Why Doves Considered A Symbol Of Peace? A Little History Lesson

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Doves are always considered as a symbol of peace. They appear in many religion and culture across the world. Not only considered as symbol of peace, but doves are actually considered as symbol of loves, loyalty and as messengers too. Doves are symbol of peace and loves in many religions such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Paganism. Doves are also smart animals, able to carry out simple task such as delivering massage, becoming a courier and even be trained to fly in certain route. During World War 1, doves are also used as couriers for certain delivery across no man’s land.

In western world, and many other cultures, doves are considered to be symbol of peace and loves. Doves are also used in many special occasions such as wedding. Have you ever asked questions? Why doves are considered to be symbol of loves and peace? Why not other animal such as cats, dogs or other birds like cockatoo? From all animals, why doves are chosen to be a symbol of peace? Did you know the reason behind it is historical. There is history lesson behind why doves are chosen to be a symbol of peace and loves in many cultures, religion and country. Are you ready to learn more about it? Today we are going to learn about history, Why Doves Considered A Symbol Of Peace? A Little History Lesson for you today.

The reason why doves are always considered as symbol of peace

Doves are small body that related to pigeon family. They have small rotund body, stout and round body with short neck. Doves have special flight method in which they could fly from stationary position. Not every bird could fly from stationary position, most of them need to square off a bit by having enough running speed, or height. One another interesting fact about dove is that they are very loyal creature. They only mate with one bird once in their lifetime. In avian kingdom, there are some birds that will only have one partner for their life and dove is one of them. If doves mate died, the other doves will mourn for them, and it can be stressed. This is the sign of their loyalty and loves for its partner. This is also the reason why doves are the universal symbol of loves.

What we are going to discuss today is historical reason on why doves are considered to be universal symbol of peace in many parts of religion, culture and country.

  • In Greek Culture, Doves are symbol of goddess of loves

Aphrodite, Greek goddess of loves, fertility and womanhood, are one of the ancient Greece deity. In Greek pantheon, Goddess of loves are depicted as beautiful woman with doves resting on her hand, and can be seen flying around her. Aphrodite also depicted to have a chariot drawn by doves and the doves are symbol of loves and peace in many love potions and flock of doves can be found in many paintings, sculpture, and artefact in many temples of goddess of Aphrodite.

  • In Hinduism, Doves are a symbol of Kamadeva the god of loves and peace

Hinduism is multicultural religion. In Hinduism, they worship many gods and each god resembles many things from rain, sun, loves, peace, creation and many more. Kamadeva is Hinduism god of loves and peace. He is depicted as god that ride on dove bird and will come down to earth to bless woman with fertility and peace for village that deserve it.

  • Doves as sign of peace in religion

In many religions, doves are considered to be symbol of peace, loves, loyalty and freedom, From Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Paganism. In Christianity, doves is found in the book of Genesis, in the story of Noah. When Noah is stranded in his giant ark for a year, he sent a dove to search for land. The dove flew, and then come back with an olive branch, a sign that there is land nearby. Doves are also mentioned a lot in the holy bible as loyal, peace loving and symbols of freedom.

In Islamic religion, Doves are also mentioned in the holy Quran. During the hijra of prophet Muhammad. Dove help prophet Muhammad to flee from his enemies. When prophet Muhammad hide in a cave of Thaw’r, dove nest in the mouth of cave, and spider spin a cobweb quickly. Seeing there is dove nesting and laid an egg, and cobweb, his pursuer decided that no way prophet Muhammad is in the cave.

  • Dove as World Peace Council Symbol

In 1949, doves are chosen as symbol of the World Peace Council. The reason behind this is from Picasso’s lithograph. This lithograph called Picasso-La Colombe (The dove) is simple, realistic painting, of the dove, picturing its traditional white dove look chosen as symbol of World Peace Council in the World Peace Congress in 1950 in Sheffield.

Doves are loyal, interesting and lovely birds that is symbol of loves, peace, freedom and loyalty. Peace is precious thing that everybody should take care of it. As a symbol of peace, Doves are interesting animal, and it is actually very good to learn about reason behind it. Why Doves Considered A Symbol Of Peace? A Little History Lesson that’s it for you today.