5 Easy Steps To Start Farming Rabbit Business

Rabbit is a very pleasant animal to be pet. Their lovely behavior and cute characteristic and all others beautiful body features – are the reasons why this animal is so likeable. Not only in adult circles, children also become one of the circles that adores this animal. Rabbits are known as friendly animal that very safe being around children – suitable for the majority of neighborhood that full of children.

This animal also fit for you who had little spaces house – you could place your rabbit in indoor cage or outdoor hutch. This animal is very flexible. That’s why there’s escalation numbers of people whose put their interesting for this animal. Not only for pet, some people catch a chance and decided to raise the rabbit for farming. Yes, this animal opened a new opportunity door for business – and it’s quite profitable.

Rabbits farming become a new opportunity for business. The farming aims not only for buy and sell the rabbits for some people who want to raise them as a pet – it also aim to selling their meat. Yes, it sounds really cruel – but rabbit’s meat is popular with the unique taste – and some people love it – so, there are some people whose decided to opened a farm only for supply the rabbit’s meat.

But, we’re not gonna discuss about it now (we will share another article about selling rabbit’s meat business to you) – we’re gonna discuss about the opportunity of rabbits farming which some people interested on. If you are one of the people whose tempted to try this new business opportunity, then there are 5 easy steps to start farming rabbit business.

If this is the first time for you to farming the rabbits, then perhaps you should start it with little number of rabbits first. You could try to farming ten or twelve rabbits. This is because you need to know that raises rabbits on certain amount of numbers is different between raises one or two rabbits for pet. You need to dedicated all of your time to foster this animal – and provide all of their necessity.

You will feel exhausted and overwhelmed if your preparation isn’t good enough. So, here’s 5 easy steps to start farming rabbit business – especially for the beginners whose interested on this business. As the time goes by, and you receive enough knowledge and experiences, you could try to increase the rabbit’s number you’ll farm. And note this; the most important element you should have to start this business is dedication.

1. Building Hutches

You could start building hutches – the place for your rabbits to sleep and rest. You could place all the hutches in your backyard or other large area that safe for all of your rabbits. Generally the hutches are made from wooden and metal – because hutches need to be solid and strong enough to bear the rabbit’s activities.

Also, the hutches should build in a right dimensions so it could be a comfy cage and the best rabbit cage for them. You could adjust the hutches with the rabbit’s breed that you farm (every breed has a different size) – to make sure that the hutch fit for their whole bodies; when they’re stand up, and lie down – also, the space should allow them to run and hop – at least 2 to 3 hops. And here’s some elements you should consider when you build the hutches:

  • Climate Problem

Rabbit is mammal – as the mammal it’s very important to keep their bodies temperature on a normal state. You should give them shelter to hide from the sunlight sting in a hot temperature, and you should provide some blanket or other protection to keep them warm in a cold temperature – or just simply place some heaters to keep them warm.

  • Disposal Problem

Generally people will use wire floor and has enough room to allow the waste fall down to sub-floor, so it’s gonna be easy for you to clean and remove the waste. Do remember this, the cleanliness of the hutch should be your main priority. You absolutely won’t your rabbits get sick because of your carelessness to keep the hutches cleans – even though you could perform some home remedies for the rabbits.

  • Nursing Element

This is also one of the element that you should prepare for building hutches. You have to provide a peaceful and quite rooms for the mothers to nurse their babies. You have to make sure that you choose the perfect floor to bedding the babies – a soft yet solid and strong component.

2. Food

Usually all the rabbit’s farmer choose the pellets for feeding their rabbits. Pellets, basically was mixing from timothy and alfalfa the hay/grass that’s known as the balance diet menu for rabbits. But, because of the high cost of the pellets and for the note; rabbits eat a lot of food – there are some farmers who would feed some different menu for their rabbits such scraps of beacon, potatoes skin, cheese, oats, and some other vegetables.

You should try to give your rabbits with greens such lettuce, parsley, and kale – rabbits also love to it carrot, beets, and wheat hay. So, perhaps the perfect solution for suppress the food budget is to mixing all of these types of food. All you need to remember is the food has to fulfill the standard proportion’s meal of rabbit: 85% of grasses/hays, 10% variety of greens, vegetables – and 5% of approx.

And, please, don’t forget to provide them enough clean water for your rabbits. Plus, make sure that the bottles in always clean for prevent some unknown object – accidentally swallowed by them.

3. Choosing Rabbits breed

There are many rabbits breed around the world that available for you to farm. This element is depends of your taste – but there are some popular breeds which known as productive breeds, such; Belgium White, Angora, Chinchilla, New Zealand White, Black, and Red, and many others.

This is very depends on your personal taste. Or simply, you could search the marketing possibility which breed is the most wanted in the market.

4. Breeding Method

Generally rabbits would be suitable for breeding when their enter the age of 5 to 6 months. But for the best and quality breed, don’t use a male rabbit for breeding until he reaches one year old. You should also make sure that the female isn’t sick and the male is a healthy and in a proper weight.

You should also understand the signs of the pregnancy so you could take a good care for them and provides all the nutrition they need. The rabbit’s gestation period will usually take 28 to 31 days – one doe could give birth 2 to 8 babies at one pregnancy.

Having baby bunnies also comes with a huge responsibility. So, you have to make sure that they get all the perfect nursery in proper ways you could provide.

5. The Marketing

If you already made some good quality breeds, then it’s time for you to make some good marketing ways to sell them. Some areas may be harder than other, but with a perfect and effective way of marketing – anything is possible. Whether you use manual ways (stores, markets or promoting mouth to mouth), or in more modern way such via online (internet marketing), you have to make a good planning for it. So, good luck my friends.