How come Frighten be the One of Rabbit’s Dead Caused

There are many famous animal to keep as pet; from dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, and most certain is rabbits. Yes, rabbit would be a very pleasant companion. Not only domesticated rabbit, some countries are allowed its citizen to pet wild rabbit, but some of them are disallowed. So, it would be better if you check your local area law and regulation associated with wild rabbits. Most of the time, people would choose baby rabbit rather than an adult – but, it’s totally your choice to decide.

Before you keep rabbit as pet, you must know about rabbit’s requirements and needs; for the examples are specific nutrition that should be included in rabbit foods – which one is healthy and which one is brought negative affect for your rabbit. Which house is more suitable for the rabbit: rabbit hutch or rabbit cage? You need to the right guideline, not only from what you have heard, such as baby rabbit myths that thrived among society. Keep in mind, my friend, myths are not the fact, so you need to look up the truth of what you’ve heard.

Furthermore, rabbit’s health must become your number one priority as an owner. Foods are one of thing you could do to maintain rabbit’s health conditions – but, do not forget, animal also have feeling like people. They have senses like people: they fear something, they could feel happy, sad, and even some mental issues such depress and stress. They expressed themselves with body language and body gestures; they could also make certain noises to tell you what they’ve been feeling. All you have to do is pay attention, don’t be ignorance over your pet.

If you missed some signs that should be recognized, you let your rabbit walk through other serious problem on the future – even death. So, today, we would discuss about some mental pressure which lead rabbit to meet her death: the fears. Do you know that fears could lead to death? How come frighten be the one of rabbit’s dead caused? Without further do, let’s heed this problem with us!

Sudden Death on Rabbit

There’s a term called sudden death on rabbit which was influenced by many causes. Surprisingly, fear was included to the list of common dead caused happened on rabbit. Maybe, if we logically think, it was similar to people. When people was under uncontrollably fear, it increases the risk of heart attack happen to those people, especially sudden attack (or surprises). That is why you can’t give sudden surprise to heart disease patient, because their heath could literally stop at the moment.

It was a very terrified thing to imagine, isn’t it? However, how come frighten be the one of rabbit’s dead caused? But, before you dig deeper about this topic, I want you to know several reasons that could cause sudden dead happened on rabbit:

  • When an indoor rabbit unable to adapted with extreme outdoor temperature, poisoning, injured or hurt by other animals, deadly fly-strike of commonly called myiasis, abortion, other serious and dangerous health issues, age (older rabbit), the rabbit accidentally swallowed sharp and dangerous objects, and the last is heart attack caused by fear which is become or main topic today.

Rabbits are delicate creatures, they are a prey animal which is protect themselves by running and hiding from their predators and other dangerous situation. When you expose rabbit and there’s no other object for rabbit to hide themselves, they frighten to death. When you decided to pet rabbit, you are her guard.

That is why a lot of people keep rabbit inside the house to avoid unpredictable things to happen outside owner’s supervision, such as predators attack. This is also the main reason why you cannot give the nursery responsibility to children; it’s too way risky, my friends.

Frighten to Death

There are cases that actually happened due frighten to death on rabbits. Fear is one of the basic reaction of human and animal due specific moment. Based on researcher, fear is a result of learning something specific which developed on organism. When fear strike individual, the fear would affect individual’s physiology. Fear would put individual’s body on higher tense than it should be.

Fear accelerates every muscle and nervous systems which lead to some problems such as hyperventilation or breathing and heart rate issues, increment of muscles tension which form in many manifestations such as goose bump, increase blood glucose, butterflies affect, sleep disturbance, and sweating. So, you can imagine what would happen to individual – human or animal – that have sensitive body? It’s deadly.

As delicate creature, rabbits are very sensitive, overall everything could affect them; rabbit’s predators such dog and cat, loud sounds like music or voices such as screaming – all these thing effect rabbits. When the fear attack rabbit it leads to shock – moreover, it leads to heart attack, then the finally, I don’t have to explain to you what would happen to the rabbit eventually. Although not every shock occur lead to heart attack, prevention is so much better.

Let’s take an example of sudden dead that occur to rabbit which belong to a lady name Donna Pilgrim. Her rabbit called Archie was dead caused by the extreme loud sound of fireworks. The fireworks scare Archie to death; he won’t stop shaking, squeal and laid on his side of body. Although Archie was hide under his warm and comfort cage full of hays, he won’t stop shaking and scare until his last breath – and yes, this is so tragic.

Extreme loud sound was effect animal more you ever thought. Animal body is not well-developed as human, they were more fragile and sensitive. As the owner, it was you duty to protected and create a safe environment for your pet. Moreover, sudden dead caused by fireworks was reported take away a puppy life named Molly. Molly is terrier puppy of 18 weeks dead caused by heart attack due the loud bang of fireworks.

Safe and protect your animal no matter what. That is the only rule that binding you as an owner. Good bye, and give my regards to your beloved pets, my dear friends!