Top 8 Aquatic Plants for Your Fish Tank and How They are Beneficial

Are you planning to have a fish as a pet? Then you need to prepare some things before, such as the fish and fish tank or aquarium. Designing and providing aquarium or fish tank as your fish’s artificial habitat is a good idea and because of that you need to make sure that your fish tank is ‘similar’ to the fish natural habitat.

Putting some plants into your fish tank is a brilliant way of making it similar. Keeping a fish a pet will be interesting when you find out there is a study that your pet fish remember you.

Plants are essential for all living things, because they produce their own food and oxygen for living things to survive. This is one of the basic importance of plants for your fish tank. By having plants in your fish tank, you will provide your fish with a lot of oxygen they need to stay alive.

Besides, having aquatic plants in your fish tank will help to remove carbon dioxide and ammonia that your fish produces. The plants absorb these two gases that your fish generate so that the air in the fish tank is clean and clear.

Shelter and security are other things the aquatic plants can provide for your fish. By having the environment similar to its natural habitat, your fish will feel more comfortable and safe. Having plants in your fish tank will also help you easy ways cleaning your fish tanks.

However, not all aquatic plants are suitable and good for your fish tank. Here are the top 8 aquatic plants for your fish tank and how they are beneficial.

8 Aquatic Plants for Your Fish Tank

As mentioned before, not all aquatic plants are suitable for your fish tank. There are some aquatic plants that are recommended and have some benefits for your fish tank and your fish as well. Here are the top 8 of aquatic plants for your fish tank and how they are beneficial.

  • Java Fern

If you are a beginner, this plant is a good choice. It is very easy to take care of this plant. This plant is originated from Indonesia.

It is readily available and doesn’t require much light (low to medium) to grow and it beautifies your fish tank with its green color.

  • Amazon Sword

It is named “Amazon Sword” as its leaves’ shapes that look like a sword. This plant can grow up to 20 inches tall and it makes it as a good hiding spot for your fish.

When it is placed at the back of the freshwater, it will turn out into a very beautiful backdrop for your fish tank.

  • Green Tiger Lotus

This plant is great for decorating your fish tank with its great wide leaves and various color. It doesn’t require much light and it serves a great hiding spot for your fish that is closer to the water’s surface.

  • Anubis

This plant is usually sold at the aquarium store along with a driftwood or rock. It is quite easy for you to take care. This plant does not require much nutrients and does not require any fluid fertilizer.

  • Dwarf Baby Tears

This plant is good for your tank if you plant to breed your fish. Besides, it is able to form a carpet that is dense. It might not be easy at the beginning, but once it is set, then it will be easier to take care of it.

  • Java Moss

Like Java fern, Java moss is also originated from Indonesia. Java moss is mostly attached to accessories in your fish tank, such as on rocks and driftwood. It is mostly loved by shrimps as their hiding spot, but fish will love it as well.

  • Pgymy Chain Sword

This plant is perfect for beginners because it is able to stay alive in any lighting conditions and does not require any supplement. It does grow tall and is best to keep closer to the edge of your fish tank.  

  • Water Wisteria

This plant is known as “Bunch Plants” and famous for being one of the popular aquatic plants among fish-keepers. This plant grows its root deeply and it is forming a great spot for the fish to explore around.

This plant could also grows and provides cover in a form of carpet for your fish tank. One good thing about this plant is it grows easily and does not require much care as long as it gets sufficient sunlight and proper temperature.

Keeping fish as a pet requires much attention and things to prepare. These plants will help you to provide comfort for your fish. Pay attention to the two foods you can give to maximize your betta fish diet and nutritional food for your betta fish if you pet a betta fish, for example.

Besides, it is better for you to provide natural accessories for your fish. By planting aquatic plants in your fish tank, you will make the fish tank feels like aquatic environment!