You must Considered these Things when You Clean the Hamster Cage

Hamsters are popular pocket pet of many people, included me – actually hamster is my first ever animal pet. This animal was very active and playful, it’s always a pleasure to see them running and playing around over toys inside the cage. Even now, hamster lovers was created their own hamsters online community due the amount of love they felt over hamster. It’s not surprising though, this creature was totally adorable, sweet, and joyful one!

If you interest to pet hamsters, perhaps it’s a good idea to look over some popular breeds of hamster such as, Roborovski and Robo Dwarf hamster, Winter White Pedigree, Teddyhamster, Russian hamster, and many more. See? Who would not like or fall in love with this animal if you are served with variety of different adorable breeds? That is impossible! Furthermore, to ensure that the hamster was lived a full-life under your ownership, there are basic rules about the nursery guidelines you must follow.

The healthy feeding habit, daily exercise, and also, one of the main equipment of pet necessity, the housing. Yes, your hamster need a house as their new habitat. The proper housing need to consider living space of hamsters, and fulfill the cleanliness requirement. The cleanliness must have done frequently to maintain hamster health state; wash the cage, and remove all the dirt of waste inside the cage. You must considered these things when you clean the hamster cage. Stay tune with us, pal!

How to Clean Hamster Cage

Always clean the cage frequently to ensure the health of hamster is a must. As perform the cleaning service, you must considered these things when you clean the hamster cage. Do not ever think that cleaning time is a boring, and unpleasant thing to do – in fact, that precise activity was one of the way for you to get close with you beloved hamster. So, do not nagging too much, my fellow owners!

The Cage Condition

First of all, before you execute the cleaning services, you must examine the hamster cage. This way is to analyze the state of cage; which part is really needed to clean at least once a day, and which part need less-frequency cleaning. If you clean the cage too often or less than it should be, this action cause hamster to undue stress. So, it is important to clean in the right schedule.

First, look up the bedding and search for wet area around it; if wet area is only a little part of the bedding, then you could change the wet area with the new one. But, if it was all over the bed, then you must remove all of it. Remove all the leftover around the cage, change water every day or when you notice that water have changed color. Full cleaning should be done when the cage smells and the wall looked dirty and smudged.

Prepare Cleaning Equipment

Prepare all the cleaning equipment you need to make it easy for you while perform the service. Here are few materials you need to perform a proper cleaning: baby wipes or wash cloth used for cleaning and scrubbing the cage, new bedding to replace the dirt one, the last is disinfectant. Careful to choose the safe disinfectant to use for cage’s cleaning. For the safe of your pet, choose some soft disinfectant such as dish soap or hand soap.

If you still afraid, then it would be so much better if you purchase the disinfectant from the pet stores. The pet stores always sold safety and soft materials for animals; they (pet stores) would always sell products approved by official health party: for the example U.S FDA in America.

Remove Your Hamster

Before execute the work, make sure you remove your beloved pet hamster into somewhere safe and sound. Plus, do not forget to remove other things such hamster’s toys, water and food containers. Here are few tips to remove hamster: gently handle your hamster while remove it from cage, support his whole-body by cupping him in your hands.

Do not ever let your hamster stay inside the exercise ball too long; always make sure you wash both of your hands before and after the handling to ensure both of you didn’t carry germ that could affect each other. The last, remove the old bedding and replace it with the new one. Keep in mind, an old bedding that being effect by all the waste created strong scent of ammonia which caused respiratory problems for your beloved pet hamster.

Clean the Cage

Clean the cage frequently was a task of maintain your hamster’s habitat hygienic and comfortable. Reach out every surface of the cage, wash it completely and thoroughly. Although the cage might be designed differently, but the basic cares would still apply to every each of them. What kind of cares?

Like these: use baby wipe plus disinfectant to wash the cage, scrape all stubborn dirt such as bedding area that stuck at cage’s wall. Do not forget to wash each bar of cage in case hamster’s cage was made from mesh or wire. In case, you have aquarium cage, requirement to clean every each of corner and surface needs to fulfill.

Wash Every Object Associated with the Hamster

Not only the cage, you must clean the cage also to make sure it didn’t carry any germ that could affect the animal. The objects might didn’t appear dirty, but it is a better idea to ensure everything is hygienic. From water and food container, exercise equipment, and toys, everything need to be clean up. You could soak or spray the items with disinfectant, wipe it with washcloth and clean it thoroughly and completely. Don’t miss any corner, folks!

Dry the Cage

The last consideration subject is dried the cage. Do not use cage that still wet or moist; always dry it first. Then, after it dry you can settle all the items back to the cage. You could use towel to dry the cage or you could leave the cage under the sunlight. The advantage of using the sunlight as the main source of drying is it would dry faster, and don’t forget, sunlight would become disinfectant potion due the UV light rays in it.