Know these 6 Tips for Sugar Glider Pet Owners Before You Adopt One

When it comes to taming and treating a wild exotic animal as pets, you might want to do a bit of research. Lucky you, Animal Lova is here to help and teach you to take better care of your sugar glider. To begin with, you need to get a sugar glider of course. One of […]

These 4 Snacks For Sugar Gliders, Approved!

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Prepare Foods For Your Sugar Glider: With these 4 DIY Recipes

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3 Safe Foods for Sugar Glider to Consume

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4 Behaviors of Sugar Glider you should Familiar With

Having sugar gliders as pets is such a joyful experienced. You know that sugar gliders are one of the super active among other pocket animals. This is one or the reason among other reasons why sugar glider could make a good pet for you. Just put some toys such hanging cork and tread-wheel, and you […]

Have You Feed Your Sugar Gliders Correctly? 3 Common Mistakes Done by Owner

There are many reasons why sugar glider could make a good pet, one of the example is they are playful animal. Yes, sugar glider is known as an active species of animal. Not to mention those tiny but adorably features of them; who could deny that this animal is such a beautiful one? I bet […]

Do Sugar Gliders loves to Bite You? Here’s how to Stop It

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Sugar Glider Taming: Very Important, but How?

Sugar gliders are adorable little pet creature, pocket animals you would love to keep in your home. This animal is such a cutie one, and I am sure, this creature pull people’s attention, easily. But, do remember, sugar gliders were born as undomesticated animal a.k.a wild animal. They lived in the middle of the wildlife, […]

3 Popular Reasons Why Sugar Glider could Make A Good Pet

Hello good people, welcome back to AnimalLova. Sugar glider as a pet? Who wouldn’t want it? This adorable little marsupial creature could be the perfect pet to keep inside your house. But, however, we can’t deny that a lot of controversy surround the legality and code ethic for keeping sugar glider as pet. It’s been […]

Do Sugar Glider Need to Exercise? 2 Sport for Them!

Do you have sugar glider in your house? If yes, there’s a lot of fun and enjoyable moment I bet you already experienced between you and your beloved little animals. Despite they were born as wild animals, that fact didn’t really bother people to keep sugar glider as pet. Yes, appear to be harmless little […]