Is the Ball Dangerous for Hamster?

Don’t keep hamster before you know everything about them; each breed needs to care differently. As you know, hamster has many variants of breeds, such as Roborovski and Robo Dwarf hamster, Chinese hamster, Campbell Russian hamster, Winter White Pedigree, and many more. Furthermore, hamster needed nursery requirements that should be obeyed by all the owners, such as how to arrange the hamster cage, clean the hamster cage, and etc.

You also need to understand this, my dear friends, hamsters could affect people’s health at some points. For the examples are children; some of hamster’s breeds furs reviled to be the caused of allergic on children, then it might be a little surprising, caring a hamster dangerous for pregnant mom and potentially lead to miscarriage and type 1 diabetes for the offspring. We want you to be very careful to whatever animal you’re pet.

Having hamster without provide proper toys was violated the hamster’s right, my friends. In the nature or wild life, hamsters are very active animal; they venture mile and mile – in short, they move a lot. Therefore, some adjustment requires to replace the unlimited mediums, toys are one of them. Hamster’s toys was sold in variant shape and function, but be careful – still there are some of the toys which dangerous than others.

One of the most controversial toy which arise concern of many parties is ball. Although it looks very fun to see your beloved hamster playing inside the ball, there consequences follow with the “fun”. Is the ball dangerous for hamster? Without further do, let’s check it out!

Hamster Ball: Good or Bad?

As a typical active animal, hamster needs medium to channel her need of exercise, and the choice ordinarily would fall to hamster’s ball. Hamster’s ball was plastic ball which is typically comes with halves that separated and screw together. When the ball was used and roll properly, it would absolutely fun for hamster to roll inside of it; but, if it uses recklessly and improperly it turns into something harmful and dangerous of the hamster’s safety.

However, now we would dig deeper the fact about ball that at one side could be a very fun toy to play but in other side would be one of the dangerous toy of hamster. Consequently, before you let you pet come inside the ball and play with it, you need to understand the dangerous that might happen when hamster ride the ball – although it might appear as harmless toy. Commonly, there are precautions need to be follow by all the hamster’s owners before you let the hamster enjoy themselves with this toy.

Consider Ball’s Size and Color

First thing first, you need to adjust the ball size with your hamster, because as you know hamsters comes with variety of body-sizes. As the examples, the tiniest breed of hamster was held by Russian dwarf hamsters and the largest breed was held by teddy-bear hamsters. So, one-sized ball totally not the option if you owned those hamsters above. Ensure the ball you purchased was match with the hamster’s body-sized (an adult body-size), so that the hamster won’t face cramp, have a plenty space to stretch inside the ball in fully grown body.

You need to note this, never try – at any reason – put more than one hamster inside the ball. It leads them to collide inside the cage and they might get into a fight. So, what the association between coloration of the ball with the hamster? The coloration was important due the temperature inside the ball. As you know, my friends, dark colors trap more heat rather than the lighter ones. If you choose dark colors, potentially it exposes hamsters to overheating inside the ball.

Therefore, the advantages of using lighter colors for ball option: first, you prevent the overheating occur by the heat that trapped within the dark color, and second, you able the monitor hamster movement inside the ball. Ensure the safety of hamster while riding the ball should be your number one priority.

Make Hamster Familiar with the Ball

Try to introduce hamster with the ball would be a good step, first. At the first time, hamster might a little reluctant to enter the ball; in this case, do not ever push or force your hamster. Let her explore the ball by herself; do these ways to encourage your pet enter the ball: place a half of the ball inside the cage, while the open side of the ball facing up, put treats on it to attract the hamster to climb the ball.

Repeat this method every day until the hamster start to comfortable and undoubted to climb into the ball. In this point, you could try to put treat inside fully-arranged ball to encourage her to be more comfortable inside enclosed space. I warn you: never try to roll the ball for the hamster, let her do it by herself at her own will. Once you noticed she exhibited uncomfortable of under pressure body gesture, remove her immediately.

Wait Until Your Hamster Ready to Exercise

Do not force the hamster to exercise, you need to understand there’s a moment where you pet really didn’t in the mood to exercise which is also happened to people. If you want your pet to exercise with the ball, always ensure she was fully awake and ready for the exercise. Note this: improperly pick up leads to skittish and also nip; this also happened when you pick hamster during the sleep.

Once certain thing, do not let children (small children) to handling your hamster without your supervision. Why ensure that your hamster is fully awake is important? Unconscious hamster (half-awaken) can’t ride the ball properly; she would only harm herself when the ball start rolling. It’s very dangerous; keep in mind, to avoid exercise after feeding time. It would upset her guts and make her sick.

So, the conclusion is the ball is safety enough as long as it rides in proper ways – as long as the exercise occur under your supervision.