Doves Not Always White, Here Are More About The Exotic Species

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Today, we are going to talk about doves or pigeon. When we are talking about doves, what most people will think about is white, stubby, round and short neck bird that lives around human settlement. Many people believe that doves only come in white colour. The truth is, dove itself have lot of species, sub-species, kinds and they can comes in many colour not just white. There are grey doves, doves with brownish colour, doves that have green colored tail and many more. Contrary to popular belief, doves also populate wide area, and can be found in anywhere, not just in highly populated human settlement. Doves can also be found in countryside, sometimes in jungle, and sometimes can also be found in savannah or beach too. Today, we are going to talk about white doves more exotic species, not just the white doves.

Before that, you might want to know about the general information about doves first. Doves come from a family of Columbidae. They are omnivore birds that generally feed on seeds, plants and small insect. Their favourite foods are mostly cracked corns, seeds like wheat, rye, barley, and some small insect like crickets. They inhabit large area and can be found in many places and habitats from city, countryside and forest but you can found them commonly in cities and near human settlement. Dove have adapted to survive by living near human settlement since it is safer from predator and there are plenty of foods. Doves are also smart fliers and navigators. They can remember well their flight route, and they can figure out which is the best and safest route they should take. This makes doves as an excellent messenger, and they can be trained by human to carry out massage. In World War 1, doves are used as wartime communication, trained to fly into no man’s land and into behind enemy line, crossing danger and carrying out important massage to ensure victory. In French, a dove even awarded with war time medal for valour and their courage of delivering important massage. Doves also comes in with many colour and shape from the most common white doves, to grey doves that are common in many other rural countries, and many other exotic species of doves. Doves Not Always White, Here Are More About The Exotic Species

Here are some more exotic species of doves, not just regular common white doves

White doves are one of the most common pigeons type in the world. You can always see them anywhere in the world. They are also most common homing pigeon, so you can see many people choose them as pet, and loves them. They are also used in many occasions like wedding ceremonial, common household pets, and even as magic show animals. You must already hear about magician pulling pigeons from their hat or coats right? That is mostly white pigeon. However, pigeon isn’t just purely white as there are more species of pigeons that aren’t white coloured. Before here there are some sub-species of doves that aren’t common white pigeons.

  • Eurasian Collared Dove

Eurasian Collared Dove or Streptopelia decaocto are species of pigeon with grey colored pigeons with black stripe in its neck that looks like collar. Eurasian Collared Dove originated from Europe and Asia, however they are introduced to North America in early 90s. This dove is considered as ecological threat or many people also consider this dove as invasive species. Eurasian Collared dove is extremely successful at breeding and colonizers, as they breed very fast, compete aggressively for foods and they are also pretty big for other pigeon species. They are invasive species that endanger many native North American Pigeon and even considered to be responsible as one of the reason why passenger pigeon gone extinct in North America.

  • Mourning Dove

The Mourning dove or Zenaida Macroura is one of the Native American dove that are relatives to old world pigeons. They are also called as American Mourning dove or in some part of American they are called as Rain dove. They are light greyed doves, generally with brownish colour with slightly black feather in tip of its. Both of the males and females are similar and this pigeon just like many other pigeon are monogamous, meaning that they will only breed with one mate once in their lifetime.

  • Passenger Pigeon

Passenger pigeon or Ectopistes migratorius are one of native pigeon that are declared extinct in 1914. This passenger pigeon is native to North America. The reason behind their extinction is because of the competition from invasive species, over hunting and poaching. They are generally pigeon that live near human, however over hunting made them extinct and therefore they aren’t any of this exotic pigeon anymore.

Doves Not Always White, Here Are More About The Exotic Species, Now you have learned more about exotic species of pigeon from the rare one, to even extinct one. Hope we can widen your knowledge more about pigeon so we can prevent more extinction of this pretty species like passenger pigeon.