7 Earth’s Deep-Sea Creatures

Within a world that is vast of different species of animals, we often neglect the fact that there are millions of more species to be uncovered. These animals are not easy to study or to reach, due to it living thousands of meters below seawater.

These animals are strong survivors, able to survive deep-sea pressure and also little to no light underwater. Today we will see some unusual looking fishes, unique and also equipped with different abilities to help them survive.

Speaking fishes, have you learned about the 5 layers of Ocean ozone and the creatures? If you haven’t here’s a chance for you to learn more.

  1. Goblin Shark

The goblin shark is a prehistoric-looking animal that lives deep underwater. It lives around 1300 meters below the water surface. This fish has an elongated snout that is located on top of its head and it also has teeth that are as sharp as needles.

It uses its teeth to chew on its prey, and this particular shark can extend its jaw so wide to eat even larger prey. One awesome fact about this shark is that it is semi-transparent, which means you can see through it and see its organs inside.

Oh, by the way, sharks are also one of the fastest swimming animals on Earth. Besides that, it is also one of the longest living animals.

  1. Colossal Squid

Thought that only whales are big? Well, this animal will prove you wrong. The colossal squid is a giant-sized squid with strong tentacles to whip its prey. This squid can measure up to 12-14 meters long, and weigh up to almost 1 tonne.

This gigantic animal has also broken the record for the largest eyes amongst all other animals. Whether it is a land animal, a sea or above the air, the colossal squid has the biggest eyes of almost 40 centimeters in diameter.

  1. Giant Isopod

Next on the line, is an unusual looking crustacean that looks straight out of a movie. These alien-like animals are predators of the seas.

They have hard shells on their back, as well as 7 pairs of legs to help it explore the deep seas. Moreover, the giant isopods use their jaws to munch on their food, and they have 4 jaws to use all at the same time.

  1. The Black Swalloer

The more we learn, the crazier it gets. This next fish is called the black swallower, and just as its name says, it swallows its prey without chewing. This fish is capable of doing things out of this world such as eating its prey up to twice the size, or even 10 times the weight.

The black swallower, unlike other animals, has an extremely elastic body and also organs. The insides of this animal can stretch and fit a lot of food inside.

  1. Sea Spider

Sea spider or Pycnogonida is an underwater animal that is somehow tiny but can survive the intense underwater pressure. There are over 1,300 known different species of these sea spiders and they live around 7,000 meters below seawater.

These creepy crawlers also have fantastic legs, with legs that have a length of one small millimeter up to 25 centimeters long.

This animal also has a unique and similar way to get its food, which is like a mosquito. It inserts a sharp needle-like organ onto its prey, and suck its insides.

6. Terrible-claw lobster

 When hearing lobster, people would probably love it due to its fantastic taste after being cooked. Well not for this kind of lobster, the terrible-claw lobster will make you lose your appetite and spook you out.

This lobster has claws that look like razor-sharp saws. The mind-blowing thing is that this lobster is completely harmless to humans. And so far, this creature can only be found on one of the islands in the Philippine and nowhere else.

This animal is also considered a very slow-moving animal. Interested to learn more? Here’s an article on Earth’s slowest animals.

  1. Anglerfish

Ever heard of the fishing fish? Yep, well this fish goes fishing for its food. The anglerfish is a deep-sea creature with short fins and incredibly sharp fangs.

The anglerfish is one of the deep-sea creatures and can survive under a lot of water pressure as well as the lack of oxygen underwater.

One of the two unique abilities of this fish is to swallow or to bite other creatures that are 2 times the size of its own body. And the second unique ability, this fish uses an organ on its body that can emit light. This part of the body acts as a lure for other creatures.

This fish can mainly be found in Antarctica, there are also more species of fishes or marine life that can be found in Antarctica.