4 Ways to Take Care of Sheep As Pet at Home

Known as a livestock animal, people commonly raised sheep for farming business purpose. Sheep produce some product which very popular such lamb meat, wool, and milk – made many people decided to jump in in the sheep farming business after witnesses successful of other sheep farmers around the world. If you one of those people who interested, then you can start to build your own business by raise sheep in a small farm. Yes, it is better if you start it with a small scope first – especially if you’re a beginner.

It need much effort to take care of sheep in a big spectrum. So, to avoid you from the overwhelmed feeling, we suggest you to start it from a small spectrum to make your body (physically and mentally) prepare for a bigger scope one day. Taken care of sheep also require extensive knowledge on how to protect them and provide some prevention from common illness. Learn some natural remedies would be useful for the first aid in home before you call a veterinarian.

But, it would be better if you know how to boost your sheep immune system, so their body could be ready at anytime to defense themselves from every dangerous unknown substances, such viruses and bacteria even parasites. Beside of the people who interested to build farming businesses, there are people – which is the opposite – decided to raise sheep as a pet. Those people purely enjoyed accompany of this animal and want nothing but seen their beloved sheep grown healthy and happy.

Could we blame these people? This animal – sheep – is one of the cutest and charming animal on earth. Did you ever seen lambs playing with children? What could be more adorable than that scenery? So, if there are people out there whose fallen in love with this wonderful animal – actually, it’s predictable issue. The problem is, we confused how to take care of sheep at home? Well, let me tell you; in fact, there are no different on the method of nursery sheep at home or shelter (farm).

But, don’t worry folk; still, we will show you 4 ways to take care of sheep as pet at home. These steps will teach you the best treatment you could provide to keep you sheep in their best shape from the inside and outside. Prepare folks: 4 ways to take care of sheep as pet at home!

1. Choose The Best Breed to be Pet

There are many sheep breeds spread all over the world. Each breed has unique different characteristic depend on where they were grow (climate, weather, location). But here, we will introduce you to the most common sheep breed which is often people choose to raise as a pet:

Miniature Sheep:

Miniature sheep is the most common and suitable breed for pet. Some of the sheep which categorized as miniature sheep are Babydoll and Cheviot, and other typical Shouthdown  sheep which is usually, their weigh is approximate about 130 to 300 pounds. This weigh is smaller than other normal sheep which is could grow approximate about 250 to 300 pounds.

Fleece Sheep:

Some of the sheep which categorized as a fleece sheep are Delaine-Merino, Rambouillet, and Columbia. These sheep has a very thick wool, so if you decided to raise them as a pet, you should prepare to hire a shearer to shear the wool at least once time a year.

Hair Sheep:

Usually, hair sheep commonly will raise as a pet or for meat. some of the sheep categorized as a hair sheep are Royal White, Dorper, and St. Croix.

2. Sheep Care

Sheep’s Physiology

It is important to make sure that you raise your sheep without any pressure or physical punishment to avoid them grow having heath problem and high possibility could be effect to a shorter lifespan. A normal healthy sheep has a lifespan about ten to twelve years.

Provide All The Nutrient Needs

Water: always provide your sheep the fresh and clean water – you must remember that water is the basic fluid your sheep’s body needed. It’s suggested to use container to avoid the water spilling. You can purchase the automatic container to prevent the water waste in vain, and also prevent the freezing during the drop of temperature and cold weather.

Minerals: minerals are one if the essential substance of nutritional maintenance. There are two types of minerals available: first, loose mineral which you can feed in a creep feeder and second, mineral and vitamin block which design in a holder.

Feed: and yes, you should feed your sheep. The main food for sheep as a small ruminant are pasture and hay. Some people do feed their sheep with grain – which is should be considered. Why? Grain is contained with high fat, which will cause some weigh problem is you’re not pay attention on how much your sheep eat it. Generally, sheep needed approximate about eight hours per-day for grazing.

And if you pet a sheep in your home, you should have enough backyard to let your sheep grazing by himself. The best food for your sheep is the mixture of grass and clover.

3. Shelter

In the pet cases, you probably should consider keeping your sheep stay outside the house – because your sheep could be very destructive. It could be too risky to let them stay inside the house. So, instead you could build a shelter for your sheep:

Building: if you live with neighborhood surround you, then it is probably the best to build another building special for your beloved sheep. You can use wood floor instead of normal floor. The size of the building at least approximate about 25 feet – make sure you provide enough ventilation and dry straw which will be the bed for them. And please, keep it clean.

4. Health Care

Maintenance care: the health care for sheep is quite easy. As long as you give them every healthy nursery such, good pasture, sanitary house, water, nutritious food, minerals, and of course, routine care, such:

Trimming: you should trim the wool at least once a year. You need to give attention to this – neglecting this routine could lead your sheep to infection and lameness.

Vaccine: just like all other pet animals, you can’t forget to vaccinate your sheep, such rabies vaccine, BarVac CDT, and tetanus. Vaccination should be given every one month.

Teeth: as they grow older, sheep could be vulnerable to dental problem. If you find some unusual movement such exaggerated of jaw while eating, a quick check up by veterinarian would be the best move. Do not ever try to put your hand in their mouth for check up by yourself, it could be very dangerous. Just, bring your sheep to the vet, that’s all we could suggest.