Toxoplasmosis in Cat : Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Prevention


Have you ever heard of Toxoplasmosis ? Well writer honestly does not know anything about it until writer heard it himself from a good friend of his. It was awful really. She told writer that her cat is showing a symptoms that she never heard of it before. A symptoms that might some of you never heard of. The cat shown a lethargic symtoms and does not want to eat at all. Not only that, the cat got a fever, flu, and lost her appetite. She does not know how to treat the cat and she decided to bring her cat to a vet. The vet sentenced the cat to be infected by Toxoplasma Gondii Parasite one of the world most common parasite. Lucky for her, she was quick enough to bring her cat to a vet. If she late for just a moment to bring the cat to a vet, the cat might suffered from awful complication. As Toxoplasma is a parasite who attacks your cat immunity.

When writer heard of such horrifying disease, writer decided to do some research about this disease, what are the symptoms, the causes, the treatment, and the prevention?. Luckily for us there are still a greater chance for us especially cat lover whose cat might has the chance to suffer from Toxoplasmosis. 

However, one thing for sure, if you have seen some symptoms of Toxoplasmosis please act quickly, bring her to a vet as soon as possible. Don’t let your cat suffers. Please remember as a cat lover it is our duty to keep our cat to stay happy and healthy everyday.

Also note this, Toxoplasmosis is not only harm for cat but also for you so be careful and read our guide carefully.

The Symptoms

Identifying the symptoms could be a tricky task to do as most of the cat does not show any sign of symptoms of Toxoplasmosis. However, usually Toxoplasmosis attack a cat that does not have a very strong immune system such as kitten  and of course it will attract a complication diseases that will harm your cat’s live. symptoms are :

  • Fever

If suddenly your cat body’s temperature rising up into unbearable degree then you might need to put more attention to your cat. As fever is a sign of Toxoplasmosis attacking your cat and a fever is also a sign of a weakened immunity.

  • Lost Appetite

If you see your cat does not meow in the morning to ask for food and when you try to give her the most favorite food for her and she does not show any sign of interest to eat that food. Then it could be concluded that your cat has lost her appetite. Losing her appetite especially when she got a fever is a signal for you to be aware and put more attention to her as these two symptoms could be a reliable signs that your cat is suffering because of Toxoplasmosis.

  • Lethargy

After you identify that your cat has a fever and lost her appetite then you find anyther symptoms that your cat has become lethargic and lost her will to play with your or even to play with her toys, hiding under the sofa or something else that could hid her presence. It is surely a sign of your cat suffering because of Toxoplasmosis 


The causes of Toxoplasmosis is variant but in truth you might never aware of it, as you might underestimate them before.

  • Uncooked Food

Well if you thing giving a raw meat to your cat is a good idea then you are completely wrong. You never know what kind of bacterias, viruses, parasites, that lie in that meat waiting to infect it’s prey. If you usually give your cat a raw meat such as a raw cob fish then you need to stop giving them this. It would attract troublesome disease such as diarrhea and even worse it would carries a Toxoplasma Gondii parasite and infecting Toxoplasmosis in your cat.

  • Have a Contact with Another Cat Feces

Cat sometimes does cat things that surely we considered it as weird. Writer himself saw an unusual activity that writer cat does (Memeng). When she plays around a bulk of sand, she found another cat feces but what in God’s name, she decided to smell the feces and writer just can’t believe what he seen, “For What!” As writer want to scream to Memeng but writer thought it was simply just cat things.

However, it is recommended for you to assure that your cat never in contact in any feces , her own and others. As a feces is a perfect area for Toxoplasma Gondii to grow. In other words, having a contact with it, increase the chance of being sick to Toxoplasmosis

  • Unwashed Food

Sometimes when we want to give some vitamins to our cat we served a mashed homemade food that contains vegetables in it. However sometimes we are too lazy to wash the vegetables and if you did then it is completely wrong as an unwashed food is a perfect place for Toxoplasma Gondii to grow and infected your adorable cat.


There is nothing you could do to kill the parasite on your own, except if you are a vet. As the best way to  kill this parasite is to bring your cat to a vet and let the vet give your cat special antibiotic (usually Clindamycin). After that simply, take care of your cat and make sure you prevent this parasite to infects your cat again.


The prevention is quite easy but remember you need to be patient, passionate, and put dedication on it. As the preventive act would requires a frequent prevention.

  • Cook The Cat Food Properly and Washed Them Properly

If you want to give your cat an edible food for human such as fish or meat then make sure you cook them properly and you could also look the recipe of creating a tasty and healthy homemade cat food for your cat. If you don’t have the time to serve them, then buy a ready-to-eat cat food such as Whaskis . Don’t take any chances by giving your cat a raw uncooked food.

If you decided to create a homemade food and want to put some vegies in it. Don’t forget to wash them properly with special soap for vegies. Don’t serve it raw and unwashed.

  • Don’t  Let Your Cat to Have Contact with Any Feces

This is quite easy for you especially if you have a house cat . But it would be trouble for you if you let your cat to play outside the house. We recommend you to buy toys for your cat and let your cat play within area that you can overlook for. If you let her to play outside there is greater chance of your cat having a contact with other animal’s feces.

The prevention is easy right?. But the treatment?. Surely will cost you a fortune. Remember, prevention is better than treatment. So prevent your cat to fall into such disease or you need to pay the consequences by seeing your cat suffers and if you are unfortunate you might see your cat dying and put her last breath. Good luck!.

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