10 Most Preferred Dog Collars in 2019

collar is one of equipment for dogs. Dog wearing dog collar for many reasons, to have identity or to be attached with leash so dog owner can control the dog when walking or to train it. Anyone who has a dog should have at least one dog collar. There are also dog owners who have more than one dog’s collar with different purpose. For example, nylon and buckle collar are good for daily use while a martingale usually used for dog’s training.

Beside to have many other functions, dog collar also gives fashion statement to our dogs. To give good look for your dog, you must be able to choose the right dog collar which is suitable for the dog, occasion, and style nowadays. So here is the list of 10 most preferred dog collars in 2019.

1. Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

The first of 10 most preferred dog collars in 2019 goes to Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar. It is made from high quality natural leather and brass from its hardware. The use of natural full grain genuine leather makes it safe for your dog since there is no use of harsh chemical. It also gives elegant and luxury vibes. It comes in many sizes, from small to extra-large.

If you have aesthetic preferences in choosing dog collars, this collar will definitely become one of your consideration to buy. The brass is lacquered to prevent it from rusting. The collar has 6 color design choice (black, brown, brown with light pink inside, tan with coral inside, tan with teal inside, and turquoise with beige inside), with inside-padding, which is made from sheepskin leather to ensure the optimum comfort from your dog. It has small ring for tags and large ring for leash. It costs around $26 with a lifetime guarantee.

2. Country Brook Petz Premium Nylon Dog Collar

It is made from soft nylon and the hardware from aluminum and stainless steel which are resistant to rust. The high quality nylon makes it not fray easily and colorfast dye makes it won’t run into dog’s fur when it gets wet. It is available in 20 colors, including all of rainbow colors, with many different sizes. It is soft and can be easily adjusted for a great fit. It cost around $13.

3. Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Dog Collar Collection

It is made from durable and high-density nylon, plastic buckles, and metal D ring coated with chrome, makes it high quality but economical collar. It is available in 4 sizes and 11 color choices. It also has matching leash that sold separately. It cost only $10.

4. Padded Leather Dog Collar by Perri’s

Padded Leather Dog Collar by Perri’s made from high quality natural full-grain leather with padding. The padding has many color choices, make it contrast to the main band. The main band has 14 color choices. The padding made from soft lambskin leather, makes it very comfortable around your dog’s neck. The hardware made from premium quality stainless steel for black collar and solid brass for brown collar. It has 5 size choices and the price starts from around $17.

5. Personalized Dog Collar by GoTags

If you love personalized thing or want more personalized collar for your dog, this collar is your answer. It is made from high-density nylon that comes with personalized names and other information that you can embroidered onto the collar. It comes in 4 different sizes with 5 color choices for the collar and 15 embroidery color choices. You can choose the color of collar, color of the thread, size of the collar, and text to be embroidered. It cost around $19.

6. LED Dog Collar by Illumiseen

LED Dog Collar by Illumiseen is the collar every dog owner needs if they want to take out their dogs for a walk in night or early morning, when it is dark. It has LED light that can increase visibility of your dog when the dog wears it.  The improve visibility can make other people can easily see you and your dog in dark, especially a driver. The LED light can last 5 hours when fully charged after 1 hour of USB charging. This collar comes in 3 different light modes; slow flashing, rapid flashing, and steady beam. It is also made by durable and water-resistant materials. It has 6 LED light color (bright orange, cotton candy pink, neon green, royal blue, ruby red, and sunburst yellow) and 6 collar sizes. It costs $20 with lifetime guarantee.

7. Martingale Dog Collar with Quick Snap Buckle by PetSafe

Martingale Dog Collar with Quick Snap Buckle by PetSafe comes with simple and handy design. Made from high-density nylon with 3 different widths, metal D-ring and loops, and strong plastic buckle. The quick snap buckle makes it easy for dog owner to close and open the collar. It is handy and cheap, but comfortable for dog and secured enough because of Martingale loop. The Martingale loops prevents dog from backing out and escaping. It comes with 6 color choice (apple green, black, deep purple, raspberry, red, and royal blue) and 5 sizes. It costs around $4.5.

8. Dog Collar with Pattern by Friends Forever

If you like patterns for your dog’s collar, Dog Collar with Pattern by Friends Forever will be your choice for your dog. It has 4 pattern choices, tribal teal, geometric gray, tribal orange, and geometric pink. This pattern collar will surely give your dog unique fashion style than plain collars. It has many sizes, range from small 14 inches to large 20 inches, perfect for medium to large breeds of dogs. It is made from durable and soft polyester with double layer that can give more durability. It also comes with strong metal D ring covered in chrome and matching leash. It costs around $9 with 12 months warranty.

9. Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collars by AOLOVE

It is made from premium quality leather with 5 holes for easy adjustment. The leather is soft to ensure the comfort of the dog. It also has nickel-plated hardware and strong D-ring in gold color that gives premium looks. It is simple yet stylish. It has 10 color choices and 4 sizes. It costs around $ 9.5.

10. Kurgo Muck Collar Waterproof Dog Collar

The last of 10 most preferred dog collar in 2019 is Kurgo Muck Collar Waterproof Dog Collar. For active or outdoor dog, Kurgo Muck Collar Waterproof Dog Collar may be the best choice. It is made from PVC-free coated nylon which is flexible and waterproof. The materials make it easier to clean the collar and odor-free. It comes in 3 sizes, range from 10 inches to 25 inches. It also has fun patterns with 9 different choices. The collar also comes with bottle opener that is usually needed when you’re going hike with your dog. The bottle opener also functioned as a leash ring, but you need to be aware since the bottle opener stick out a bit. It cost around $14.