4 Disadvantages of Choosing Sheep as Your Pet at Home

Do you ever have a thought to raise a sheep at home? Famous as a livestock animal didn’t stop fanatic fans of sheep to bring them home and take care of sheep as pet at home. It is true that you can raise sheep as pet – and commonly people would choose a lamb (sheep under one year old) to make it easier to house train baby lamb. Doesn’t mean that a young or an adult cannot be train, but it would take an extra effort to make them adjust with the new environment around them.

A lot of people had found surprising facts about sheep while kept them, and experience memorable moment with their sheep pet. But, rather than keeping sheep as pet some people prefer to stick with the traditional mindset to only keep sheep as a farm animal. Everyone already know that farm business taken place as the prosper industry in the growth economic business now days. A drove of people jump into sheep farming business, whether they begin with a small farm or straight invested their money into a big scale business.

But, let us give you an advice, it would be better if you’re a beginner to learn about some important things you should know before farming sheep. This knowledge at least would give you some another point of views of  consideration before you devoted your time and money to open the farm. And for you people, who interested to keep a sheep as pet at home, you should keep open your mind to two side of possibilities on raising a sheep at you home.

Yes, it would be very fun to keep your favorite animal at home, especially if they were gifted with irresistible out look (sheep are very cute animal). But some animals aren’t really fit with the environment surround you – where you lived. You should understand, when you decided to raise animal, you have responsibilities to make sure you do not bother people whose lived around you. If you decided to keep a sheep at your home, you have to prepare enough land or space or room to prevent your sheep bother your neighbor.

Now, we will discuss 4 disadvantages of choosing sheep as your pet at home. Like we said earlier, you need to be open minded preparing everything that could possibility happen while you pet a sheep. Prepare yourself folks, here we go!

1. House Training Your Sheep

We need to warn you that house training a sheep was very difficult – it’s not impossible, but very difficult. Basically, sheep are land animal – they will graze and play along in a large prairie, that’s why it will be laborious to train them when they need to poop. They used to poop whenever and wherever they wanted. You can’t blame them – it’s just their nature habitual. They were not designed as a pet, which is different with dog which designed as a pet.

Some people trick this issue by using a disposable diaper (they will make a hole for the tail). But, if you insist to keep them, than it would be more comfortable to prepare some large yard to be the place where they could poop without littering your house.

2. The Horns on Male Sheep

The other from 4 disadvantages of choosing sheep as your pet at home is the horns on male sheep. A male sheep with horns could grow larger than usual size and becoming more aggressive toward people around them and your other pet. The worst thing that could possibly happen is you sheep become destructive.

For you note, sheep horns has enough power to break the wall and furniture – so, could you imagine what will happen if your sheep attack other people or your pet? This safety issues must be your main consideration to choose a male sheep as pet. But, if you insist, some people do recommended removing the horns and neutered the male sheep.

There are many breeds out there which is naturally hornless (even the males) – our suggestion is you choose these types of sheep to be pet at your home.

3. It Is Illegal in Some Places

Perhaps you would never thought abut this issue, but let me remind you, keep a sheep as pet is illegal in some places. It would be better if you check it first at your local laws and other regulations to make sure that you are not doing something illegal. Most places would allow to pet this type of animal, and legally allow it without any terms you need to do.

But some places do allow to pet this type of animal – but – with the requirement of registering your sheep before taken them home. Another thing you must do is let the people around you know that you keep a sheep. You can be sue anytime when your neighbor feel that you have been disturbing their amenities. At least when you tell your neighbor, they would feel that you respect them and maintain a good relationship with them.

4. It’s Really Incommode if You Leave Them for Vacation or Business Trips

Another issue that you would face if you keeping a sheep at home is the moment of your absence. Unlike dog which you can bring to whenever you go (except for a business trips), you – obviously – you would not bring your sheep with you, aren’t you? In fact, most sitters and kennels won’t allow you to drive with a sheep together with dog. You need to choose which one you would take with you.

So, if you plan to go for a while for vacation or business trip, you should arrange some plans to make sure there’s someone who can help to take care of your sheep pet. To give them food, water, and bathe your sheep, and take it out of the cage, otherwise your sheep would be stressed out consider that a sheep was a gentle and easy to scare.