7 Cutest Breeds of Goat to Keep as A Pets

Goat usually owned to produce meat or milk. It’s uncommon to have a goat as a pet, but some people choose goat as a house animal just like cats or dogs which is cool because we all agree that goat can be as cute and friendly as the conventional pet! Having a goat as a pet can be an enjoyable experience. It has an extraordinary personality and can be a good companion not only for human but also for other animals. Basically, any breed of goat can be a good pet. However, the smaller breeds or the miniature goat breeds are more popular as a backyard pet because they do not take too much space compared to the larger ones who are likely most suitable in a yard. So now, hot to pick what kind of breed do you want as your new family? Let us talk about 7 cutest breeds of goat to keep as pets!

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7 cutest breeds of goat to keep as pets

1. Pygmy Goats

Pygmy goats come originally from West Africa, specifically Cameroon. This breed is also the kind of goat that you usually find at petting zoos. The pygmy goat has a small size, probably around 21 inches and 60 pounds when fully grown so it is suitable as your backyard pet. The best thing about Pygmy goat is on how friendly and submissive it is towards human. The pygmy goat is gentle, adorable, and loves to hug!
If you try to find a good pet as a companion and best friend especially for your kids, this breed of goat is a really good choice.

2. Kinder Goats

Kinder goat is a dairy goat that was created by crossing Nigerian Dwarf buck and a Nubian doe and popular as a pet goat among the market.
Kinder is a cheerful and a pet with a loud voice. It has ‘airplane’ ear and counted as a nice medium sized dairy goat as it has weights around 110 until 13 pounds. Kinder goat is easy to handle and fit for your small backyard. The milk that Kinder goat produces is also high in butterfat which is good for making cheese. The most important thing is, Kinder goat is great as a new friend!

3. Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Another small breed of goat is Nigerian Dwarf goat. Nigerian’s size will also not take too many spaces in your backyard. Its heights top out around 23 inches for bucks and 22 inches for does. Just like Pygmy, both of this kind of goat have the same structure but with shorter ears and noses. Nigerian Dwarf is also gentle and loves to play with human! It is also able to provide you with milk. Nigerian Dwarf, as you can tell from its name, originated in Africa as a small dairy goat. Have you read about how goat milk has a lot of benefits not only for your bone but also for your heart? Read the article about Health Reason to Drink Goat Milk here.

4. Boer Goats

If Nigerian Dwarf knows for milk, this breed of goat is known for its meat. Boer goat has an adorable face with its wide, long pendulous ears and short noses. Boer is an active goat. It likes to run and soak in the sun. So make sure to let your Boer goat plays around at the yard.
Boer is bigger than the last two breeds below. It has 200 or more pounds as its fully grown. But even with the big size, Boer goat also has big enough heart to be a friendly pet!

5. Pygoras Goats

The Pygora is a result of breeding Pygmy bucks with full-sized Angora Goats. If you like fluffy things, this one can be the best for you! Pygoras known for its coats that are puffy and fluffy, making Pygoras looks so adorable and huggable! Pygora’s weight can be 75-95 pounds with an average height of 22-27 inches. It is also known for fiber products such as cush cashmere or mohair. Read also about Benefit of Raising Goat Farm Business here

6. Alpine Goats

As a dairy goat, Alpine goat is easy to train! Alpine great, dependable, and the good thing is, it has mothering tendencies which are good for a loving companion. Unlike the miniature breed, Alpine goat is considered as a big breed. At full growth, it can grow up into 160 pounds.

7. LaMancha Goats

Another dairy breed than you can choose to be a pet is LaMancha goat.
It is known for its milk production as a livestock animal but also popular to be a pet. LaMancha is friendly towards human and LaMancha will also fit for you (or your neighbor) who like a quite and patient goat. You can always tell LaMancha goat by its ears, which is actually looks as if they have none and also from its long nose. Again, LaMancha is a big breed with its weight up to 160 pounds, but have a gentle and loving heart. Read also about Recommended Dairy Goat Breeds to Your Farm here

These 7 cutest breeds of goat to keep as pets are only a few for you to choose. It is up to you, after all. Again, any kind of breeds can be your pet and also your best friend. Just make sure you know exactly what you want by choosing what kind of personalities you want to find from your pet before you choose them.  Also, consider the size of the goat and the space of yard that you have to make it suitable for your pet to live. Don’t be too stressed out, anyway! Having a goat as a pet can be fun! You are on your way to having a new family and friend. Just remember to always treat your goat kindly, okay?