How to House Train A Baby Lamb

Most paradigm of people thought that sheep can only raise as a livestock animal. To be raise to produce some products, such lamb meat, wool, and milk (usually for the cheese). Following the growth of economic industries now days, a lot of people had tries their fortune to be apart of sheep farming industry (here some important things you should know before farming sheep). The exciting fact about raising sheep as a business is you can start raise sheep in a small farm.

And yes, it’s more suitable for you especially if this is your first time on raising sheep, let just say that this small farm is a trial. Also, beside for commonly business reason, some people uniquely interested to take care of sheep as pet at home. These people are find surprising facts of keeping sheep as the time goes by and finally find themselves fell in love with the wooly creature. No one blame them though. Who could possibly resist this adorable loving creature?

But, folks, do remember this; you should have enough space at your home for a sheep to live comfortable – whether it’s your backyard or a building. There should be enough place for the sheep to grow up and playing. Therefor, choosing a right breed of sheep is your first mission. Make sure that choose one of the most harmless among many with all the deliberation for the good of you family. Even most of the sheep was gentle – but, there’s a lot of factors that could make them become aggressive.

It is recommended to take a lamb as a pet (under a year), because it easier for you to train and taming a lamb than a sheep. Also, other advantage of keeping them when they still a lamb is you could bond your relationship as soon as possible. So, they would grow knowing that you are their beloved owner. Train a lamb could help you manage their behavior and make them adjust with the environment surround them. Therefor, these are the methods on how to house train a baby lamb.

Make A Friend With Your Baby Lamb

Start to Train The Lamb in A Small Area

Apply the training method in a small area at the beginning will help to eliminate things that could distract them. Also, this to give your baby lamb less option to run away or ignore you. By your existence around him, will make him get used to your presence.

Try to be on Their Level

It’s a good way to make sure that you’re on the same level (on height) with him. Try to sit down, crouch, or kneel would make him more relax and easier to reach you. Willingly, they would come near you and feel welcomed. Keep do this every time you want to communicate, and don’t stand up until he’s relax being surround you.

Do Direct Contact With Your Baby Lamb

Do you know that sheep love being scratches? Yes, you can try apply this method to make your baby lamb love you back. You can scratch him start on chin, neck, and slowly down to his body (between their front legs). If he gets comfortable being around you, soon or later he will allow you to scratch his back and belly. Furthermore, he will come to you and ask you to scratch him!

Food Method

Folks, try to feed them by your hands (but careful, it didn’t work for some of the lambs). This method will train them to be more comfortable with you. They will approach you and eat the food – you could stroke their body if they willing to eat the food.

No Sudden Movement

For your note; sheep are easiest to scare – it is important to give them a gentle and slow impression. That’s why eliminate sudden and unpredictable move would prevent will scare-less. Do not grab them and chase them when they were moved away, let them approach you without any pressure.

Be Patience and Do It Frequently

Remembers to spent time with your baby lamb every day. Keep does all of the methods above as a routine, soon or letter they will recognize you and welcome you to be part of his life. Be patience, not every lamb are the same. Some need longer time than other.

Halter Training

Last but not least on how to house train a baby lamb is taught to your baby lamb halter training. Halter training would help you tame the lamb that is not approachable. You can try to restrain him whilst you fit the halter. You can purchase sheep rope halters which suitable with your baby lamb and use it to get control of your sheep (in a good way). Make sure that your lamb isn’t in pain while use it.

These are some techniques for halter training your baby lamb:

  • Gently fasten the halter: start with pop the halter near his head while offering the food. Then you can move with popping the halter on him and give him food as reward for being obedient. If your lamb is way to scare and nervous to approach you, then you can do the other hand. Approach him by giving him a food gradually, after he begins more relax near you, you can try to pop the halter on him.
  • Be dominant: your lamb might be scare and panic in the beginning, and rush to run away. So it is important for you to keep him stay (without any violent). Sheep will prone to be obedient to other dominant figure.
  • Reward his good behavior: in the first period of halter training, your lamb might be in stress situation, so, you need to calm him down and gradually give him food on everything he did (even when they scare of you). Soon or later they will accept all the direct contact with you.
  • Make you baby lamb get used to pressure and release: halter training is all about pressure and release. You can start with given him a light gentle pressure when pulling the rope toward you. If he willingly gives in to the pressure that you gave, you can release the pressure of the rope and give him food as reward. If you lamb shown some fight out of fear, such pull backward or throw himself on the ground, don’t be panic. Give him a very gentle pressure and give him a hint to follow you to the right direction.