How to Stop Your Cat Marking Territory at Your House


Hello there fellow cat lovers!. How are you and your cat doing today? Hope you guys will be always in a perfect shape so you could share joy together and share affection everyday. Hey, have you guys heard about cat marking? No, it is not about a symbol or logo literally, but it is a habit, a thing, or we could say this a cat things. Domestic, Special breed, inside or outside the house, they surely have this thing, the thing, the urge to mark their own territory. Not like us human who marked our territory with a flag (at least), cat prefer to mark their territory with their own pee. Yeah their pee. If your cat has started to mark your house, don’t be too upset, as your cat has treated your house and you as her territory and an honorable people whom she let to live in it.

However, it is okay to be upset though, as your house might get invaded again by the foul odor of cat urine, not only just in one spot but everywhere on your house, but remember don’t punish your cat because of it. As punishing your cat is equal as losing your cat affection for a quite long time. Don’t worry though, animallova has the best tips available for you on How to Stop Your Cat Marking Territory at Your House.

However, once again remember you need to have the patient, passion, and some cash for it. Also, never bring your rage to solve this problem, never and never, even don’t ever think about it. So check it out!.

Why Cat Do The Marking?

Cat does not have a complex communication skill like dog, which is why the only communication media they could do is through marking. With a marking, another cat will understand there’s another cat who already conquered that area, so it is better to stay away from that area. However, sometimes some cats will ignore the warning and invaded the territory, no wonder they always such fight over a territory. Writer’s cat Memeng, usually have an unwanted guest who wants to try her luck for food, Memeng does not like it at all, as Memeng will only allow one cat to live inside her territory; which is her mom. So, they oftenly get caught in a fight.

How to Tell My Cat Wants to Mark Something?

First of all, once again, prevention is better than treatment. So we are going to tell you on how to identify the sign of your cat marking movement, so you could stop him before everything is too late. Just like normal peeing, a marking could be easily identified if your cat suddenly move suspiciously. However, what makes it different than normal peeing is your cat might twitch her legs and tail ; a normal peeing does not requires any twitching.

Characteristic of Urine Marking

If you failed to caught your cat marking red-handed, then you must understand and calm yourself as there are 3 characteristics of cat’s marking you could know of. With this, you might able to establish a future marking prevention plan. So check it out!.

  • Vertical Items

If you have a vertical item such as a side of a chair, a wardrobe, or even an vertical audio speaker, then be prerpared ; as those things are cat most will be marked objects. Why? Because vertical items will help the cat to spread the scent quickly by making the scent as high as possible. So if you finding your cat approaching a vertical item then you must put more attention about what she is going to do.

  • Small Pee-Stain

A regular peeing activity usually has a lot of dozens drops of urine. But a marking, it would only requires a small dose of it. So if you find a very small pee stain, then it is indeed a mark from your beloved adorable cat.

  • Pungent Odor

Not like other urine, a marking urine has a very pungent odor. You could easily smell it. This was caused by not only your cat drop her urine but the urine itself also contains some kind of chemical that has a communication formula to warn other cats. So basically, it has a code that only cat will understand it.

How to Prevent It?

To prevent your cat to do marking all around your house is considered easy, but don’t ever underestimate it. So check it out!.

  • Neuter Your Male-Cat

For male cat you could simply neuter him if you want. As cat who already neutered has less chance to do the marking; marking could be a warm-up for male cat before mating. However, writer do not recommend this. As writer personally does not like this solution.

  • Close Windows, Binds, and Doors

For you who has a house cat, you might be wondering, there are no other cats around the house; why my cat still do the marking?. The answer could be your cat has seen another cat on sight through doors, binds, and windows. Thus, making your cat feel uncomfortable and start marking around your house. So, be sure to make sure your windows, binds, and doors are closed shut so your cat will never see another cats.

  • Ezymatical Spray

If you already detected which items your cat love to mark to, then it is the time once again you use the enzymatic spray. You know how it literally eat every drops of urine. Not only that, it make sure your cat will never ever mark that item anymore.  You could obtain enzymatic spray from online or nearby pet store.

Well that is all fellow cat lovers. Now, we all know why our cat love to mark things and how to prevent it right?. Marking surely is a cat thing that is common for them. So, don’t be upset and just simply come to animallova to read such useful information for your cat. Remember, love your cat always and good luck!.

*Meow away