Do Sugar Gliders loves to Bite You? Here’s how to Stop It

Are you sugar gliders fans? Yes, it might be appear that sugar glider become the new rising star among other pet pocket animals. Also, there are reasons why sugar glider could make a good pet! You would not interest to this species though? They look alike a living doll; adorable, sweet, and soft. Keeping sugar glider at home could be very joyful, especially if you watch them play with safe and fun accessories which you bought for them! All the money you spent for all those toys and accessories is not waste in vain!

One thing you should know, my beloved friend, toys are not just for amusement for your sugar glider. It also becomes a medium for your little creature to exercise even without them realize it. Such as tread-wheel and climbing eucalyptus toy. Do sugar glider need to exercise? Yes they do! They could get into obesity if you not encourage them to exercise! It is very different; the life inside the captivity between the wildlife. In their natural habitat, sugar gliders would do a lot of activities to provide themselves with all their necessities.

Which, of course, isn’t necessary anymore, because we – as the owners – already prepare for everything. So, yes, exercise is very important. Furthermore, you do understand that sugar gliders are originated as undomesticated animals; they were inherited with some wildness survival behavior mechanism which mostly carried inside the captivity; unless the sugar gliders was born inside the captivity which is a lot safer environmental than the nature one.

That is why, it should be your concern to try taming them while being a pet of yours. If you absolutely have no idea how to taming a sugar glider, I recommend you to read this article: sugar glider taming: very important, but how? You would be lead step by step how to tame sugar glider in most safe and proper ways! You might have to ready for sugar glider’s aggression primarily at the first stage of bonding. Although they didn’t like your flesh, they could bite you and it still painful, even though – you know – they were just little creature.

If you have that kind of problem: your beloved sugar glider often bite you, now we would give you some tricks to handle and solve the biting issue. However, without further do, here are: do sugar gliders loves to bite you? Here’s how to stop it.

Sugar Glider Biting

It’s really sad and a little heart break if you notice that your beloved sugar glider would often bite you. Although you want to make a contact with him, it seems like he doesn’t like you; you would not sad for this situation. Well, my dear friends, don’t be sad, because everything happened on reason. There are basic common reasons why your sugar gliders loves to bite you. Don’t take it too personally is the perfect advice. So, do sugar gliders love to bite you? Here’s how to stop it.

Furthermore, part of bite action is not always form of aggression, a lot of times it’s just a part of defensive mechanism for instinct’s alert. Sugar glider often bite under fears, panic, anger, or even affection. Yes, these feeling could come up in form of biting; and of course, it a little bit annoy and of course a little bit hurt. When the bite happened before bonding relationship, it was very normal. Your little creature didn’t recognize you yet, so he bites you because he felt that you were a threat.

The first time bite mostly was the painful one; he would bite you until your blood shed. But, ordinarily, after the bonding the frequency of biting would decrease time by time. Furthermore, there is also irritated bite which is happened if he doesn’t like what have you done to him or his environmental; it forms of temporary anger, so do not be worry too much. However, here are some of the ordinary reasons behind the biting action:

  • Sugar glider is scared.
  • Your sugar glider testing you.
  • They just want to taste you.
  • They were grooming you.
  • They love you so much, so they would show love in form of biting.

Sugar Glider is Scared

Being scared is the most common reason behind bite action. This often happened  before the bonding, which is the first period of adjustment in new environmental and habitat. He (sugar glider) still new about all the situation, which is he would be more sensitive than usually, especially for you. They would scare of you because in his eyes, you were just a big unknown creature.

So, how to stop the biting for this particular reason is get to know each other, or commonly would be call as bonding. Bonding is the way for you to get his trust, so he would recognize you as the provider and his owner. There’s a lot of bonding methods you could use: most of the people would put something that have a scent of their bodies into the cage, such as handkerchief or other garment; they also use bonding pouch to familiarize their sugar gliders to the owner’s presence and the situation outside of the cage.

Do these methods frequently, everyday; soon or later – trust me – after he recognized you, he would not bite you anymore – unless you make him scare of anger.

The Testing, Grooming, Taste you, and Love you

Sugar gliders are relied on their senses: smell, sight, touch, and etc. So, they would try to recognize you by their senses, and if they smell “abnormality” in you, well, they would bite you. There’s also phenomenon called teenage nippiness that occur in puberty period. Yes, your sugar glider is being maturing; during this period, your sugar glider would often bite you without any clear reasons.

If the “teenage nippiness” was classified as teenage rebellion, then testing, tasting, grooming and love bite was based by affection. Yes, sometime, they would bite you because they absolutely like you. So, to stop this bite habit, you could simply distract them with treats. Yes, it sounds weird, but it absolutely works. Every time your sugar glider bite or try to bite you, offer them delicious treat for distraction. Time by time, this bad habit would reduce and gone for good!