Diagnosing the Types of Fractures in Hamsters and the Way to Cure Them

Hamster health should be the main priority of ownership. To know everything about them (hamster) you must willingly learn new thing every day. Not only know the fun part of raising hamster, the insight of proper nursery was fatal, as the example you must know how to clean the hamster cage, provide toys for hamster which is used both of exercise and entertain. Toys selection require mature thought; the ball toys for the example, although it looks very nice and cute for your pet, it comes with some consequences if improperly use.

Furthermore, on thing need to remember, even though hamster was delicate, adorable pet animal, apparently not everyone well-adapted with hamster – mainly due the health issues. As we know, hamster was part of rodent family which sometime carried germs, bacteria, and viruses that could infect people. A research have been made and reviled caring a hamster is dangerous for pregnant mom. There are certain risks associated with carried disease by hamster’s infected pregnant woman and effected the mom and the baby inside of her.

Of course, it’s not happened for all hamster, but it would be so much better to avoid unnecessary risk that could be fatal for the health for both lives. Get rid of the hamster would not necessary; you can prohibit the mom to touch the hamster at any reason, and put the hamster on one particular side of the house which rarely entered by the mom, so that the mom keep safe. However, if the mom is not a problem anymore, then it’s time for you to taking a good care of the hamster.

Due hamster’s delicate body structures, fractures in hamsters are often happened – and of course, it causes so much pain in hamsters and immediate care must be done. Today, we would share to you how to diagnosing the types of fractures in and the way to cure them. Don’t go anywhere, stay with us!

Hamster’s Fractures

People, what is fractures mean? Fractures is commonly known as broken bones. Due to hamster, fractures or broken bones was one of the common health case. Fractures was happened caused by unusual events or accidents, such as fall from a high place, improper handling, or hamster’s body part was stuck on something. Most cases, fractures was happened caused by cage’s items, such as exercise wheel and wire mesh. Therefore, a lot of people avoid the cage that designed with a large wire mesh and wheel.

Considered the size of hamster’s bone which is quite little, the treatment would be difficult in details, but to execute of healing in the fractures part was fairly easy. During the recovery, encourage your hamster to have adequate rest time, and restrained hamster’s activities for a faster, complete healing.

Fractures Symptoms

Fractures symptoms was noticeable: the hamster would refuse to move, playing, and exercise due the severe pain that he felt. Every time the hamster try to move, he would feel the pain and pressure in the bones – yes, this is unpleasant feeling. There’s fracture potential if your hamster display these things:

  • Popping and cracking sounds from hamster’s particular body part (the fracture one).
  • Swelling around the broken area.
  • Dragging one particular part of the body.
  • The most visible symptom is an open wound which the broken bone would pierce out from the body – although this case is rare.

The Nursery of Hamster’s Broken Bone

You need two know, there are two types of hamster’s broken bones: first the open fracture and closed fracture. It’s quite strike distinction between the open and close fractures, the open fracture exhibited visible pierce out bone from particular area, but the closed fracture was invisible which happened inside the body.

Call the Veterinarian

Once you noticed fracture had happened, immediate veterinarian call is suggested. You need to understand, the first treatment must be done by the vet due the need of medical treatment. The hamster that didn’t get medical treatment would lead to more dangerous issues, such as blood poisoning and infection, the worst, leads to painful death.

The vet would observe the fracture and if the vet suggested you to euthanasia due the lack of option for the treat of the leg, you must prepare yourself, my friends. At least by doing that, you beloved one would free from the pain and suffering.

The Surgery

Ordinarily, the open fracture would get more intensive treatment from the vet. There are two common options provided in this situation: first, the vet would amputate the limb, and second would be fixing the fracture. The two of the option was executed by medical surgery which is fairy high risk. Although I would never dream about it, there are many cases the surgery leads to the passing away of the hamster.

All you need to remember is do not ever – whatsoever try to remove the bone from the skin without anesthesia. Let’s turn the case, would you did that to yourself if you are in your hamster situation? An absolutely no, never! Moreover, do not try to give hamster drug for the pain for your own because you would not understand the right dose of the drug; it leads to overdose when you give it improperly.

Rest Time and Feeding Time

To heal the bone completely, your hamster need adequate rest; and it takes time. It is suggested for you to remove all items inside the cage that could harm the fracture part – all of them, and keep him in one unit. The only things that should be placed inside the case was nesting (soft fabric or other soft materials), then food and water containers. Do not let your hamster done exercise or heavy activities at any cost.

Then, the last thing is feed your hamster with nutritious foods. Offer him a fresh healthy vegetables and fruits, also it worth enough to feed hamster with dried pellets and vegetables. As the calcium would be necessary, offer some milks to hamster to help the bones heal was pretty good idea. But, to avoid bacterial contamination with the milk, ensure you offer the fresh milk and remove it once every two hours.

This is the end of article: diagnosing the types of fractures in hamsters and the way to cure them. I hope you enjoy it!