6 Effective Guide to Train your New Siberian Husky

One of the reason why Siberian husky are popular is because they have friendly temperament, they also known as loyal dogs and great for families. Despite their gentle, and loyal manner, Siberian husky can be tough to train. It will need a lot of patience and persistence to train your new Siberian husky. Siberian husky sometimes can be stubborn but they also can be destructive, but also known an intelligent and headstrong dog. This means that you need to be diligent and consistent in order to train your new Siberian husky successfully. You might also interested with Important Tips to Take Care of A Puppy Without Its Mother and Basic Ways to Take Care of Cats at Home for Beginners

Here are 6 Effective guide train your new Siberian husky.

1. Show them the Hierarchy.

Siberian husky are breed that lived in pack, since Siberian husky originally bred to be helper dog, their sense of hierarchy is even stronger. You need to establish yourself as the leader and the highest hierarchy here, so that your Siberian husky will likely known that you are the one in charge. Showing your dog that you are the leader doesn’t have to be with something loud and aggressive,  it may make your dog lose respect for you.

Instead keep your demeanour calm as you kindly and firmly tell your dog, in language the dog can understand, that you are in charge. The easiest way to show that you are in charge is to habituate where they walk, don’t let them walk in front of you, always makes them walk beside or behind you. Walking in front of your new dogs allows you to be seen as the pack leader.

That way, when you train them, they will obey your commands. Once you have established you leader position, you have to stick with it. On the early time, you will find your Siberian husky is testing your authority but if you remain firm, it will pass quickly.

2. Train your Dog in Early Age

The best age to train you Siberian husky when they are 2 months old. You could start with a simple and small amount of physical exercise , when they on 3 to 4 months old you can start to take them to walk outside and play tug. From the age of 6 months old and up,  you could do  30 minutes of daily exercise because when you start to train them they will be much more focus. Because they can be stubborn and dominant, you want to start the training as early as possible. Start from teaching Siberian husky the rules and teaching him the boundaries of your home, so when your Siberian husky gets older, they doesn’t question them.

3. Give Them Enough Attention

Siberian husky usually have high levels of energy, and if you don’t give your dog enough attention, they will start action out. Siberian husky need at least 30 minutes exercise every day, exercise time doesn’t mean play time, usually 25% of the exercise time are focus on training them. The usual way of dog communication is to bark, it will be annoying if your Siberian husky did not stop barking, and as the owner you should teach your dog to stop barking. Not giving them enough attention will make them start barking just to get your attention. It will be an annoying bad habit if you did not give them attention before they start barking. This is the reason you should invest your precious time to train your new Siberian husky. Using the power of attention in your Siberian Husky training can be a potent method.

4. Make Clear and Consistent Rules

The simplest rule is nothing in life is free, you will teach your dog that water, food, treats and affection all come with a price. Since you are the one in charge, they should learn to follow your rules and you also the one who will give them their “payment”. When it comes to rules, there are always reward and punishment.  Give them snack or some compliment as they reward when they follow the rule for the day, don’t give them something that they usually get, give them something special that will make them feel praised and verve. Do give them punishment when they do something wrong but instead of giving them some beating, all you have to do is say “bad dog” and ignore it for an hour after the they do the unwanted behaviour. This method will be much more successful than the traditional belief that you should spank the dog to reprimand it since they the type who seeks attention from their owner.

Training requires consistent messages and rules given over time, and anything else will lead to bad behaviour. A good example is making sure that boundaries around your home remain consistent. Make sure that everybody in your home knows the ground rules for your dog. Where he can and can’t be and what he can and can’t do, is a great rule to train your new Siberian husky. Telling them to sit down before they cross the road is one of the good example of teaching them a good behaviour, don’t forget to compliment your dog if the manage to follow the rules.

5. Start for Deserted Place

Siberian husky is known for their easily distract personality, it’s hard for them to focus, especially when you just start to train them, a little bit of distraction may lose their concentration. When you first train them its good if you go somewhere clam, with lots of space and secure objects, it will help them to focus on the training.

6. Socialize Next

When they already start their training, and could focus on your ‘command’,  you should take bring them to socialize with other dogs and a lot of people. Since they are a pack breed, they tend to enjoy the company of everyone, including other dogs and children. Make them behave when they are around other dogs or children, by socializing them could help lessen their stubbornness.

Having an obedient and well train Siberian husky is not impossible nor an easy task. It might be tough and take a lot of time and patience to train your new Siberian husky and give them a lot of your time and attention, and you will have your best friend and life companion. Show patience and persistence and your Siberian husky will eventually submit to your leadership. But the biggest key is consistency. Don’t think that dog’s aren’t capable of manipulation. Your Siberian husky will try to figure out what your weakness is and focus on taking over the alpha role through wearing you down. Remember, patience is one of the best virtues when you train your new Siberian Husky, when you finally success into training them you will be one proud owner of one happy, intelligent and beautiful Siberian husky.

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