How To effectively Raise Rabbits For Meat

Rabbit farming has become another successful business farming that a lot of people try to be part of. Remembering numbers of people are the lovers of this animal, this business motivated many of people to take these chances to build their own business. Rabbit farming is promising business which bring you high profit and a may others gain.

Generally in rabbit’s farming, rabbits not only raise for sale and buy for people who want to raise them as their pets, it also taken the rabbit meat to be sell. In many countries rabbits has been a popular ingredient for food – and surprisingly many people admitted that they were rabbit’s meat lovers. But, there are some country which forbid this act of rabbit’s meat business in reason of protecting the this animal.

If you lived in a country and environment which allow producing rabbit’s meat as a food, then you could try to make your own business and invest your money to jump in this business. Rabbit’s meat contains may benefit for our body included calcium, protein, also contained high energy material which needed by our body (the types of components that you’ll meet in meats).

The other advantages are, this meat is contain with less-cholesterol, sodium, and fat which is generally the main reason why there are many people love it beside it taste (which is very tasty). If you planning to jump in rabbits farming – particularly on focusing in the meat production – then we’re going to share to you how to effectively raise rabbits for meat – so you could produce a high quality rabbit’s meat.


first of all, you have to prepare to submit a permission to build this farm. If your business is a small business – perhaps less than 10 rabbits – then this permission is not necessary. Usually permitting requirements are needed for the bigger operations with high numbers of rabbit – because it’s gonna involved government such health ministry to check in the qualification utilities other equipment and the health state of all the rabbit.

So, make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirement of the standard equipment and places before you start your business to prevent any legal problems in the future.

  • Neighbor permission

Don’t ever skip this action – you should ask the permission and give your neighbor around the farm notification, so they will know about your business. This aim to create a good relationship between you and local people surround the farm. Many cases happened – businesses are failed caused by disagreement permission from the company and the neighbor.

Be sure that everyone is happy with your business and open their arm with a good acceptance. It requires the permission – at least – 150m radius neighborhood around your farm. This depend where you lived (based on law and local terms) and cultures – usually it’s about some manners and politeness line.

  • Slaughter

This is the important one you should prepare – and perhaps the most horror job you’ll bear – the slaughter. For note; to do the slaughter job it need arrange some legal permission to the authorities’ department. So, if the slaughter is permitted by the authorities than you’ll allow to slaughter the rabbit, but is not – then you should use another slaughter services which has permitted by the authorities.

Choose The Perfect Rabbit Breeds

Not every rabbits are qualified for meat production. It has qualification and standard that would impact on the quality of product itself. If you really want to keep rabbits for meat you should choose rabbits breed that qualify in some aspect such the weight and fat. You can’t choose stray rabbit which generally has a thin body structure.

The rabbits must be fluffier, fatter, and longer – so you would gain the perfect weight for the meat to produce. The breeds also effect the quality of meat – and the good your meat quality, the more people would trust your business. If you have no idea what kind of rabbit breed which suitable for the meat – here’s some breed you could raise in your farm:

  • Palomino

This breed has a very attractive form – with pale-orange fur stick to their skin. Palomino range approximately from 8 to 12 pounds – and a calm breed, so it’s very suitable for crowd neighborhood environment.

  • New Zealand

Even though their name was New Zealand, this breed was originally from USA. New Zealand is the most breed that keep for their meat. Adult New Zealand breed grown – each rabbit on average between 12 pounds. The meat is known for it delicious taste.

  • Flemish Giant

Just like its name, Flemish Giant is a massive rabbit’s breed which can grow until 20 pounds each rabbit – and of course would bring much benefit for your business. Not only their meat, Flemish Giant also raise for it fur.

Feed The Rabbit

Feeding your rabbits with the best high quality food is your mission. You should understand which food is bringing benefit to make them stay healthy and types of food that could harm you rabbit which only bring danger to the rabbits. Generally, people would feed them with hay and grass such timothy grass and alfalfa, also many types of greens and vegetables.

You could also give them supplement that would keep them in a stable health status – the last, give them enough water, you don’t wanna make them hydrated.


The rabbit’s breeding process is simple. Generally you could start breed the females into their 3 month age, and the best age for the males to breed 1 year old. Make sure that both female and male is in healthy state during the breeding process. Usually 1 female could birth about 2 to 8 babies each time. So, it’s pretty simple. Just make sure that the hutches are provided the room for mothers to raise the babies.

Slaughter Processing

So, the last step of how to effectively raise rabbits for meat is slaughter processing. Well, this is the most difficult part to explain, my friends. I won’t give you how to do it properly, because it’s will sound like some gore thriller movies.

The only thing i could explain to you is prepared all the sharp equipment that you need such knives, and sharpener – do please check the sharpness of your knives. The most kindness way to do it, is to make it as fast and quick as possible to this animal.