10 Healthy Reasons To Regularly Groom Your Dog

Some people may groom their dog to maintain their dog clean an some even only groom their dog if their dog is dirty. However, the ideal time to regularly grooming a dog is based on the dog type of breed, the weather and also the circumstances cleanness. However there are more than keeping the dog clean. So here are 10 healthy reasons to regularly groom your dog. You may want to read 10 Dangerous Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Puppy.

1. Your dog will be tick free

All dogs, with short, medium or long hair, will have the risk to get ticks and flea if they are not regularly groomed. And removing ticks and fleas off of your dog is wasting time and not very fun to do, it is frustrating. The longer the hair the faster the ticks spread from tens to hundreds in no time. Make sure you will not spend hours and hours hunting those ticks and fleas while you can make the time to play with your dogs without worrying its health and yours.

2. Prevent hair matting that causes pain

Another thing you must consider is the pain your dog will be getting if their hair starts matting since it will result pain for your poor dog. If you have your dog hair matted and you are a bit too late to fix it with a comb, it may hurt very bad for the dog so you better to eventually cut them all in the vet. Some dogs are better in a very short fur in summer but when the winter comes, you may don’t have the heart to let all of those fur gone.

3. Prevent your dog hurts itself and others

Keeping your dog nails short and well trimmed can prevent they hurt other people and the dog itself. Sometimes, while playing with the dogs, they can accidentally wild and hurt your skin with their sharp paws. Or, they may scratch themselves to bleed and get skin infection. This is one of the most important thing to consider if you want to keep your dog, your children, and other families safe.

4. our dog will have more attention

Attention is very important yet underrated aspect for caring a dog. If your dog is always at least clean, people will likely to be close to your dog and play with it more often. Thus, your dog will get more attention and friends to play with.

5.Your dog will have more time to train

It has been mentioned before that if your dog is always clean, it will get more friends and attention, thus it will have more time to play and more time to learn new tricks. Training your dog will be a lot easier if it gets your attention and listens your instruction. Shortly, your dog will be smarter and healthier because it will likely play outside while playing and training. Here are 10 Most Preferred Dog Collars in 2019

6. Your dog will be more get used to be handheld

Grooming a dog is not always fun. Sometimes they will try to run as hard as you hold them to stay and end up messing your rooms and make you stumble. However, if you do it consistently, your dog will learn lo like to be groomed and handheld. It would be good for the regular doctor check up too if your dog is well mannered.  Here is 5 Simple Tips to Help an Adopted Dog Adjusted to a New Home

7. Your dog will be healthier

If your dog tick free and don’t have any infection, it means your dog is healthy. Your dog is one of your family member, so the happiness of having healthy families is irreplaceable. Moreover, if your dog is regularly groomed, your house will always be clean since it will not spread viruses or act crazy when uncomfortable. Read the 14 Delicious Foods That Actually Are Toxic for Your Dog

8. Your dog will be happier

If your dog is healthier, it will also happier because it will have its best energy to play with you and others and learn new things. Having such many chance to play is very good to keep your dog happy.

9. Your dog will be have more fun time with you

Grooming is not always bathing your dog. Trimming the nails and hair, cleaning the ear skin and paws, and combing its hair is also grooming. By doing these activities, you can play with the dog and have more fun time with your dog.

10. Dog welfare purposes

Letting your dog dirty with it long sharp nails and matted hair will result a very smelly dog with ticks and fleas. The bad news is that you can get trouble by abandoning your precious dog since you break the law of dog welfare.

Shortly, those 10 reasons to regularly groom your dog is to make sure your dog smell good, fresh, healthy, and happier. You may also want to read more about 8 Common Situations That Makes a Dog Keeps Barking.