8 Ways on How to Differentiate Male and Female Eel

There are a lot of sea animal that we know, even some snakes live on sea. Besides fish, shrimp, fish, lobster and others, there is also eel. Yeah, you might know this animal who live in water which look like snake. For a glance it might look like a snake for its long and quick shape. But it is a huge mistake if you think that eel and snake are one of a kind. 

Eel can also be called as fish, because it is legal to eat and its savory taste isn’t too much different compare to fish. But there are also some people that’s feel grossed due to its shape. Whereas, there are plenty of restaurants or cafes that serve eel as a main dish. There are plenty of eel dish, whether fried or cooked.

From here you might have understand that eel is widely hunted, and no wonder if eel breeder sell eel in a quiet relative high price. Unfortunately, not many people know how to differentiate female or male eel. That’s why you might learn how to differentiate female and male eel from this article. You can read the following :

How to Differentiate Male and Female Eel

  • Measure its length

What you can do to differentiate  male and female eel is by measuring. Both gender have a different length and quite difficult to measure them. How to do it is by using a measuring instrument when the eel is dead (slaughtered) to make it easier. Its characteristics is that male eel length for 40-50cm and female eel length for 20-30cm.

  • Compare its head

The second step to differentiate male and female eel is by comparing their heads. Characteristics that you need to know is, male eel will have a more blunt head. Besides female eel will have a more sharp head. From this way it may not too difficult to differentiate them compare to measuring.

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  • Take a look on their glands

Take a look on their gonad gland or glands; you can conclude what kind of gender are they. For male eel will have flat-shape glands. It is different compare to female eel, which has a more bulgy gland.

  • Skin color

The next way to differentiate is by recognizing its color. For color, you might think that every eel is identical with black color. Actually no, because when you look closely there are some eel that has brownish even greenish color. This is one of comparison between male and female eel. Male eel will have brownish color and a slight greener color for the female

  • Look at their tummy

Besides its difference in body color, male and female eel also has different tummy. As you can see that male eel has a more yellowish tummy and besides female eel has a more pale yellow color on its tummy

  • Neck shape

There are still a lot more difference between male and female eel. The next difference is its neck, which is a male eel will have a bigger head shape or neck. How’s with female eel? Obviously different, because female eel tend to have a smaller head shape and neck compare to male eel.

  • Body shape

The next point that you can do to differentiate between male and female eel is through their body shape. Mostly, male eel bigger, or you can say it fatter. Besides female eel is longer and skinnier

  • Compare its activeness

Male eel could probably be slimier compare to female eel, so you can see the difference between male and female eel through this side. But you can rely on this technique because in some condition female eel can seem more active compare to male eel.

It may seem small, to differentiate male and female eel. The fact is that most people can’t do that. Moreover think on how fast and slimy an eel is, so it is definitely difficult for you to measure its length just to know their gender. But, this things still need to be learned as a knowledge for all of us, especially an eel breeder

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Eel breeding will be interesting as a small and simple business. Moreover if there are a lot of restaurant that need it as a main dish every day. No need to worry, because eel isn’t a snake and it’s legal to be eaten. Even its taste isn’t so much different compare to most of fish you have met. That’s all the 8 points on how to differentiate female and male eel. Happy reading!

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