Useful Tips on Taking Care of Dog’s Teeth

Having a pet at home means you have to take care of everything, including its dental care. As you pet a dog at home, then you should take good care of your dog dental care. Fortunately, dogs are not as prone to cavities as human beings. However, it does not mean that dogs won’t face […]

How To Clean Tartar Off From Your Dog’s Teeth

Hello the dog’s lovers, last time we already know about the tips on how to properly clean your dog’s teeth. Now, we will give you another way how to clean tartar off from your dog’s teeth? Well, some home remedies are very effective to clean tartar off from your dog’s teeth. Otherwise, some medical treatment is […]

How To Properly Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Human usually brushes their teeth for their health. Dogs are too, they need to clean his teeth to his health. However, how to properly clean your dog teeth? There are several home remedies that can clean your dog’s teeth properly. With these ways, your dog’s smell will better than do nothing (not do cleansing teeth). […]