How to Naturally Treat and Heal Scratches and Scrapes on Your Cat


Cat, a hyper-active mammals, at least most of the cats are hyper-active, especially at night or when hunting their prey. Cat activeness is a sign that the cat is healthy thus knowing your cat activeness you could determine whether your cat is sick or not. As sick cat usually would hide itself and become lethargic.

However, not every cats are hyper-active, especially special breed cats such as Angora and Persian. This type of home cat would prefer to sit down and slack off the entire day, then eat, then poop, and repeat all of that everyday. Yeah sometimes they would like to play with their mice toys or balls but overall they would prefer to sleep on a warm TV or on your lap. Well still they still adorable right?.

For your information, regardless whether your cat is hyper-active or not. There might be problems that randomly occur on your cat. For example, your cat might get a scratches and scrapes scar in her body. This car might be from a fight or simply because your cat doing something stupid hehehehe. If you find any you need to treat it as soon as possible and here animallova would like to give you some tips on how to naturally treat and heal scratches and scrapes on your cat.

Identify the Cause of The Scar

If you have domestic cat and you prefer them to be outside of your house. Then brace yourself, as your cat might “mark” your yard as her territory by peeing or pooping on it. Thus making your yard as her territory. A territory she sworn to protect and would not let any cat tresspass to the territory except for her friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, or anyone she thinks it’s okay.

As your cat claimed your yard, there are always another cats who want to invade your cat territory as you know, invading someone else’s territory or protecting her own territory is an honorable cause for a cat. As your cat defended her territory she will attack any cat who dares to invade her house (especially writer’s cat Memeng) thus making the yard as a battleground and you can hear the growl between two cats fighting over a territory. If your cat wins she will be proud and if she loses then she will hide, waiting for you to calm her and protect her or in other words she wants you to fight the other cat. However, regardless whether your cat wins or loses the fight, your cat might suffered a scar and most of the scars are scratches and scrapes.

If you think your home cat is safe from such scars then you are completely wrong. As you know, you can’t put 24 hours surveillance on your cat thus making you unable to know what kind of cat thing she does today specifically. A home cat might injured herself when she played with something or when she rubs her body with something sharp like a wooden plank. Which is why there is no guarantee that a home cat would be safe from scratches and scrapes.

Don’t underestimate scratches and scrapes as if you underestimate them, they will evolve to something way dangerous than before. Thus suffering your cat slowly. Hence death will come upon your cat. So Check it out carefully!.

Finding The Wound

Finding a cat’s scar such as scratches or scrapes could be a little bit tricky, especially if you have a cat who has thick fur such as Anggora and Persian. The scar might be hidden away deep inside the thickness of the fur. So in order to scan the scar properly make sure you rub all parts of her body gently. Assure that there are scars in her body. Piece of advice, check around her neck and side belly for scars.

Treating The Wound

The first thing you need to do if you find any scratches or scrapes in your cat is to make sure that you give her the first aid she needs. Be warry though as usually domestic cat would prefer to run away from the treatment. So grab your cat tightly but gently to make sure she does not run away from the treatment.

A scratches is considered a small wound and could be treated easily. You just simply wash the scar with water and soap, give her a little bit of antiseptic. Then it is done. You have given the first treatment from scratches.

Scrapes, is little bit tricky and dangerous especially if your cat get scrapes from another cat’s bite. As the scrapes might be infected with bacteria and could lead to infection. Not only that, scrapes also tag along with bleeding. Which is why you must stop the bleeding with a cotton ball, give her antiseptic, and we recommend you to bring your cat to a vet to prevent further infections.

Healing The Wound

Healing the would requires dedication and passion as you must keep them away from bacteria and must prevent your cat to make the wound worsen than before. But don’t worry, healing the wound is a piece of cake especially if you already given medicine by your vet and you know what kind of food that will fasten up the healing proccess of your cat.

If you already given medicine by your vet then make sure you follow the vet’s instruction and don’t miss or disobey his/her instruction a bit especially if you want to heal her as soon as possible. Usually a vet will give her some kind of antiseptic and vitamins to speed up the healing proccess.

If you don’t want to bring your wounded cat to a vet, then you might still able to heal your cat solely. Just give her antiseptic regularly. Also to speed up the healing proccess make sure you know food that contains a  Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin K in it. Vitamin K could be obtained from brocolli and Vitamin A and B could be obtained from Salmon Fish. You could just cook the salmon fish, clean up the brocollin then simply mash them up and blend them in a blender then serve it for your cat. The mashed up salmon-brocolli surely would speed up the healing proccess of your cat.

In the end, as a cat lover and cat owner, it is very important for us to know what might cause harm for our cat, how to prevent it, and how to take care of it if it’s happening to your cat. This of course, for the sake of your cat healthy and happiness. Good luck!.