How to Clean Cat Nail Sheath Easily

Having a cat also means having a responsibility to take care of it. Every cat owner must be able to maintain their cat’s needs and health. For example, they need to keep their cats clean to help to maintain their health and prevent any disease. We know that cat does clean itself regularly, but there is still a limitation, which the cat owners must cover to keep their cats healthy. For example, cat owners need to groom their cat regularly, like brushing its fur to help to shed the old fur, stimulates blood circulation, and keep the hairs healthy.

Another one is to take care of cat’s nail. Cat uses its nails (sometimes we call it claws) to play, hunt, defend itself, and climb things. As it is used many times, dirt can be accumulated in it, so it is important to regularly clean the nail sheath as a dirty nail can cause some problems to cat, from discomfort to an infection. To prevent those unwanted things, here I present you how to clean cat nail sheath easily:

1. Wipe the paws

The first how to clean cat nail sheath easily is to wipe your cat’s paws with wet towel. It is recommended to wipe your cat paws every day, as the paws may get dirty easily. Don’t forget to wipe the part between the toes. Long haired cat can have a hair between its toes, so make sure to check out that part too. You may also need to trim the hair as it can give problem to your cat’s walking. Dirty substance in cat’s paws can also make your cat sick if it is licked by the cat. That’s also the reason why we need to always keep the cat’s environment clean and free from harmful things for cat. Don’t forget that cat is a natural explorer, it can get itself in uncommon place that may harmful for it, so we need to regularly check its paws if there is any sign of injury and treat it as soon as possible.

2. Wipe off the gunk

Dirty dark gunk can build up under the cat nail sheath. It can be in the start of the nail bed or under the skin fold. To clean it, we can just wipe it with wet tissue. Be careful not to do it too rough because the part is sensitive. Soaking the paws in the water and brush it with toothbrush can also help to clean cat nail sheath. It can soften the gunk so it will be easier to be wiped off.

3. Give the cat clawing post

Cat clawing things help it to shed off the old sheath. It will replace the dull sheath to a new sharp claws. It also helps them to clean and sharpen its claws, beside to mark its territory, exercise, relieve stress, and release emotion. Cat can shed claw once every few months so don’t be afraid if you find any cat claws in your floor, as long as it is not broken and your cat doesn’t show any pain. It is important for cat owner to give cat a clawing post. Beside for the cat not to claw your furniture, it also can help cat nails shed naturally.

4. Trim your cat’s nail

The last how to clean your cat nail sheath easily is to regularly trim your cat’s nail. Just like when cat clawing things, trimming cat’s nail can also help them shed old sheath. First you must prepare the cat nail scissor. Use good quality and sharp cat nail scissor. Hold your cat gently, place it on your lap, let them relax and press gently the paw so the claw will be extended. You can also massage the paws to help your cat feels comfortable. You must remember that cat paw is a sensitive part for cat. It may not want you to hold its paws at first, so you must try to make your cat feel comfortable and get used to it.

To trim cat nail, you cut off the white tip before the nail begin to curve. Avoid the pink area (also known as “quick”), it has blood supplies and nerve endings on it so it will bleed and your cat will be in pain if you cut the quick. If it is happened, you can treat it with styptic powder. You can also see . Don’t forget to treat you cat after that. You may not be able to trim all the nails in a time. You may just do one, but it is alright. To trim a cat nail you need to make your cat get used to it so you may start to do it since it is still kitten. you can do it when your cat is relaxed like after it played. Don’t rush or you may cut the quick. That’s why it needs to be done when your cat is relaxed. 

Trimming cat nail doesn’t stop their clawing habit, as it is a natural behavior for cat. But you may not need to trim cat nail often if your cat like to clawing things because it is shed off naturally.

You can trim your cat’s nail when the nail is razor and curved, with the average of 2-4 weeks. Long nails are at risk to get caught in things. It can eventually end up twisting or break the nail. So to prevent the painful broken claw, cat owner must trim cat nail regularly. It is recommended to trim it every 4 weeks, but it depends on the cat itself.

Cat’s nail is an essential part of cat, as it is the part of cat’s paw which is important for cat’s movement. It is also used for many cat’s main activities such as playing and climbing, so a healthy nail is a must for every cat.  To take care of cat nail, we must know how to clean cat nail sheath easily. We can just give the cat a clawing post to help the nail sheath shed naturally or we can clean it manually or trim the nail regularly to prevent any problem. Cleaning the cat nail sheath can be done easily if we can make our cat feel comfortable. By doing it regularly and always give our appreciation after that, our cat will eventually get used and comfortable to it.