Symptoms That Your Duck Is In Wobbly And Unhappy Conditions

It may hard find out the title but guys it is true. Technically we can know what’s happened to our pet and what they feel by any symptom that surely appear in the surface. Even the symptoms of each duck are different, basically we can mark some symptom which the mainly sign to make sure that our duck isn’t happy. Is it hard to understand unhappy condition? So, let’s make it as ‘stress’ to make it easier.

Wobbly is one of symptom of unhappy condition for duck. It hard to explain to you what’s like wobbly means here but we can assume that wobbly here same as passively. Not only passive in moving away but also passively production.

As we know when people rise duck for poultry industry there is a goal that would be reach of like egg or cattle. Passive production here which really stand out is egg. If we compare between egg and cattle result, egg is more possible to loss than cattle. That’s because basically we rarely met there is duck that loss weight caused by stress, not like human which usually loss their weight when feel depressed or stress.

Why is stress or unhappy condition really affect egg production? That’s because reproduction process since heat period until laying egg is affect by hormonal. Hormone is really relatable with mood and feeling. Feeling unhappy is a prove of unstable hormonal. The female duck may can still produce egg properly, but it’s not guaranteed the quality.unhappy-duck

Back to the symptom if we observe what’s the sign of unhappy condition in duck, well there is so much symptoms that would appear. Even wobbly is one of all signs that tells you about unhappy condition, here is the explanation completely.

  • Hair fall

Hair fall is the easiest way to identify unhappy condition of duck. Basically, they would pull their feather off by themselves without any accident. That’s mean that they did it consciously and has goal to do that. Technically, putting out their feather is manifestation of stress. They need something to finding the way to reduce by their own self and one of their way is putting it out. Hair fall here doesn’t always meaning of stress. Laying egg also has same symptom with this case but the different is it just leaving the soft feathers. But by unhappy condition it is different. One full feather can put it out and some ducks by this condition usually bald.

  • Low appetite and sick

Low appetite doesn’t always tell you that your duck is in unhappy condition. Baby duck and duck mommy has low appetite when the baby just cracked out of egg and the duck mommy is ready to laying egg but they aren’t sick. New born duck still has additional energy of their yolk and duck mommy had hard moving hormonal when they are ready to laying egg. But both of them are still well. It is pretty different with unhappy duck which usually followed by any illness after it. Unhappy condition signed by low appetite and followed by any illness like fever or etc. Honestly the illness wouldn’t come automatically. There is still a process both of unhappy condition process until illness caught. Mostly the illness comes when the duck won’t to eat and loss their energy. It will worse when the cage isn’t supported enough to make them fit. By this opportunity, some illness can attack duck both caused by bacteria, fungal, and virus because their loss the energy and automatically lack of vitamin. Even vitamin can give by injection, it is not effective enough to solve this problem as prevent act because they don’t only need one kind of vitamin. They are need multivitamin to fulfil their vitamin and minerals needed.

  • Passively move

As mentioned before that wobbly is similar kind with passively move but passively move has many meant points if we talking about. Basically, passively move in this point means that they can’t move properly. It guessed because they are low appetite so they lack of energy and also, they had bad feeling which makes them act like threated or afraid. Same as people, duck that feeling anxious usually showed some error. This error isn’t come of their body but it is by their mind. That’s why duck which normally living become passive or moreover error when there is problem with their mind. They can physically normal but not their mind.

  • Biting

The main point that should by highlighted on this explanation about unhappy condition is how’s their feeling actually? Afraid is unhappy condition, so does confuse and starving. Honestly, we don’t know as specific which one actually their feeling when they feel unhappy? Is it fear? Confuse? Or maybe threated? Biting is one of all their defence mechanism so does when they feel unwell they tend to be more anticipated that manifested by biting. On this point, you better don’t change the food giver when feeding time. It because can make them feels suspicious and guess him a bad guy. This anxious is prove that they aren’t feel well and surely unhappy.

To avoid duck of condition that makes them feels unhappy, there is no ways to be use except moving them away of any stressor that can make them feeling unwell. Duck really hate with noisy even you think that they didn’t have ear but they can hear, to be honestly. When you build duck cage both for poultry or just general pet, make sure that the cage is far from any noisy thing like garage, settle, or vehicle service centre. Places like garage, settle, or vehicle service centre usually makes noisy sound which really annoying so make sure that the location is calm enough to them.

Basically, not only the body that we have to concern when rise the duck or maybe starting poultry industry. Mind is also the key to reach maximum result of production. Keep in your mind that both body and mind is a pair. It can’t be separated and be always related.