5 Essential Things for Your Fish Tank that Fish Pet Owner Must Know

Having a fish as your pet might give you butterflies on your stomach as you will get a new member in your house! You may see some freshwater fish to put in your fish tank as your reference about what fish you want to keep.

Keeping fish as a pet is always exciting and fun to do because it is not complicated. If you are a beginner in keeping fish pet, read these fish tank care tips for beginners. However, as a new owner of a pet fish, you need to pay attention to some details, such as food, comfort in fish tank or aquarium, oxygen supply and so on.

Regarding to fish tank or aquarium, as an owner, you really have to be able to make the fish tank condition as similar as your fish natural habitat. That is why there are some items that are really essential for your fish tank that you must know.

Why? Because fish deserve to get the best care and attention from you as the owner. They really depend on you to keep their habitat, in this case, the fish tank or aquarium, to be clean and healthy. Remember, healthy and clean aquarium will enhance the life quality of your fish.

Before getting into the essential things for your fish tank, let’s see some tips to keep your fish healthy. First, make sure you don’t make the fish tank overcrowded.

Fish need to feel comfortable just like us humans, when it is too crowded, it will be hard for them to move comfortably. Secondly, change the water regularly.

By doing so, your fish will only breathe from the clean water. It will affect their health as well. Lastly, don’t feed your fish with too much food. It will affect the cleanliness of the water as well.

So, after looking at the tips of keeping your fish in a fish tank in a healthy way, let’s check the 5 essential things for your fish tank – fish owner must know.

  • Fish Filter

Fish filter is very important for the water movement inside your fish tank. There are three types of filtration: mechanical, chemical and biological. Each of these will give benefits for your fish tank.

Biological filter will occur as the water is in contact with a medium, which is colonized by healthy bacteria. They will break down ammonia and the water will be safe for your fish! Mechanical filter is working when the water passes through the filter pad that is made to trap debris.

And lastly chemical filtration works when the water flows through activated carbon that removes toxins. This fish filter is one of the tools mentioned in easy ways to clean your fish tanks.

  • Air Pump

This is another essential thing you need to keep in your fish tank. Air pump enables the gas to be stimulated between the air and water. Providing air pump will make the water inside the fish tank stay oxygenated and as a result, your fish will be able to breathe easily.

  • Heater

The common temperature for most fish is from 74 to 77 degrees of Fahrenheit. If your house has lower room temperature, then you will need to provide a heater.

Heater is essential as fish might get stressed when they are in the temperature that swings extremely or goes far beyond the recommended one. By using heater, you will be able to adjust the temperature of your tank and keep your fish healthy and happy.

  • Water Conditioner

Water conditioner is beneficial for breaking down and digesting any kinds of bacteria from your tank, such as ammonia that is excreted by your fish. For your information, ammonia is a toxic substance that can kill your fish. By having water conditioner in your fish tank, it will prevent the build up of toxic.

  • Lighting

You can provide some options of lighting for your fish tanks. They come in different size, price and appearance. Choose the lighting type that suitable for your fish tank and your wallet, as well.

LED light is the most popular type of lighting as it is last longer than the traditional bulbs. You can consider using LED light as it doesn’t produce much heat and energy.

What do you think about the list of the things above? They are quite easy to find and put in your fish tank. Besides providing your fish tank with those essential stuffs, don’t forget to pay attention to other details too, such as plants for your fish tank and how they are beneficial for your fish and the reasons why your fish keeps dying. Do your best to keep your fish healthy and happy!