4 Safe and Fun Accessories for Sugar Glider

Cute little creature sugar gliders are one of many people favorite pet among many others domesticated animals. Although sugar glider’s natural habitat was the wildlife, because of the harmless habitual and behaviors, they could be easily keep as pet even though they were included as exotic animals in most of the countries in the whole wide world. This marsupial species has got more attention over the years, and thanks to their adorable appearance, keeping them as pet would be very enjoyable!

But, however, let me warn you; there are many things to prepare before you bring home sugar gliders – many preparations. First thing first, you need comfortable cages for sugar glider as their new habitat and home. You need to educate yourself about their habitual and behavior, such as the noises made by sugar gliders, dietary nutrient they needed (check this out: is it safe to feed sugar gliders with raisins). Moreover, all other support materials or tools you need to purchase, such as: pouch for sugar glider.

You might thing that pouch is part of other accessories, the truth, is not definitely false, depend on which pouch you are talk about. But, one thing for sure, sleeping pouch is a must and not just an accessory. Sleeping pouch – if we describe it in human need – is a bed for people. Could you sleep without any lining, without a bed? I am sure you can’t and you won’t. A comfortable bedroom shall have a bed, it’s part of primarily need; as same as well with sugar gliders.

Sleeping pouch is their bed, even more, it’s a nest! So, there are no excuses allowed on this matter. Sleeping pouch is a must! Furthermore, as an popular species, people invented many accessories to entertain your beloved one, and also make them more adorable. Well, part of enjoying moment having pets are all those cute accessories, which we couldn’t resist to use, wear, and apply it to our animals! So, today we would introduce you to 4 safe and fun accessories for sugar glider!

1. The Pouches

Yes, having sugar gliders must be accompany with pouches! If you think that pouches are just accessories without any function, you are totally wrong my friends; because pouches are created to fulfill the needs of your pet sugar glider. Also, there are types of pouches that you need to know are exist on stores. Check this out!

Travel Pouch

Travel pouch commonly shaped like a handy-cam bag, with the main zipper put on the center or on top of its body. Like its name, travel pouch is used to carry your sugar glider for traveling. Very simple designed and available in variant colors.

Bed Pouch

Bed or sleeping pouch is the one that you use for nest materials inside the cage. It is fatal and could not be bargain. Bed pouch actually one of the fist material you need to provide after the cage. There’s model of bed pouch that shaped as a hammock, and there is a model shaped as a little square caves or houses.

Bonding Pouch

The last type of pouch I would introduce is bonding pouch. In my opinion, bonding pouch is a must for all sugar glider’s owner. This pouch would help on your bonding progress with you little one. Bonding pouch shaped as sling bag, and you could carry your sugar glider around with it.

2. Sugar Glider Wheel Toy

Sugar glider also need a lot of toys. They need to spend their days with all the happiness even though you are not present. Well, this toys could keep them busy and feel less-lonely in case they didn’t have hommies or while you are outside. So, what kind of toy you could give to your beloved sugar glider? Let me give you recommendation, the raptor wheel would be a great idea! Not only bring them joy, raptor wheel is a perfect tool to keep sugar glider exercise without them even realize it!

Put one raptor wheel inside the cage and let them play with it as long as they want. There’s a lot of safe raptor wheel sale on pet stores or online stores. But, one thing folks, you should check the wheel condition before you buy it. Make sure that there is no pointing or sharp edge on the wheel in case the wheel was made from metal. However, you could pick the wheel made of plastic to prevent injuries in case there’s an accident happen while you’re nor present.

3. Hanging Cork

Hanging cork is another accessory plus a toy for your little one – sugar gliders. You do know that sugar glider love to climb and hanging around on trees in their natural habitat. So, to keep this habitual, you could provide hanging cork inside the cage! Hanging cork is a toy or accessory shaped as a piece of tree trunk complete with the hole displayed on the center of the trunk; and I am sure, your animal would love it!

Your pet sugar glider could climb on top of the hanging cork, also they could slip inside the hole of trunk to hide and enjoy their day. Could you imagine your little one inside the cork while its swinging? It would be a pleasure scenery to watch. Hanging cork is sale as usual, in pet stores or you could check it also on the online stores; its also available in variant of sizes. All you need to do is adjust the size between the cage and the hanging cork.

4. Climb Higher Eucalyptus Toy

The last but not least from the 4 safe and fun accessories for sugar glider is climb higher eucalyptus toy or usually would just call as eucalyptus toy. Eucalyptus toy is ladder toy made of eucalyptus to satisfy the need of sugar glider for climb. Yes, as an animal which used to lived among the trees and branches, it would very devastating for your sugar glider if he or she could not climb anything inside the cage.

By putting the climb higher eucalyptus and hanging it inside the cage, you – indirectly, is created miniature of sugar glider’s natural habitat and give them the opportunity to enjoy thing they used to do in the wildlife.