking water, food, dirt, air, and farm tool. The symptom which appeared is no appetite, weakness and drowsiness, slow growth, smelly yellow mucus coming out of the nose, discharge from the eyes (foamy eyes), swelling of the sinuses (border between the eyes and nose, crust in the nose, runny nose and difficulty breathing. The cure methods that can be taken using sulfate preparations such as sulfadimethoxine or sulfathiazole. You can also use enrofloxacyn (Enflox) preparations or using amphycillin and colistin preparations 9Amphyvitacol). Antibiotics can also be used such as ultramycin, imequil or corivit. There are also those who use traditional medicine such as milk powder or crushed ginger, turmeric, and lempuyang juice. For chicken which emergency infected you can give it sulfamix injection.

  • Candida Albicans

This disease caused by fungi. This fungi infection is individual. It means that when one broiler chicken is infected, it isn’t infected other chickens. This disease is triggered by contaminated by Candida albicans. This case is long-term cure and very hard to be heal. The symptom which regularly appeared is white plaques on the inside of the mouth, glans, esophagus, cavity, stomach, and intestine. The prevent action that should be taken is pay attention over wet spot, especially when season transition from summer to raining. It is main thing to make sure that the cage is not leaking. Cause the wet spot will give opportunity to fungi to growth well. You also move the food of boiler chicken when rain has come. It prevents water seepage to get in on the food and ate by chickens.