6 Tips of How to Pet Siberian Husky at Home for Beginners

Siberian husky is a medium size working dog with a beautiful thick coat that comes in a multitude of colours and markings. They are one of popular breed that people adopted as their long life companion, their friendly temperament and easy grooming are few reason why they are great to be pet. Husky are very energetic and active, their versatility also makes it suitable companion for people in various ages, that is why many decided to pet Siberian husky at home.

Just like any other dogs, petting Siberian husky require some love and attention, although Siberian husky have friendly temperament and easy to groom, they also notorious and stubborn and hard to train. Here are 5 tips to pet a Siberian husky at home for beginners:

How to Pet Siberian husky at Home for Beginners

1. Have a Long Fence

Siberian husky is a very active breed, they can jump over fences, dig under them, and slip off collars and leashes. For a beginner who want to pet Siberian husky at home, you should prepare to have taller fence around your house.  They’re naturally good escape artists as well, and wouldn’t hesitate to wander off on their own if they have the chance.

2. Prepare Dog Essential

For you beginner, there are a lot of dog essential that you should buy in your favourite pet shop, Siberian husky essential is not much different from the other breed essential. While collar and leash are common stuff to buy for your dog, it help you identify your dog and take them to walk and play in public places. Although Siberian husky is a very active dog, prior to their arrival it should be good if the dog owner prepare a cage. It shouldn’t be too small, and it should be comfortable so your Siberian husky could be happy. Chew toy is one of Siberian husky favourite toy, they are a very active dog. It should not be surprising if one day you go home and you sofa or mattress is already damaged by their behaviour. To prevent that, give them a chew toy to play and it also make them happy. Another dog essential is their food and drink container, it help to train your dog to where their food are.

3. Early and Consistent Training

Petting a Siberian husky require an intense training, they can be train but needs a lot of time and patience. For new owner, you should decide how to train you Siberian husky as early as possible. The motivation for each dog could be different, it could be food or maybe just a pat in the head. In order to know what motivate your dog, the pet owner should constantly give them attention and time. Training is a lifestyle, not just a 10 to 15 minutes a day thing, Siberian husky is a working dog so it’s good to make them tired by doing a lot activities daily. Pet owner should take them for walk, or ride a bike, and play in the park. Remember, tired Siberian husky is a happy Siberian husky.

4. Frequent Grooming and Trimming

Siberian husky have a lot of fur, its common to find their hair in every corner of your home. They also a working dog, so their feet is very important to them. Grooming Siberian husky is one thing you should  do on weekly basis, it’s important for the owner to groom their fur because it will keep up their beautiful fur. Usually pet owner use a special shampoo to groom their Siberian husky. Because of their thick and beautiful fur, pet owner should brush their Siberian husky more often than any other breed. Never shave your Siberian husky, it could cause skin issues for them. The owner also should trim the nails around their feet, but not too short because they have blood vessels in their nails. If you are beginner who pet Siberian husky  at home and hesitant about the job, you should bring your dog to your favourite pet shop or vet to do it and to show you how.

5. Feeding Siberian husky

It’s the most important point of all, feeding Siberian husky is quite similar with feeding any other breed. They need a good quality food to stay healthy and active, but not like any other breed, the amount of food you should give Siberian husky is important because when you give them too much food it could lead them to be an overweight and for Siberian husky, it  will be difficult for them to lose the weight and leading to much shorter life for them. Even though they know when to stop eating, a good portion and constant food time is also great for their training. Siberian Huskies require a comparatively small amount of food for their size. They have a very high metabolism a little food will usually last them a long way. Siberian husky usually eat 2-3 times a day, it depends on their tiredness and their appetite.

There are few points that need quite attention about Siberian husky food:

  • Never give Siberian husky a food that content a lot of salt, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, chili, avocado and wine. Because all that content could lead to Siberian husky death.
  • High protein food is not good for Siberian husky, it could cause them itch to their body.
  • Vitamin E is good for Siberian husky, it could prevent their beautiful fur to fall and make the fur more healthy and lush.
  • Large amount of cheese and other dairy products could cause a stomach upset for Siberian husky.
  • Cooked bones is also not suitable food for Siberian husky at any age.

Siberian husky often bored with their usual food, there may be a need to change menu or add a little of different type ingredients on their food that will help you keep Siberian husky interested. Changing their food drastically all of a sudden is not something that good for your Siberian husky.

Another tip is don’t  leave food out for long time. It will cause dog will get bored of it and not eating in the future.

6. Give Vaccine and Vitamin

If you plan to adopt a Siberian husky puppy, make sure you give them vaccine shot as soon as you get them. It’s important for you to ask the previous shelter/owner if the dog already vaccine shot or not, it will affect their health in the future. Beginner who pet Siberian husky at home should give their Siberian husky a vitamin and vaccine shot at least once in every 4 months. Giving Siberian husky a vitamin and vaccine shot will double their immune system and it will prevent them to stricken by any dog disease or bacteria.

These are the tips to pet Siberian husky at home for beginners, you should be ready to bring your Siberian husky home. Hope these tips could guide you into becoming a good dog owner for your Siberian husky at home.

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