Caring Homing Pigeons: A How-To Information

When you want to choose a pet, what do you think about it? What will you choose? Some people will go with cats or dogs. A regular house pets like cats and dogs are indeed one of the most popular choice for house pets. Other will choose more different pets like birds, some people loves exotic pets like lizard, snake or turtle, other will choose easier pet to take care of like fish in aquarium, and people with riches like Arabian prince will choose to have exotic pet like leopard, lion or panther. Pets have always been pretty important for many people. There are many reasons why people are getting house pets, like their hobbies, they feel lonely in their house, aesthetic reason in getting a pet, or just plain bored. However, bear in mind that once you get your pet, you will need to take care of it, give it foods, provide it with warm shelter, and always take care of it when they are sick. It is our responsibility as pet owner, and if you neglect your pet you are cruel and the worst kind of human. Pets are there for us to love and take care of, not to neglect and dump them when we are getting bored.

When we are thinking about pet, some people might not choose pigeon as a pet. It is because pigeon are so common, that literally you can find them anywhere from countryside, bustling city, forest, beach, and many more. Pigeon are so common because they breed pretty fast, they never ran out of their food supplies, and there aren’t many predator for them today like eagle. You can always found pigeon anywhere near human settlement, since pigeon have adapted on how to live near human. It is actually the safest place for pigeon to live near human as it will guarantee their safety from any other predators that might kill them.

Pigeons might not look so enticing and interesting to pet, but some people actually loves to have them as their pet bird. Pigeons have their own uniqueness and their own traits, like smart navigation for flight, easy to take care of, their foods are pretty cheap and affordable and they also don’t take a lot of space to grow and live. If you are thinking about getting a pet pigeon or you could say homing pigeon, then you might want to look at this guide. This guide of Caring Homing Pigeons: A How-To Information Guide will lead you about the key factors and important rules on how to raise pigeon correctly and properly care for them.

Key rules and important ways on how to take care of homing pigeon

First thing first, let us start with the general information about pigeon. Homing pigeon, or some people called it the messenger pigeon is the kind or variety of domestic pigeon, comes from a family of Columba Livia Domestica. This breed of pigeon is variety of pigeon, selectively bred from rock pigeon to serve as messenger and courier. They prove to be most valiant, smart, and pretty good navigator so they can be used as courier and messenger birds. In human history, there are records of pigeon usage as courier and messenger during wars. Relaying information is very important during wars, therefore pigeon messenger plays very important mission in wars. During World war I, Pigeon serve as wartime communication courier. The extensive use of homing pigeon serve as important information relay and wartime communication and even one homing pigeon named Cher Ami was given up a heroic reward in French, the Croix de Guerre a medal for heroic service thanks to his valiant efforts of delivering 12 important messages and ensuring the victory of allied powers.

Now, that’s enough for general information, let us start on the how to information of taking care homing pigeon shall we?

  • How to get your Homing Pigeon

There are many ways you can get your pet homing pigeon. You can get it either by inviting and taming wild pigeon, or buying your own homing pigeon from pet shop or bird market. The easier way is by buying your pigeon from pet shop. You can easily get your pigeon in nearest pet shop. It is affordable, cheap and easy way for you to get your pet homing pigeon, While in pet shop or birds market, you can also bought your own pigeon cage, foods and supplies. Well, If you choose for taming your own pet homing pigeon method, then you will need to prepare for bird feeders, roomy backyards, and seeds to give wild pigeon. Make sure you spot some wild pigeon near your house, then place bird feeder in visible places. Some pigeon will then come over to your bird feeder. After that, you just need to build them pigeon house to provide them with warm shelter.

  • How to make shelter for your homing pigeon

You need to choose the right materials to build your pigeon shelter. Wood planks from oak, birch, or acacia is pretty good wood materials for your pigeon shelter. You also need to make sure the shelter is warm during cold night, and cool enough during summer days. You also need to make sure your doves love the place, and can build their nest. If you are confused, you can always choose to buy for your own pigeon cage.

  • General rules of feeding pigeon

Homing pigeon is always fairly easy pet to feed. Homing pigeon is herbivore, which means they eat fruits and seed. Their feed is generally easy to get, affordable and very cheap. You can always give your homing pigeon mixed seeds diet like cracked corn, rye, barley, wheat and cereal. Once in a while, you can also give your homing pigeon with fresh, organic and assorted selections of veggies and fruits.

Pigeon is fairly easy to take care of, didn’t need lot of room to grow, and fairly affordable pets to have. Compared with other pet such as cats and dogs, they are cheaper and easier to take care of. Perfect for pet owner who are still learning to take care of pets. That’s it on our article of Caring Homing Pigeons: A How-To Information for today.